1. Hi! All your readers may know this but we didn’t until I finally figured it out. I tried and tried to make appts for my several of my friends to get the vlaccine. They don’t work on the computer and didn’t have a clue how to do it. So I began to try to get them for them. I don’t know about where everyone is but WM is not really advertising that they have them. Walgreens and CVS here (TN) only refer you to the county and those appts are also very difficult to get.

    WM posts one week at a time with only the last day being the one that has open appts. I remembered when I first began grocery pickups and finally figured out that at that time the schedule filled so fast that the only time to get one was right after midnight. I stay up late so that wasn’t a problem for me but I know many people don’t. So it occurred to me to try that for the vaccine schedule. And it worked! Within a few minutes I had made appts for 12 people for that one day. I seems that they are also releasing the appts for that one day at the end of the week. Each day they release the next day at the end of the week. As they get going and maybe hiring more people to do them then that might open up some. I really don’t have a clue. But since that day I’ve been able to make appts for quite a number of older people using this method. So if you have readers that are having trouble getting in then maybe they can try this method. Just try getting up between midnight and 1 am to schedule one for the last day of the week posted. Hopefully it will be easier to schedule.

  2. I’m so happy yo have your daughter looking out for you. I’ve been fortunate to help a few family/friends in other states get appointments. I’m an insomniac so I just happen to be online at unusual times and I’m persistent which has helped. It’s a small thing I can do and if it helps someone I’m grateful for that.

  3. I really like this idea of honouring someone. I’m fortunate to live in Australia, whilst we have had around 900 deaths during the pandemic, I’m lucky enough not to have lost anyone close. My mother is 86 so it has been a constant worry.
    We have less than 15 active cases in the entire country, and that is terribly concerning for many of us. I wish more people that don’t believe in the virus (particularly here in Australia as they have not been as effected) could hear and read these stories.

  4. Brenda, about your sleep number bed. I have had a sleep number bed for several years now and I love it. like you, I bought the lowest priced one that they had in the store.
    I decided it wasn’t quite right so I purchased a very affordable 1-in memory foam topper for it and that made a humongous difference. Also, like with anything with air in it you have to refresh it occasionally. At least once a week, if not more often, you need to take it all the way up to its max level and then after a few minutes or whenever, take it back down to the level you want. I think you will find that you like it again.

  5. I love that you will be honoring victims of this awful pandemic Brenda. These were real people and not just a numerical statistic. I pray with so many states easing or completely doing away with restrictions now that vaccines are available, that we don’t see another huge spike of people dying needlessly. We are all tired of this, but I worry that the guard is being put down too soon. Happy you are getting your shot. I continue to wait as I am only 63 and not eligible here yet in my state.

  6. I got my vaccine scheduled here in Indiana yesterday they opened for 50-59 I will get my first on March 26. I am so glad to get it scheduled. I know of a few people who passed from this. My son who is 30 had it at Christmas time so bad he almost died. It was terrible we couldn’t talk to him and or see him on video as his wife didn’t allow us. I never cried so much in my life thinking of losing one of my children so young. I pray everyday for all those suffering in the hospital. Glad you got your shot scheduled I will keep you in my prayers.

  7. Woo-Hoo! So glad you were able to get an appointment for a Covid vaccine.
    Here in southern Virginia, I think we will be last in this country. Such a backwards rural area. For 2 months our little
    weekly newspaper has said our CVS pharmacy is taking appointments for the vaccine. The pharmacy says they are not taking appointments and have no idea when they will be as they also have no idea when they might acquire the vaccines to give! Since I am 63, I will be in the very last group eligible. Hubby is older and has health issues and is eligible for the vaccine. There just aren’t any around here. Our doctors with Duke University in NC says they aren’t giving them each time we ask.
    I don’t don’t personally know anyone that has died from Covid. Yet. It does worry me though. I think it is great to honor lives well lived and I am humbled by their stories and sad for their loved ones.I pray daily for the end of this virus and pandemic.
    Glad you got some pansies to usher in Spring. They are cheerful little plants aren’t they?

  8. Enjoying The Good Marriage,TY!
    WTG! On your shot I got the Moderna and with the exception of a slightly sore arm, typical with most vaccinations.
    My 2nd is the 13th of this month, a little anxiety about it but if it puts this thing in the rear view mirror it’s all good.
    I don’t know anyone who died of Covid but my daughter, recovering from spinal surgery last February had it pretty bad.
    My heartfelt condolences go to that young woman’s family.

  9. I’m so glad you are getting your vaccine, I am getting my second one on Friday! I love the idea of honoring loved ones who have passed from COVID. My sister-in-law passed from COVID in February of 2020. She was only 64 and apparently had a heart disorder which she was unaware of! Her name was Linda DePoy.

  10. I’m glad you will be able to get your first vaccination. You will feel much less stress after you receive it even though (depending on which vaccine you receive), you may have to go back for a second dose. I am hoping that the lessening of stress (although we may not even be aware that we are experiencing it) will improve your overall physical condition and many of those aches and pains you’ve been suffering through will lessen or fade away. I think it is wonderful you have started the “Lives Well Lived” section and that you will be honoring people who have been lost to COVID.

  11. I can’t wait to get the vaccine!
    My dear friend, Kay, died at the beginning in February of 2020. She contracted COVID and was in the hospital and because she had a history of pneumonia, her lungs were too weak to handle the virus and she passed away. She was 82 and would say she had lived a good long life but she was very active, had just relocated to Georgia where she had always wanted to live, and was the glue that held her family together. She was the funeral guru (facilitating everything down to a gourmet meal) for each funeral at our church and she hasn’t even had a memorial service because we aren’t allowed to congregate. It’s really horribly sad.

  12. Brenda, I’m so glad you got some plants to cheer you, and your vaccine appointment.
    Your desire to honor those whose lives have been lost brought tears to my eyes.
    I believe we need to say names, and tell the stories, to honor people. This is a way to honor not only those lost, but the love your blog friends have for them.
    Thank you.

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