I’m Back From The Vet With Charlie

Charlie on the patio

We’re back from the vet. They did another ultrasound. Charlie’s bladder was about half full, so that’s not as good as when it’s totally full to see inside.

The vet, Dr. Poteet, told me that a few weeks ago when I brought Charlie in he saw some strange cells, which of course is a worry.

He said he fears it could be a certain type of tumor in his bladder because there is a polyp there. Not conclusive at this point.

So I’m to give him more antibiotics and keep an eye on him. Charlie just took his last antibiotic yesterday, which seems to happen right before the bloody urine begins again.

He gave me a syringe to suck up the blood should it happen again. Because by the time I get there with him, there are only traces of blood in his urine.

I mentioned to him that this happens when I leave him and asked could that have anything to do with it. He shrugged and said maybe if he’s straining hard, but I don’t know why that would cause it to be bloody.

Maybe that’s how Charlie grieves Abi, when I’m gone and he’s alone.

I got a little emotional, though I’d taken a bit of calming meds before I left.

He said don’t count Charlie down yet, that he’d keep him alive as long as he could.

I know he’ll do the best he can. I love my Charlie boy so much.


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  1. Thank you for the update. You and Charlie are like a part of my family and I do hate to hear bad news. I worry along with you but pray for little Charlie and You to overcome.

  2. Brenda . . . as I grow older, I am more determined to wait until I KNOW I HAVE SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT before I expel the energy it “costs” to worry. You and Charlie will be in my prayers and thoughts. Let’s wait to see, honey.

  3. Like all your readers, I’m dearly hoping the best for Charlie and you. I’m sure this is a hard night for you Brenda and your worries are many.

    Our pets, I give no mind to people who wish to blabber their mouth and say things that are not only insensitive in this area but downright ignorant in understanding. People who do this kind of thing often treat people that way too and they lack something very vital to this scene of life that permeates their entire being.

    Of all the evils under the sun … trust that loving your dog too much is not one of them.

    Prayers are with you Brenda in your pain and your worry.

  4. Have you thought about getting him a thunder shirt??? I have heard that they work amazingly. Hugs and prayers from OKC.

  5. Sorry that Charlie’s bladder illness continues. You never know what might be the thing that fixes a bladder problem and more time on an antibiotic might help. If he develops diarrhea, ask the vet about giving him something to add the good bacteria back as antibiotics strip those away. I use Kefir in this situation but no idea if Charlie can have that, although he’d probably love it. I would imagine that he feels the same pain and discomfort that we can when we have a bladder infection or sensitivity and this could account for his accidents when you are away. Maybe he just can’t hold it sometimes. Was a good idea to send the Syringe to collect a sample. I’m glad that your vet said he has ideas to help Charlie. He sounds like a very kind person.

  6. There are also CDs of calming sounds for dogs that can be played when you are gone.
    Holding you and Charlie in a great big circle of caring and comfort ~
    Hugs ~

  7. Thanks for the update. I too wondered if he just has severe separation anxiety when you leave him since it has happened both times. I wonder if a mild sedative could be given to him an hour before you go out? Just a thought. Let’s stay positive and give that little boy some xoxoxo.
    Carol and Molly

    1. This could be a part of Charlie’s troubles. I had a dog that suffered with separation anxiety and experienced the pools of urine by the door as well. It’s certainly worth asking the vet if Charlie can tolerate medication to alieviate this, if it’s the problem. Lots of pets have separation anxiety and I think it’s a kindness to help them feel more comfortable while we are away if we can.

  8. Brenda glad you got Charlie in and they were able to give you more antibiotics. I hope it is just a really bad infection and the new antibiotic will take care of what is going on. I am saying a prayer for little Charlie that this is going to work and he will be so much better. Take care.

  9. I’m praying for you both, it’s a rough time . I lost my bab6 brother unexpectedly and then my dad and my Dad 6 months later so all your posts about grief I’m going thru to..I hope all will be well with your pup he is so cute..take care of yourself and I’ll keep prayin* for y’all

  10. Brenda, on YouTube there are videos you can play for dogs when you’re not home. If you can play YouTube on your tv it might be worth a try, if not your computer. Also rescue remedy or acupuncture might help. I wish and pray for you both,xxxxxxx

  11. I’m so sorry you are having so much worries right now, Brenda…so overwhelming. It sounds like your vet is being very thorough, though, and hopefully Charlie will get over this soon! There are many people who care…I am one of them. Big hugs…xo

  12. Hi Brenda,
    I follow your blog, but am not much of a poster (just a quiet lurker, I guess, but I love your posts). I’ve been following along with your journey of losing Abi and worrying for Charlie. I felt the need to reach out. I lost my beloved Bandit to unexplained kidney failure when he was only 5, so I know the sadness. Please keep faith that Charlie will be ok, and please know that another friend in blogland is sending good vibes and prayers your and Charlie’s way.

  13. Prayers and hugs to you both.
    Hoping for a better day for you all tomorrow .
    Wrap up in your throw and take some deep breaths,hug that boy tonight it will help you !
    Grief hurts so bad and being afraid you will lose Charlie boy is very scary ,I understand wish I could help you more but just know that we care for you and Charlie !

  14. Brenda, thank you for the update about Charlie. I know it is so hard when they are ill or having problems. Paris and Pisa both had that problem about 6 months ago, Pisa ended up having nothing and Paris after a battery of tests was determined to have an infection of which they could not figure out. At first they tried to say they were sick from their raw food but as they booth at it they ruled that out. None of which matters because they are ok.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. I hope that you have a good night.

  15. Brenda,

    You know my thoughts and concerns are right there with you and Charlie. I wish I could ease your worries. Along with everyone else, I am hoping for the very best. It sounds like your vet is very caring and I feel that you and Charlie are in good hands.


  16. Bless Charlie’s little heart and bless your heart, too! Hopefully, this will turn out to be a false alarm. I know you cannot help but worry. Just know that we all are worrying right along with you. Please keep us updated as you can. We do care.

    1. I know you do. And that’s what helps me to put one foot in front of the other since Abi died.

  17. Bren, I will keep praying for Little Charlie. He is so precious and sweet. Will be thinking about both of you.

  18. I know that you are sick with worry as I would be too. I am sending positive thoughts your way and extra hugs to both you and to that handsome Charlie. Hoping you can get some rest this evening. Take care.

    1. I’m trying not to let him see me cry, as I don’t want to stress him more. But with all this eye stuff, grieving Abi, and worrying I’ll lose Charlie just has me kind of a wreck right now. And naturally tears irritate my right eye.

  19. Brenda, So sorry to learn about Charlie. With our precious pets, it’s always something in older age. I’ve followed you for several years. Couldn’t comment because there was no entry for my address. Hopefully, lil Charlie will recover soon.

  20. Thanks for letting us know; I have been awaiting news. As Debbie says it could be nothing. Hope this round of antibiotics helps! (((Hugs))) to you both! Take care of yourself.
    All the best,

  21. Oh Brenda – this could be nothing. They told me my Lily had cancer about 7 years ago and that I would be lucky if I got 1 1/2 years with her. The vet said the first sign she’s on the decline will be when her appetite declines….which has yet to happen, and she’s still alive and kicking! She’ll be 16 next week.

    Sending prayers and hugs.


    1. Charlie loves to eat. Isn’t hampering his appetite. Abi would not eat that last week. Or drink water.

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