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  1. There has got to be a solution on the internet for your fly problem. Hopefully someone has suggested just what you need to get rid of those pesky things and give the sweet pupsters some peace! and you too! I wish I lived in your town, I'd sure be happy to shuttle you around. Hoping you can work out transportation because I'm quite sure the PT will help. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way today. Take care!

  2. Brenda, I hope your fly problem goes away soon. Could you ask the manager at the place you live or a neighbor to borrow a smart phone to make the appointments for physical therapy perhaps? Or if they have an ap, perhaps the scheduling could be done online too, using your laptop? Good luck.

  3. I'm glad you'll be going to PT. I'm an old pro at that…I finished up twice/week for 8 months straight for my shoulder in August. And now I'm going for a different type of PT (lymphedema therapy for my arm) every single day this week and then some appts here and there after that. It is NOT fun, lots of work, and can be painful. But it's necessary, so keep plugging at it.

  4. I'm so sorry that you are having so much pain, Brenda. I hope the Physical Therapy will help. It is hard to believe that it has been going on for three years. I am not a fan of the new show. I think it was poorly written and there was no real character development. I may give it one more chance, but I felt like I was watching the bad things that happen on the news and I really avoid the news. Feel better. xo Laura

  5. Elaine blog says:

    Okay to get it under control maybe get some of those hanging fly sticky strips. Not attractive but hang one maybe in your service porch and since you are less able to chase them. Next I am going to give you the link to my homemade fly spray post I did. Works great and not going to harm you and any where you spray it can be wiped up and is clean cause of it. PS… I sure hope the pain is better today. That is the pits. You sure have been through the wringer with this haven't you?

  6. I agree with you on the phone issue. I have a 4 year old used smartphone that is not able to do apps or internet . I tire of everyone telling me to us a app to. The world does not revolve around apps!

  7. Brenda you have many challenges and are meeting them head on with humor and strength. I hope the Physical therapy will help, its a slow process but effective. I am glad your getting around with a cane, that is healthier then sitting in the scooter and good for your circulation to be moving around somewhat normal.
    I have a terrible fly problem because my cheap landlord is far to cheap to pay for a screen door. I finally got fly paper but its so gross I had to give it up. I think the zapper you have is your best bet.
    State of Affairs has potential. It is disheartening to see a good actress portrayed as having sex with strangers when she has a high office in the government. I wish TV writers were more respectful of women. I like the thriller aspect and Katherine heigl is such a good actress I hope it turns around to focus on the government aspect of her job. Having only seen one episode so far I will be turning in for more.
    Stay well, comfy and warm.

    Does your senior center have possible advice for a no cost van service?

  8. So sorry about the sleepless night. It is much easier to heal if you can sleep. The therapists sound encouraging. My mom broke her arm when she was 90 and the dr said she would never again have full use of it. But the PT people did a wonderful job. It was hard tho, I had never seen my Mother cry, but they made her cry. She ended up with full use of her arm, and had no pain after she healed. Physical therapy may hurt, but is worth it if you can walk without a boot or a brace.
    About the flies, around here they try to come inside in the winter. You might try simmering some orange peels in water, maybe in your crock pot, or a candle burner. That sometimes helps with bugs, and smells great besides.

  9. I am going to tell you something right now. Physical therapy will be your best friend and your worst enemy. I broke my leg into several places and I have never known so much pain in all my 48 years. It happened hiking while trying to save my marriage and I went topsy turvey all over that pebble infested mountain. Mercy, those were some dark days. That kind of pain, I felt and thought crazy and I really thought I was losing it on some days…Go to therapy every single time. I did watch State of Affairs. I didnt think I would like it. But goodness, she is quite good in it. I have it set for Monday night recording. It had alot of plot twists. Get some rest.

  10. I'm sorry you are having pain and difficult time getting around. Praying things will improve. One of ladies at work was telling me about The Blacklist but don't have cable. I think it is on Netflix and will check it out. Thanks for reminding me. I'm home in bed today with strep.

  11. I just started following your blog. Refreshingly honest. And I never had a bug zapper. I guess that could frighten your four-legged kids.

    I do live in farm country, but lately have not had to deal with flies, plus it's too cold here now anyway. (PA). But I have learned that when I swat a fly, another one always comes to the funeral.

  12. I've had flies in the winter before, too, and it was much worse and more weird then your problem. It seemed they sort of hatched out of nowhere and they really hung out around the windows. I went after them with Raid and got most when they were along the ledge and then I put sticky fly tape on the ledge for stray ones.

    I'm wondering~and I know you have always exhausted your option by the time I suggest one…would your insurance cover a cab? How many people can drive with one foot? If not, how would they like to pay for the therapist to come to your home? In any case, I wish you lots of luck. And with the sleeping, too. I definitely know about that. My daughter has seen me in the middle of the day and has said I look like hell!

    Jane x

  13. There has to be a solution for the fly problem. I grew up on a farm and we had those spiral, sticky, nasty tapes that hung from the ceiling, hook, whatever. It seemed to work. I have no idea where to get one. Does anyone else? You and your doggies need some relief!!

  14. I hate fly's but wish I was there to track them down for you!! So sorry you had a bad night. The physical therapy sounds good and I'm hopeful that this will better your foot! I did see the new show and liked it?? I was a bit confused also but think it might be good.


  15. So glad that you're now in physical therapy. That will hopefully get you on your way to getting better soon. Hopefully, the transportation issue won't be a problem for you now that you know about some buses in your area. Your little dogs react quite differently to flies than mine. Mine persues them aggressively! LOL! He tries to eat them if he sees them. Strange that you're seeing them during this cold spell too. We don't usually see them, except in the warmer months. Hope you're getting a better nights rest now.

  16. Hi. My city's bus service offers a program for disabled people, picking them up in specially designed vans in order to handle walkers, wheelchairs and so on. You have to call and get signed up, and then call ahead when you want a ride. There is a small fee for the each ride. My late mother-in-law often used the service. It wasn't 100 percent ideal — sometimes she'd have to ride around town awhile as the van picked up other people, before finally being dropped off at her appointment. Then she might have to wait a long while for them to come back and get her. But, it was a good option when no one else was available to take her to a doctor's appointment. Maybe your city offers something similar. I really hope you can get to your therapy appointments!

  17. I know it's not funny to you, but I cant help but crack up at the thought of the pupsters being afraid of flies.

    Looks like you've gotten some good suggestions on how to get rid of them. Worth a try!

  18. Can they physical therapist come to your house? I know they came to my MIL's house when she had her two keen replacement surgeries since she couldn't drive and we all worked at that time. I have a lot of pain filled nights that I can not sleep. Thank God for cable TV so I can always find something to watch. Right now Hallmark and Hallmark movie channels are playing Christmas movies 24/7. I hope you feel better soon and I hope the flies die soon or go somewhere else to live. Hope you have a great day! Hugs,

  19. I'm sorry that you are in pain. Do hope that you were able to get some sleep last night. Hope that you feel better and stronger each day.

  20. I'm thinking about you Brenda and hoping that all your difficulties can be resolved quickly.. It's wonderful that Judy and Kay can come to your rescue.
    Your bouquet of zinnias is beautiful.. It will be great when you can plant more flowers outside and the warmth of the sun returns..
    Best wishes for a good nights sleep.

  21. I hope the pain is lessened today! Flies are annoying but when they drive the dogs crazy it is really bad. I see a few readers might have some solutions…hope they work! 🙂 This new therapist sounds hopeful! 🙂

  22. A few of the larger physical therapy practices in my area offer free van service for those unable to drive.
    Perhaps your doctor might have someone else he refers to that offers this service.
    I know that you had a couple of falls a few days ago. Might you have re injured your ankle in some way?

  23. Oh my … bless your heart, Brenda. I'm so sorry you have physical therapy and may not can get to the appointments as needed. My dad was fortunate that his Medicare plan paid for a medical van to come pick him up and take him to the doctor and return him home afterward. It was such a blessing because he was in a wheelchair at the time and unable to put weight on his boot/foot.

    It is hard to believe you've been in a boot for three years. I hope you and the doc can make great progress in rehab.

    I have no answers on the fly situation. 🙁

  24. Ugh, so sorry you are having so much pain. Hopefully it's at it's worse and will get better from here. I know it must be aggravating to still be dealing with this but maybe this operation and the physical therapy will finally put your pain to an end. I am just amazed at everything you have done in the past few months..

    I wish I had a solution for the irritating flies, I sometimes resort to those gosh awful sticky strips. The look horrible but they WORK!

  25. I just saw a thing on pinterest about pine-sol driving flys away. If you can tolerate the smell it would be worth a try.

  26. This new doctor sounds hopeful Brenda..let's hope he is right!!..I also get very tired of people assuming that we all have smart phones..I pay $15.00 a month for 200 minutes and 30 service days..but I use my phone for phone calls..not as another computer..

  27. … so sorry to hear you had a bad night of pain … it's always worse before it gets better … maybe i can be your kindred spirit in ortho-ville. i'm three months' postop thumb joint rebuilding/arthroplasty of my right hand (quite successful but painful but less plan than living with an obliterated arthritic joint space/bone on bone pain) …and now Friday i'm having the second hand done. i'm excited but also psyching myself out for the fact that the first four days especially are wickedly painful, and then it's a frustrating (but also empowering) road to healing and full usage back in both hand by a year's time, strength and grip included, and many tasks and loves coming back into my life. i so enjoy your blog, your words and the sharing you do of your beautiful spaces … i am much the same way, perfectly happy to bloom where i am planted, and to keep nesting and making things just right through whatever transitions and uphill climbs … i'll be thinking of you as you rally through this most recent surgery. i know that being booted and "grounded" is difficult and painful, as is asking for and relishing in the help of others, but you've got this, and i think many readers rooting for you. 🙂

  28. Yes, I watched the new TV program with Ms. Heigl. I am not sure if I will watch it again. It was totally confusing and kind of like "The Black Box" that was on during the summer. Both female characters had big time jobs and both were in therapy and both were sexually, umm, unhibited, due to one thing or another. The gal on Black Box was bi-polar and when she did not take her meds she was a wild one. This one saw her fiancee die in front of her from terrorists, and so now she drinks and has sex with anything wearing pants. Like i said, not sure, not sure, jury is out right now.
    Hope your PT goes well. It is very important to recovery.

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