1. Great ideas you have here…You can also use Room Divider can be a great addition to your home decor. It can be placed in between your seating area and dining area. It's give a privacy and separation your small area. Thank you for sharing us

  2. Any suggestions for a 17 x 11 living room with a front door near one corner that opens into the fireplace (door so close to corner that it can't be fully opened); raised, uneven brick hearth and proximity to front door make the entry zone unusable. Doorway to all other rooms forces a traffic path diagonally across room. Doorway being off center means the other long wall isn't usable for much either. It's almost 9' (but sofa awkward here unless one end partially in fireplace!), then almost 4' doorway, then a bit over 2' to the corner ( bulky heat vents along walls steal valuable inches!!). Other short wall is solid, but does have heat vents. Final long wall has a picture window looking out to front yard, but it's hard to arrange sofa to see said view without blocking foot traffic, or just floating awkwardly. I've already given away most of my furniture thanks to this dilemma! Please help- all suggestions appreciated!! ? thank you.

  3. These are all great ideas! I think sometimes people THINK they only have one option when there actually might be more if they just tried a few things out. I've been surprised at the number of different ways I have found to arrange a room. :o)


  4. I have a small living area, and I really liked a few of these designs, they could actually work in my living room! Thank you for posting them!

  5. Good ideas. I have a small living room and a little hearth room off the kitchen in the house we're moving to soon. This is very helpful in thinking through the furniture placement there. Thank you!

  6. I'm gonna send you a picture of my living room, then good luck with it. Hopefully you can come up with a better idea. My house is only 998 sq.ft and the living room is so hard for me to figure out.

  7. So good! This has been my biggest issue with our home…the living room is small and awkward with tons of paths to other rooms that need to stay cleared! Love these ideas.

    1. Hi Alice,
      How did you end up arranging things?? I have the same issue, and I' m at a real impasse. The weird placement of our front door and doorways to other rooms plus fireplace make otherwise great solutions not work for us. Thanks in advance for sharing! ��

    2. Dear Alice,
      Just curious, how did you end up arranging your room? I have exactly the same issue. With the awkward positioning of our front door plus fireplace plus opening to hallway plus the various foot traffic paths, most solutions that work in other small spaces just don't work for us. Thanks in advance for sharing!! ��

  8. These are great tips. Sometimes we get in a rut placing the furniture one way and just by changing a few things around, you can transform a whole room. Nice examples!

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