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  1. I do keep a fresh zippered encased cover on my box springs year around. It protects the part of the box spring which is where they breed and live

  2. We do not have much trouble with them here with the exception of one or two hotels that had a problem once. . I do cover my furniture and mattress , box spring when moving in a zipped plastic covers. I take them off outdoors before the movers bring them in to avoid picking them up in moving trucks. I heard that is a more common way to bring them into your home then anything else. I have moved several times and never had a problem. I never heard of them in library books but never once have a seen any bug in my library books in over 50 years of going to the library every week. . the library is so important to me I would never give up my library books because of a possibility of bugs but I have a friend who is phobic about bugs and will not step foot in a library or bookstore. I keep a stack of library books by my bed and never once had a issue. I learned when traveling never to set your luggage or clothing on the bed or closet. Also when traveling do not turn down the sheets. I use only dresser surfaces to put my items and never had a problem. But before you check in you get the key and strip the bed and check. I only found them once in a nice hotel that was shocked and embarrassed. I got a nice upgrade for 3 days to a bug free suite .

  3. I realize this article was a paid one, which you must do, but In actuality, there is no way to keep from getting them, especially if you live in a highly populated place. You must just know how to get rid of them if you do get them. I had to deal with bedbugs once. Apparently some house guests I had must have brought them with them. I learned that sprays and foggers help, but the thing that finally killed them was a powder called DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. It is non-toxic to humans, but deadly to the bed bugs. It cost me $25 for 10 lbs, and I didn't even use half of it. I spread it under my bed, on my bed frame, on my box spring, on my mattress, around the edges of each room, under couch cushions, etc. It's been a year and a half and they have not returned. It was hell, but i got rid of them. I really don't think there is a real way to keep from getting them. but I got rid of them.

  4. Good tips to keep in mind! We've never had bedbugs, but then again we live in a climate that would freeze out any malicious bug. It never occurred to me that bedbugs could be in library books. Yikes!!

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