There are all kinds of collections. I would say three or more things constitute a collection.

It just so happens that I like to collect red transfer ware. I ordered every piece from Etsy and eBay.

And I have a decent little collection going. But I’m running out of room in my open kitchen cabinets to put more.

Red Transfer Ware:

I also collect white pitchers. Well, and various colored ones as well. But my biggest collection is of white pitchers.

White Pitcher Collection:

White pitchers

Lately I store and display my white pitchers in my kitchen cabinets.

But formerly I have simply lined them up together or placed them in shelves.

Collection Of Vintage Rolling Pins:

I have also collected vintage rolling pins. Stacking them in a dough bowl is a perfect spot to show them off.

Vintage Bottles:

Vintage bottles

I also like to collect vintage bottles. Most are clear because they’re easier to come by. But I have five that are an aqua type blue and very special to me.

I like to display them in this round galvanized container.

Books & Magazines:

And I collect a variety of books and magazines as well. This red farmhouse container, found on clearance at Hobby Lobby, is a great place to show off my books.

And the tobacco basket is a good place to store magazines.

Old Mason Jars:

mason jars on hutch

I’ve collected vintage Mason jars for a long time.

Probably my favorite way to display them is simply to line them up on a shelf. They look so pretty that way in almost military precision.

Vintage Photos:

I love collecting old vintage photos. Sometimes I’ll buy them from an antique mall and then I call them my flea market relatives.

Makes you wonder why someone would sell photos of their own family, but I don’t care that I’m not related to them.

I like to display them on vintage cheese graters. Just use a clothespin to attach them to the grater.

Or gather a handful of vintage photos together and fan them out in a container.

Since I love the color red, I think these sepia toned photos are a great contrast against this bright spicy hue.

Dish Collection:

Dishes in dish drainer

This dish collection, all different kinds of dishes, I like to gather in a vintage dish drainer.

Farmhouse Collection:

Red pitcher vignette

I have a varied collection of farmhouse decor. This and that look great when displayed on a white tiered cake stand.

Elevating a collection draws attention to it.

Vintage Sewing Items:

Here I put on display a variety of things I use for sewing. Pin cushions, embroidery thread, etc.

They are displayed in a dough bowl.

Vintage Button Cards/Old Metal Measuring Cups:

In that same vein I like to collect vintage button cards. I added a vintage set of measuring spoons for interest.

Then I placed them all in various vintage measuring containers. Which really if you think about it, the old metal containers themselves are yet another collection.

White Hobnail Bud Vases:

I also collect vintage white hobnail bud vases. And I like to display them in the open kitchen cabinets along with my red transfer ware.

For me it’s almost as much fun to figure out a way to display a collection as it is to create one over time.

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  1. I have a cookie jar collection. Some are in the kitchen, dining room on shelving and on our antique kitchen cabinet, and we have a CD pie cabinet and jelly cabinet that display the cookie jars.
    I also have a collection of seashells in the downstairs bathroom.
    You have shown me how to display other items I have inherited. That will be my next project.

    1. Hi Patty,
      I collect vintage cookie jars also. My husband just built floating shelves in my living room. I don’t think I care that cookie jars aren’t a living room item. 😁

  2. I collect old perfume bottles of all shapes and sizes. I have some in my bedroom on my bureau, but I also have some displayed in my bathroom in a glass cabinet and on a vintage shelf. I display them together on glass trays.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      I’m reading these comments and each one references things I collect, pitchers, rolling pins, vintage perfume bottles, cookie jars. I also collect Daisy, the Borden cow items, vintage ceramic dogs, vintage picnic baskets, jadeite, tinted crater lake photos, Maxfield Parish & Fox photos, and vintage Baret Ware from England, lady head vases and I think that’s it. I’m in the process of redesigning the ways that I display them. I like to see there are other collectors out there! I think I may need to stop however😁. Have Fun!

    1. I’ve purchased these at flea markets, swap meets, and garage sales. They are called crocks and the number tells you how many gallons they hold

  3. Truly enjoyed these displays/vignettes! Motivates me to work on my collections. Loved your your positivity as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gotta say….this is the most beautifully unique and artful way to display collections. I dont even collect… but I just may start!

  5. I collected old skeleton keys, antique clock keys, skate keys, safe keys, etc… all now in their new home. I filled an antique printer's wooden tray and it is quite the conversation piece.

    1. What a unique idea, I have a old printers drawer, that used to house miniatures, then hotwheels, I thought it was time to part with it, but I have a mason jar full of skeleton key’s!
      I love the bottles displayed in this blog..
      Incredible talented

  6. What fun display ideas.

    I have a glass jar that I have been trying to decide how to use and now I know I am going to put a few things inside it.

    thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love the blue bottles with the feathers in it. I also like the one from MMS using the cloche. I don't have many collections (unless you consider pillows a collection – Ha!). I do have a lot of white serving dishes. So, maybe that would count. I have them displayed in my kitchen and dining room.

  8. I collect too much stuff! I like silver, and most of those pieces are in a glass cabinet. I like seashells, and some summers I pub them in bowls or baskets around the house. I have books everywhere, and I am in dire need of some more shelves. Or just rid of some books, which is hard for me.

  9. What a great idea for the seashells and sand. I love the beach and have a glass bowl full of sea shells myself. And I also liked the picture of the Pyrex bowl collection. Pretty fabulous collection.

    1. My sister in law has a collection of sand from every vacation… whether it's the beach, the desert or the mountains. She just takes a small glass jar with her and fills it about 1/2 way. Each one is labeled.

  10. What beautiful collections. Love the rolling pins, and also he white milk glass items.
    I have a small collection of milk glass myself.. And I have a curio cabinet full of Christmas
    music boxes.

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