I’m sitting here with Charlie while a Paul Cardall CD is playing in the background. The fireplace is putting out warmth that is so welcome today.

I was planning to take Charlie to acupuncture. And even got out and started cleaning ice off the windows and windshield.

But the sky was spitting out bits of snow and some places in the parking lot were slick.

So I decided to skip his therapy today. I hate to do that, but I don’t want to get into a car wreck either.

Scary Slick Surfaces:

Yesterday Kendra stepped outside her house and fell flat on her butt on some ice.

I talked to her about some of your suggestions. Apparently to become an appraiser in Oklahoma you have to go to college for four years to get a degree. So that’s out.

Seems everything I mention she’s already thought of. I guess she’ll keep plowing along selling houses and flipping them for the time being.

It’s what she loves. But it’s just hard time consuming work. I recall last winter she sold a flip house and said she was taking time off for awhile.

Then before I know it she’s bought another one. She can’t seem to sit still. Always has to be doing something.

The real money is in the flip houses. When the appraiser does his job right, she makes a good chunk of money.

The Giver Of Stars By Jojo Moyes:

I finished reading “The Giver Of Stars” by Jojo Moyes last night.

It’s about women who become the Pack Horse Librarians in various parts of Kentucky. And is based on a true story rooted in American’s past.

A blurb from the inside cover:

These heroic women refuse to be cowed by men or convention. And though they face all kinds of dangers in a landscape that is at times breathtakingly beautiful, at others brutal, they’re committed to their job. Bringing books to people who have never had any, arming them with facts that will change their lives.

This book is most definitely worth the read. I’ll be writing a book review about it soon.

Stay safe if you’re having bad weather wherever you are.

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  1. As you’ve spoken about before self care is important. Keeping yourself safe ultimately protects Ivy and Charlie. I hope your weather is better soon

  2. Brenda,
    I am a mortgage lender with 40 years in the business. The guidelines to become an appraiser have changed. So many of them have retired and so many coming up to retire that they has to change that requirement. Love your blog, long time reader.

  3. Be sure to read Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.. it is very similar.. in fact there is a current lawsuit for plagiarism . I think it is a better book.

  4. Brenda, you made the right choice, you do not want to slip and fall you could really get hurt and Charlie and Ivy need you!
    As for your daughter, hopefully she did not get hurt. I am sure that she will figure out what to do. It sounds like her passion is flipping, maybe she should try to do one a year?Or one every 9 months so that she has a little break?

  5. Good Morning Brenda,
    I’m glad you decided not to risk going out. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we are going to have unusually cold weather this week . It was 30 degrees this morn. when the pup and I stepped out for her potty break.
    I’m going to contact my local Library branch for “The Giver of Stars!” It sounds quite amazing. I vividly remember being introduced to the Library when I was a young child. I even make a point of visiting libraries in state capitols; the architecture can be fascinating.
    Hope Kendra is okay after her fall. I wonder if she could use on-line classes to get her certification to be an appraiser? I know many people use online college if they are already working full time. Kendra would ace this because she is a ready a realtor and is aware of building codes because of house flipping.
    Give the fur kids hugs!

  6. With cold temps and slick roads it’s definitely better for you to stay home. Much cozier and safer. 🙂
    Stay warm!

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