Ice Storm & Downed Power Lines

We had an ice storm and now there are downed power lines in my yard. So I can’t let the dogs outdoors.

So I have two very unhappy canine campers. Due to the ice storm Tulsa received, there are lots of broken trees and downed power lines all over town.

Abi and charlie huddled together in their dog bed. They can't go out because of the ice storm that downed power lines.

An electrical line going from my garage up to the roof of my house was pulled down by the half-dead tree next door.

The landlord there hasn’t touched those trees since I’ve lived here. It’s that tree that the one the woodpecker is always pecking.

Power Line Across My Driveway:

Anyway, the electrical line is down across my driveway, hanging over my chain link fence, and laying in my yard.

So I’m obviously not backing my car out of my driveway.

A bird up on the bare branches of a tree. With the ice storm and downed power lines, I hope the birds don't fly to those trees.

The dogs haven’t been able to go out all day. And the electric company says I’m probably looking at late tomorrow night before they can get to me.

I went out and tried to move things around it to keep the dogs away. But the person I talked to said not to let the dogs out there anyway.

Abi & Charlie Are Unhappy About Not Going Out:

So the dogs are very, very unhappy and letting me know about it.

I broke down and let them out in the front yard for a little bit. Watching them like a hawk.

Abi of course, being the free spirit that she is, took off at high speed like the devil was chasing her.

I stood in the street warding off cars. Who’s out in weather conditions like this driving anyway?

I got Charlie pretty easily. He cows down.

Abi Was In Her Element:

But Abi delightedly ran back and forth in front of the house showing me that she could.

I finally got the little stinker because she’s jealous of my holding Charlie and just cannot take that very long.

This is the ice that covers my tree branches since the ice storm that downed power lines.

Malware Problems:

Meanwhile, I’ve been offline since morning. I had to have the cable internet techs I pay monthly to remotely remove some malware from my computer.

In doing so, the malware took all my bookmarks.

Sigh. Now I’ll have to find them all and put them back again as I remember them.



  1. At least you kept power. I cannot deal with technical difficulties. It seems the gremlins won't leave your computer. I can't wait for spring. xo

  2. In October, we lost our power for one week due to ice and downed lines. We stayed in the house for five days with no heat and the weather at 40 degrees. On the sixth day, we could stand it no more and finally got into a hotel (which had no openings before) because everyone else had power but us and 25 houses in our block. It was horrible. It made me wish I had put a wood stove in this house where the fireplace used to house a gas stove (it is a 1933 home). Of course, that would have required a chimney being built but at least we could have stayed warm, cooked and slept without 12 pounds of blankets on us. Hope your power does NOT go out. Have a WONDERFUL Merry Christmas!

    Cate <><

  3. I hope your power stays on. It is so miserable when it goes off. Get something to tie the dogs to to let them out. You could even use a leash. Tie a couple together. We have a little nail on the side of the back door that ours hands on so we don't have to bed down to get it. The other part is just hooked on another part of the door with a metal . You stay off the ice. If those doggies can't go out and you don't have potty pads, use a trash bag spread out with paper towels on top for them to potty on. Please be careful…..those little stinkers.

  4. Good that you and the pups weren't outside when that line came down. Please, don't go out there and try to move it around any more!

  5. I still remember the horrible ice storms we had when I lived in Oklahoma City. I'm worried about your safety on the ice and your ankle. Please, please be extra cautious…

  6. I saw the pictures of ice falling from the roof of a shopping mall in Oklahoma City.. I'm sorry you've had it too.
    Please, please, please be careful with that tender ankle you have.. I hope all if fixed soon so Charlie and Abi can go out in their backyard.. Ice is the worst condition and does so much damage.
    Please take care.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  7. Years ago we had a Bichon and when she was a pup we had to be very careful about opening the door or she would run out. Well, a few times she escaped and on those days you would find me chasing her around the neighborhood with a a bed sheet to throw over her if I could get her to sit still for a second or two. One day we had workers at the house and it must have been quite a sight to see me and four grown men chasing a little white puff ball around the neighborhood.

    This weekend we had record breaking temps in the low 60's. I believe it went as high as 70 in Manhattan. Last week was freezing weather. Mother Nature sure is unpredictable.

    Stay safe and warm and Merry Christmas Brenda!

  8. Hi Brenda, so glad you did not lose power but stay safe indoors. Oh I can imagine your little ones running outside enjoying themselves. LoL
    Hope they come about the down tree sooner then later. Stay warm.

  9. What a day!! Our dogs like those few minutes of 'freedom' every chance they get, too. I remember running through the neighborhood in my gown one time, traffic stopping, and me chasing a dog. What a sight that must have been! LOL Stay warm and safe!!

  10. We had a dusting of snow over this way when I looked out this morning. Suppose to have some cold temps next few days. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and get everything straightened out. Take care!

  11. I hope the ice melts soon there. Ice storms are so dangerous. The Ice missed us here in St. Louis last night. It was just above freezing, so our rain didn't freeze.

    Good thing you can use Charlie in a jealousy ploy to get Abi to come back. Every once in a while Fuzzy will manage to escape out the front door. He rushes out, darts across the street, waters peoples yards, back across the street and up the street and into backyards. He is so fast, he looks like a shiny black blur as he runs around. It does no good to call his name. Finally, with me alternately cussing and calling him, he runs back to me and acts like it has all been a big lark. I fear he will get hit by a car. He is the first dog I ever had that would just run out of the yard like that, right past me, and with me calling his name. Am thinking about getting some prices on the hidden fence systems, but they are probably out of my price range.

    He is not allowed out in our fenced back yard without being on a leash with me on the other end because he finds any possible disgusting thing, and rolls in it. He can be so weird sometimes.

    Be careful on that slick ice while you are out there supervising your pups in the front yard! They have a lot more traction with their four little doggie feet than you do.

  12. Ice storms are the worst. More damaging than snow. We had freezing rain and sleet yesterday and then got snow on top of it overnight. How are your doggies able to go outside and do their business if they can't go in the back yard? Though naughty little Abi probably did so when she went on her wild romp!

  13. I have four pugs. Three stay close to me, but one is quicker than a hiccup and gimpy me can't catch him for the life of me. I have to guard the front door and never, ever let him out without a leash. All the others are girls. Does that mean girls are better than boys? LOL Glad you are warm and can access your Internet. My cousin lives in Drumright and she is iced in as well. Take care. Sandy

  14. Oh Brenda – I hope you're staying warm. It sounds like Abi needs a leash! My little Yorkie Ellie is just like that. I make her go on a leash if I have to go very far with her.

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