I truly love my new electric fireplace.

It arrived just after I got home from the doctor’s appointment Friday. All I had to do was get it out of the box and put the wheels on the bottom.

The faux flame is beautiful. And it heats up the whole place very quickly. My thermostat is in the hall and before I knew it the thermostat read 73 degrees!

I love my electric fireplace and here it is in my living room

Of course it isn’t as tall or as wide as a real fireplace. But if you live in a small space, it is perfect.

It has 5 temperature modes from low to high. The faux log set remembers the last heat setting. So when you turn it on again it will start at that setting.

Unless power is interrupted of course.

My TV on top of the electric fireplace

It Comes With A Remote:

It has a remote control for the power, heat and brightness of the logs. The flame effect settings are high, medium and low.

The flame setting will also recall the last setting and when you turn it on again it will start at that setting.

You can use the controls on the fireplace itself or use the remote.

I just read that the fireplace should not have flammable objects within 3 feet of each side, so I moved the furniture away from it.

I love my electric fireplace and it puts out lots of heat

Adding House Plants To This Wall:

Below is a photo I took after I moved the furniture and added galvanized tubs of house plants near it instead.

I really liked the chair there, but I don’t want anything to catch fire. I’d rather be on the safe side.

You don’t see flames in this photo because it got so hot in here I had to turn it off and open the windows! It just takes a couple of minutes to completely warm the apartment.

I now have plants on either side of my new fireplace

If the heat goes out in my apartment, now I’ll be covered. Unless of course the power itself goes out.

If You Want To Take A Look At It:

If you want to check it out, here is the link. It is from Lowes but is actually by a third party called Pleasant Hearth. I ordered it Monday of last week and it arrived around noon on Friday.

For a little over $182 I can heat my entire apartment. The 5200 BTU heater warms up to 1000 square feet. My apartment is 725 square feet.

I really like the way it looks. It is perfect for an apartment setting. And I especially like the fact that it is on rollers and I can easily move it about.

Now I can sit and enjoy my fireplace and watch Netflix or read, etc. Charlie and Ivy and I are warm and toasty.

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful to purchase things that give you so much joy. Your new fireplace looks cozy and warm. Know you and the pets will love it this winter!!

  2. Super cute, Brenda!! I’m glad you have a secondary source of heat, that’s a relief. I moved my little Duraflame heater into my bedroom for the winter – I have a gas fireplace in there, and of course baseboard heating, but I figured why not use all that solar power I produced all summer to heat the room!

  3. Your new set-up is lovely and cozy… great job, especially wrestling a heavy object into place! I bought a cheap version of your fireplace and loved it, but found that if the power to our house was interrupted when it was turned off, when power came back on the fireplace somehow was turned on as well! I just keep it unplugged when not in use. I repeat, mine was a real cheap one, nowhere near as nice as yours.

  4. There is just something about a fireplace! I am in Florida and only get to use the heat part occasionally, but love having the flame on without heat for the ambience. I have mine on now. Yours is beautiful and makes your cozy little house extra cozy!

  5. Nevermind my question about the plant stand. I just scrolled up and read another reader’s question about it and your answer. Our Tuesday Morning store just recently closed and I really miss it. Waah. Will have to look somewhere else.

  6. Your fireplace is very cute, Brenda! How nice that it keeps the whole apartment warm. I think I’d like one! You know my daughter and her boys live with me. Well, she keeps the furnace set so low that I am freezing most of the time. With the fireplace I could sit in front of it and be warm! Thank goodness I have one of those infrared heaters for my bedroom.

    I also really like the plant holders that you have on either side of the fireplace. Especially the one on the left. Where did you find that one with the stand? I think you could put your chair back there if you wanted because I don’t think there’s much chance of the fireplace catching it on fire unless the chair was touching it or you left it on a high setting for an extended period of time or when you were out of the house. I don’t know but I think those warnings are for people who don’t have common sense when using things like your little fireplace. You have to do what you’re most comfortable with, though.

    Glad you three can keep toasty all winter now! I bet Charlie, especially, will really love the warmth from the fireplace.

  7. You’ll love it! We have a full sized one that looks like a real fireplace and mantel. We’ve had it about 10 years, paid $500 for it but has been used alot. The light bulb (I assume) has gone out so there are no flames now, but the heater part and fan works great and it is our main source of heat in our entire house! Would put a small one in our bedroom if we had room as love the ambience of it. I assume yours has a fan? We have one and can turn it off if we don’t want it blowing so much (is so quiet you don’t even hear it, but can feel it coming out). Last year, we put a little fan hanging down from the top so that it would blow the heat even more into the room. These things are the best invention since peanut butter! Marilyn

  8. What a pretty functional addition to your cozy little house. Ever since you first posted about this fireplace, I have been thinking about purchasing one for our home. Although it does not get that cold here (and if it does, the cold spell is short-lived), it would be wonderful for those times during the fall and winter when it does get a bit nippy. And I love to sit in front of a fireplace and read or just nap. Love the way yours looks and the pricing certainly makes it even more attractive. I know this will be one investment that you will really enjoy. I’ll bet Charlie and Ivy will enjoy its warmth as well.

    Take care and have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

  9. Let us know if your electric bill goes up a lot. We had an electric heater but it was expensive to run. Ended up not using it. Hope yours works out better. Do the fur babies notice and like it? I would think the warmth would be comforting to to Charlie especially.

    1. Joan, I researched these in depth last year to find one that was reliable, heated well and had good customer ratings. I came very close to ordering one of the top rated ones. I ended up not buying one because I was concerned that my electric bill would go way up.

  10. I’ve been interested in one of those. Yours looks marvelous with the plants on either side. We have a pellet stove but it uses electricity to feed in the pellets, so it doesn’t work during a blackout. Well, at least we don’t add to the smoke in the sky at such a time. Everybody starts up their fireplaces then.

  11. The fireplace heater is beautiful. I’m so glad it heats the whole apartment. You are really going to enjoy that this winter and so will Charlie and Ivy !
    I love the way you have your apartment decorated !

  12. I’ve had mine for nearly ten years and I love it. I get really excited in the fall when I get to turn it on. It smells the way your room smells when the the heat comes on. Than’t a nostalgic smell for me. Also, if it stops working as mine did one time, I just needed to replace the light bulbs.(3 chandelier bulbs) One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  13. I was just waiting to see a picture of your new electric place. You got a great buy on that. And so awesome it’s a compact size that you can fit in your apartment.

  14. You are going to love that fireplace so much! We got one several years ago that is a tv cabinet, too, with a shelf for the cable box and dvd player and storage compartments on each side fo the fireplace. I never imagined I would love it so much and use the fireplace so much. It is so cozy to even just have the flame on but the heat part is heavenly on those cold days. The best part of Winter is being on the recliner with my cat on my lap and that fireplace on.

  15. It makes your little apartment look even cozier. Thank goodness you now have an excellent source of heat. What does Ivy think of it?

  16. love it..looks really nice..Know yall will enjoy it for the Winter months..great find…The plants look nice, too. :0)

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