The kitchen probably needs to be the best organized room in the home for me. I’m always paring down to create more space.

It seems that every time I pare down, I need to do it again in just a month or so.

Here are some ideas to help you organize your kitchen.

Above is a rustic way to organize by Buckets Of Burlap.

Small space organization:

If you live in a small space home, you always want to go vertical when you can to not take up as much horizontal space. Which is always at a premium.
By using a tiered tray, you get the most out your space. And it is pretty on display.

Corral the little stuff:

Everything looks better in a basket, don’t you think? All of these things would look cluttered without the basket to contain them.

Jars are great for storing:

Above is a cute and creative way to store cupcake liners. And it’s pretty to look at as well. Win-win.

A place for everything:

This idea is just amazing. You could always find the spices and baking supplies you need with no difficulty with this set up. It reminds me of an old-fashioned store.

The galvanized farmhouse look:

It doesn’t get much prettier than this. I just LOVE these galvanized three-tier stands. And just like the one farther above, you’re staking out only a small bit of horizontal space.

See though containers:

I guess you could say this is the ultimate in organization. Everything is in a container of some variety. You can see through them to get what you need. And some of the containers are stackable.

Bring texture in with baskets:

Here’s another basket idea. It keeps the individual items from looking cluttered.
I don’t have a dedicated pantry. But if I did I’d like it to look like this.

Unifying with one color:

By using one color, you are unifying the look and not distracting the eye.
What is your favorite idea for organizing in the kitchen?

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  1. That spice picture is definitely a wow! Jars are my organizational go to. My cabinets have never been more organized 🙂


  2. This post inspired me. I'm going to store my cone (flat) coffee filters in my unused ceramic napkin holder at the coffee station.

  3. Ohmy! I laughed so hard! I am grateful for cabinet doors so you can't see the disorganized mess in there. I can't inagine, or rather I CAN imagine, the mess I'd make of those baskets

  4. These are great ideas! My biggest need is in my coffee area. I really need to set up a more functional coffee bar. These are all great ideas. Hopefully I'll be able to tackle that space this weekend…

  5. Great collections. I have a inspiration board of ideas too. I love the galvanized tiered thingys. I wonder if I can afford one. LOL. I hopefully will be moving my tiered dish holder off the counter to a new spot tomorrow. I'd love to replace it with herbs like in the photo! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great 4th. XXOO

  6. I would love to have one of the three tiered trays…….but don't know where I'd put it. Not much counter space..
    I like the last one also and am "grateful for this day".
    Have a happy 4th of July weekend.

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