I woke up hours ago, ready to figure out the rest of my mirror/light problem.

Teri and I did go to the antique mall yesterday, both of us hobbling along like grannies.

Thus I was itching to go to the store to see if I could find something to go with what I found yesterday. Something that would pull the look together.

I love the process of trying to solve decorating problems.

This is what it looks like outside right now. It’s sleeting and snowing.

I had to order something that I hope will hang what I found against the mirror surface. And I still have that light to try and cover.

The combination of the light from wall to wall and the mirror completely covering the entire area has posed quite the problem.

But I’ll figure it out.

I Knew Immediately When I Found It:

At the antique mall, on about the fourth aisle, I saw “it” and asked Teri if she could locate a measuring tape.

At that point, I’d found a chair or bench or something to get off my ankle. Which I did on just about every aisle.

I’d been on the stepladder yesterday morning, and that gets me every time.

With Teri, her aches and pains come when she sits down. Mine hits when I stand up. So together we make a team of sorts. A granny team.

In I found it, this is a floral painting I just love from Hobby Lobby

I always carry a measuring tape in my car, but we were in her car this time.

A Light Bulb Moment:

Isn’t it funny how a lightbulb flash moment lets you know you’ve found just what you want?

We measured it and I looked at the dimensions of the mirror I’d written down and knew it would work as the “star” of the mirror space.

But by itself, it doesn’t completely fix the problem. More ideas will still have to bloom to bring this project to completion.

And I’ll show you what I figured out when I get the rest of the dilemma figured out.

On my patio you can see how dark it is with this winter storm arriving

So today I wanted to get out and see if another idea would hit me about how to put “my find” up. And maybe add something else to cover more of the mirror that would still show.

Sleet & Snow:

But unfortunately, it looks like it might not be today.

I can hear the sleet pecking at the window behind my chair. So I may be stuck here till this winter storm is over.

Yesterday I noticed that about half of the cord to my little electric fireplace was hot. That scared me so I unplugged it. And now I’m afraid to use it. Has anyone had this happen before?

Other Projects To Finish:

Well, I have another window, the second bedroom window, to hang curtains that were delivered yesterday.

Kendra already has the rod up.

And I can always find something to keep me busy.

My apartment living room this morning

I Can Always Cook Something:

I was hoping to make a meatloaf with ground beef I ordered last week from Whole Foods. I’ve had those two pounds of ground beef thawing in my fridge since last Friday. And it’s still hard as a rock.

So now I have it on the counter trying to speed up the process. I hate to do that. But if I don’t, I might not have meatloaf for weeks.

Maybe if I can stand up long enough, I’ll bake a cake. I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I moved here.

In I found it, here's Ivy looking pretty comfy on the couch

Funny Ivy Story:

Yesterday I was preparing my evening meal when suddenly my vacuum cleaner came roaring to life. It was only about 3 feet from me, so the sound was jarring.

I went to the door leading to the dining area, where I’d placed the vacuum while I washed the parts that I was waiting to fully dry.

Ivy tucked tail and ran. Oh my, that cat!

Last week she turned on the CD player. Then yesterday the vacuum player. And scared all three of us half to death.

Never a dull moment with Ivy around to stir up trouble. While Gracie is quiet and shy.

And I mentioned that Ivy was no longer hissing. Well as soon as I wrote about that, she started hissing again. Sometimes I think Ivy reads minds.


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  1. Oh…can’t wait to see your solution. We’re in the middle of a decorating and renovation dilemma now, too. It’s a head scratcher, but I like the challenge, like you. Mother Nature is standing in my way, too, but as soon as the weather clears, my tape measure and I will be on the road! Hope you get to make that cake!

  2. “A granny team” – I love that! Those decorating light bulb moments are great when they hit. I am still waiting for a few to go off here in my Florida apartment, but so far, no such luck! I wonder if I’ll ever get things done! The lighting in this set of pictures really captures the coziness of your home! I bet poor Ivy scared herself pretty good when she turned on the vacuum cleaner!

  3. Velcro dots or strips in regular and industrial strength are available. Could get off with goo gone later.
    Just a thought.

  4. Brenda I had a similar issue with a space heater (never an issue in the previous winters (2-3?) that I used it. I called an electrician and he ended up upgrading the outlet and replacing the plug on the heater with a heavier duty one…problem solved. He tried to explain why this happened all of a sudden but it was more than I could understand and since he assured me it was safe to use again I quit worrying about it. If the outlet you plugged it in to is the problem rather than the fireplace itself perhaps it could be changed out. Whatever the reason a qualified electrician will be able to asses and hopefully fix the problem. Good luck!

  5. One time my plug got alittle bit warm from my heater and I quickly turned the heat down abit! I check my plug every day for safety and piece of mind when I run my heater!
    I knew between Terri and u that u would find a solution for that mirror!
    It was actually 58 today with the ice melting and tomorrow it’s going to snow 100% tomorrow and get cold again! Yuck!
    Look at u wanting to bake a cake now! Yay Brenda!

  6. Hi Brenda, just talking to my electrician husband and he says definitely do not use the fireplace.
    Your apartment is beautiful, I love how you have decorated it!
    I love reading about the adventures of your kitties. They are so sweet.
    Take care.❤️

  7. My heaters do that as well. I just unplug when not in use. The outlet itself doesn’t get hot. We have a lot of power surges here, that’s why I unplug them. I have surge protectors for electronics.

    Try putting the meat in a bowl of cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes. That is safe and I’ve been doing that way for years as I keep the fridge on the cold side.

  8. What about the privacy film that you can put in your windows? It could work on the mirror and depending on what pattern you chose, your picture would still work. The other thought I had was the stick on vinyl tiles but I thought that might be too much. Again, it would depend on the pattern chosen. I was also wondering if there was some type of bracket that could be mounted on either side of the mirror that would stick out just enough past the mirror to allow for a curtain rod and a valance to block some of the light and the fixture itself? I don’t know if I’m explaining myself very well but I think that would be what I would want to do, if it were me. I think you are a great decorator and it is fortunate you have a daughter who can help with some of the physical aspect etc. Ranee (MN)

  9. Can’t wait to see what you’ve decided to do about that mirror.

    The hot electrical cord is either due to faulty wiring (in the apartment – try plugging something else into that outlet and see if it does the same thing) or the cord itself is damaged.

    If you’ve had frozen ground beef thawing in your fridge since Friday and it’s not thawed out by now, then your fridge is running too cold. There should be a dial inside where you can turn the temp down. Ground beef should thaw out in the fridge in 24 hours.

  10. As for the boob light in the kitchen… you mentioned you didn’t think you needed the light. If that’s the case you could take down the fixture & put a cover plate over the hole. I’ll bet Kendra could do that for you… then it would be less noticeable… just an idea… Your place is looking wonderful!!

  11. Can’t to see how you solve the mirror challenge! I’m glad you and Teri were able to get out yesterday for a bit.
    Have the maintenance man check the outlet your fireplace is plugged into.

  12. Try plugging your fireplace into a different outlet, either in the same room or a different room, and see if the electrical cord warms up. This would help determine whether the problem is the outlet you were using in your bedroom or if there’s something amiss with the fireplace.
    Looking forward to what you found to resolve the mirror issue.
    Stay safe & warm while the sleet/snow comes down today in Tulsa.

  13. Hey girl! Watch out who you call a granny!! I’m not ready for that and I challenge you to a one-legged race. As soon as the ice melts. Ice is not my friend!!

  14. Everything is looking so lovely, Brenda, it’s really starting to look like your ‘home’ not just an apartment! Very cozy, warm, and welcoming – love it! Looking forward to seeing what your super creative brain came up with for the mirror/light situation.

  15. Hi Brenda,
    Your apartment looks great! I knew it would. I love reading about the kitties and what you are doing. Looking forward to see what you are doing with the mirror.
    I have read your blog for years and I am so happy you are out of that crappy apartment and now in one you feel safe in. That means a lot when you live by yourself. Take care of yourself and those kitties.

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