The Entry: Many apartments or small homes don’t have a dedicated entry. Here’s how to create one.

Start with a nice console or dresser. Add table lamps to ground the area and provide light when you enter. 

You might add a mirror, which visually enlarges your space and gives you a spot to check your appearance before you leave home. 

Add books, boxes or favorite decor to give this space a bit of your personality.

The Kitchen: Kitchens are usually small, so you must use this space prodigiously. The counter top is where you primarily want useful items.

I love to layer cutting boards to add texture. You might also add aromatic pots of herbs to use in your cooking.

Put your utensils close to where you cook, and display them in a pretty container. Maybe add your favorite salt and pepper set here as well.

The kitchen in a small home is one of the most important rooms to continually edit to keep clutter at bay.

Living Space: You don’t want a cluttered coffee table in a small home either.  For TV remotes and such, gather them in a pretty box or basket. 

You might add some beautiful books for display. Top your books with fresh flowers or a favorite piece of decor.

Trays are wonderful to keep everything corralled on your coffee table.

Room Dividers: You can’t beat room dividers for use in small space homes. It can act as a screen or divide a room to delineate another space you want to carve out. 

You could also use a book shelf or cubbies and fill them with baskets. A grouping of baskets will give this space stream-lined repetition. And repetition is always pleasing to the eye.

The Beverage Bar: You could start with a large tray, and fill it with pretty glasses and drink items. A container of drink stirrers or a bowl for fruit wedges will complement the look.
This space can be beautiful as well as practical. 

Dining Space: In small spaces, vertical surfaces are vitally important. Try to hang mirrors where they capture natural light.

When it comes to your walls, you could use a grouping of ironstone platters or just something you love to put on display. Change out the look occasionally to spice things up.

Bedside Table: On your bedside table, start with a pretty lamp for night-time reading. You might add a small stack of books or magazines. 

Add a tray or dish as a catchall. Fresh flowers are a nice touch here as well. Some like to have fresh water at hand for use during the night.

The Dresser: Dressers are the work horses of any bedroom. Gather small items in baskets to keep the dresser looking tidy. 

Add a lamp and perhaps a mirror above the dresser. You might lean art against the mirror or wall at various heights for visual interest.

The Bathroom: The bathroom is another room that must be constantly edited so that you have a clean surface. 

Add what you need most to the counter top. And keep things tidy by hanging things vertically when necessary to keep the surfaces uncluttered.

The Work Space: You’ll want to keep your work surface clean. This is not the area to store things. Instead use desk drawers or file cabinets for storage.

You also want this space to be inviting as well as a place to create. You might add a vase of flowers, a vintage letter opener, a favorite lamp. Add stacking boxes or baskets to hold small supplies.  

Small space homes and apartments certainly ensure that you get rid of what you don’t need, and use and keep only what you really love. 

I constantly edit and purge. If you bring something in, plan to take something out. 

Your home is your sanctuary, so you want to look forward to opening the door and feeling relaxed in your space. It’s very important to love where you live.

Do you have any tips for small space living that you utilize?

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  1. All great tips, Brenda. My only addition would be… don't be afraid to turn closets into something else. I turned a close by bedroom closet into a pantry, because my kitchen was too small for all my everyday cooking things.


  2. Those are all really great ideas, Brenda. You have it down to a science since you have been living small for a while. I am going to have to learn to do that soon. xo Diana

  3. I have lived in my share of tiny little spaces. It can be a challenge to make a small space both functional and pretty. That being said, some of the sweetest and coziest spaces I have ever seen have been teeny tiny and spots where you never want to leave. You have some good tips here, Brenda!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

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