Some of you asked me how to use herbs. So I gathered ideas from my Herbs Pinterest Board. At the end of the post is a link to the Herb Grower’s Cheat Sheet.

Above is a simple way to dry herbs that doesn’t take up much space. It is also decorative.
To learn how to make herb infused oil, click here.
You can find the directions to make an herbal salve here.
Click here for ways to use fresh basil, one of the most popular herbs for cooking. 
Another favorite and well-known herb for cooking is rosemary. Click here to learn how to properly grow and use rosemary.
Click here for a homemade Italian seasoning recipe.
If you are a tea drinker, this site will give you information for the best herbs to use in making tea.
Click here for a recipe for herb dill dip.
Click here for a recipe for fresh herb Italian salad dressing.
For a very thorough herb growing cheat sheet, click here.
I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to use those fresh herbs you grow!


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  1. One year we had Thanksgiving at my house. My mom decided to use fresh sage from my garden in the stuffing rather than the dried sage she usually used. The fresh sage was stronger in color and flavor and she used too much. We still laugh about the year of the green stuffing that nobody wanted to eat.

  2. I will be checking out all of these ideas. Thanks for sharing them, Brenda.
    I've been growing herbs for years but probably don't use them as often as I should. I always make pesto and like to freeze it in ice cube trays to use throughout the year. The cubes thaw quickly. I also dry oregano in a very low oven and then crumble it into jars. Haven't bought any in years.

  3. What a great way to dry fresh herbs. I had 4 of these hangers and just threw them out about a week ago!! The hanger looks so pretty with the herbs and the lace trim.

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