1. Glad it’s over?Get well wishes! I know once your eye recovers you will be busy as you always seem to be doing something! Love on Charlie! ?

  2. I’m glad to hear your second eye is now done. You will be back to seeing well in no time. But I’m wondering why you had to fast. Does it mean they gave you anesthesia? When I had my eyes done I only had some kind of freezing drops put in before surgery.

  3. Brenda- I’m a newcomer to your blog, and I enjoy it so much. I’m glad you and Charlie are okay now.
    Best wishes for a quick recovery., Zenquest

  4. Brenda, I am glad your surgery is now complete. Get some rest and I hope life gets back to normal for you and little Charlie.
    I love your photos.

  5. Thankful your surgery is over and you are safe at home with your little pup. My husband is having surgery on his eyes, one in September and the other in October and I think I am more worried than he is. If I lived near you, I’d paint your walls for you as I love to paint. Take care.

  6. It was good to read that your surgery went well and that the medicine worked well for Charlie. Take care and rest up.

  7. Maybe Charlie was tattling on you when he was trying to talk to your daughter. Lol. All kidding aside, I’m glad that he was ok this time around. Now you’ll be able to see everything clearer! Yay!

  8. So glad you have this behind you now and Imagine that you are looking forward to two eyes seeing things the same way!

    1. I think of my cataract surgery as God’s miracle. Imagine how, before this surgery was possible, people would just get cataracts and be almost blind because there was no way to operate on the eyes many years ago. I feel very blessed to be living in an age where there is such easy surgery to allow one to see clearly again. Am so glad the surgery is over for you, Brenda! I hope your good fortune extends to Charlie with his infection so that he heals soon.

  9. Brenda, so glad you have this behind you. I’ve told so many people that this is the best thing I’ve ever done as I have been severely near-sighted my entire life.
    It was just life changing for me.
    Take care…I do pray this supplement helps with Charlie’s anxiety. There are several really good products that will help, if this one doesn’t. He looks like such a dear little dog.

  10. Thank goodness the surgeries are over. Now try your best to follow your post-op instructions. It’s the fastest way to heal quickly and uneventfully.
    As someone said before, maybe Charlie was feeling the medication in some way.
    As a long time glasses wearer I found that, after my cataract surgeries, that my blink reflex’s was a bit off . I was so used to having glasses protect my eyes that I wouldn’t blink until it was too late ( ie: splashing of garden hose.) Be prepared. It’s a different visual situation.

  11. Whew! Glad you are over the eye hurdle! I’m glad it was without any problems.

    Hope you and Charlie are chilling out together now.

  12. So happy that you are finished with the eye surgery. I worry about You and Charlie too. Isn’t it interesting that people we have never met(and probably will never meet) can still become good friends thru the internet? Take good care of your “new” eyes while you are recuperating. Blessings, Carolyn in northwest Fl.

  13. Glad to hear all went well and done with the surgery. Take good care

  14. Soon you will have two bright eyes. So glad you have both eyes repaired.

  15. Brenda, so glad you are home and that both you and sweet Charlie are safe and sound. You have this hurdle behind you and we are all living through this with you. Even though I helped someone go through this two years ago
    each person’s experience is different and you have a different doctor. Also you are able to give a pretty clear picture of what it has been like. Probably makes it less scary for anyone
    considering this procedure.
    You and Charlie cuddle up and rest.

  16. Brenda, I’m so glad this 2nd eye surgery went well for you. Now MAKE yourself rest for the next few days! You re very brave to have bone done so close together! There are drops called “Rescue Remedy” that are great for pets’ anxiety. I heard about them when I had alpacas, and heard that owners used them for their alpacas who were anxious when being shown at the big alpaca shows. They’re really for people, but work very well for animals too. Glad Charlie had your daughter there to keep him company. I read all of your posts…. don’t comment often… but wanted you to know you have been in my prayers. I hope you will be seeing great in the next couple of weeks! Take care and don’t overdo! Hugs.. Marilyn

  17. I’m so glad the surgery is over with and you will be able to get back to your usual routine of working on that beautiful patio garden. I’ve never heard of those Composure pills but I may have to get some for Molly. Please don’t rush yourself and let that eye heal up properly. I’m so glad little Charlie did well and so cute with him trying to talk to your daughter.
    Have a good rest of your day.
    Carol and Molly

  18. You still never cease to amaze me. Can’t wait to have both eyes calmed down for you. Sounds like this one was so easy. I love Charlie trying to talk to your daughter. I think he was thanking her for taking care of you. You rest and do not overdo it.

  19. Brenda,

    Relieved that you are back from surgery and relaxing with Charlie. Wishing you a peaceful day and a night of restful sleep.


  20. Glad to hear you’re back home and doing well. Please rest up today!
    My mom has her first cataract surgery tomorrow morning. Your posts about it have been very informative and comforting to us. Thank you.

  21. Happy to hear you’ve done well today. Charlie was okay and no puddle at the door when you returned? An audio book might be nice to listen to while you take it easy for a couple of days. No eye strain! ?

  22. I thought of you early this morning and was waiting to hear from you. I am glad that it’s over with and I hope that things go as well as they did on the first eye. I know that you will feel much better when both of your eyes are working correctly. I’ve also been keeping Charlie in my prayers that he stay well.

  23. I’m happy to hear it all went well. I think it is cute that Charlie was talking to your daughter.

  24. I woke this morning a little after 2 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I thought of you and Charlie and your surgery today. I’m so glad it’s all over too. that alone is a huge relief. and as a fellow Oklahoman I think they should have separate post op info for us! we continually deal with so many allergies and wind and dust that it makes anything with our eyes seem more difficult! our recent rains have been lovely! take care dearest bean!

  25. Glad your second eye went well. Just take it easy for the next day or so and just think you will have clear vision to see the world! Have a good week.

  26. Welcome home. I am relieved for you that all the testing as well as the procedure are complete and you can rest at home. I know you have some weeks of healing to get through but hopefully will be a little easier this time as you know what to expect.
    I am glad to hear that Charlie was ok while you were gone, hope the chewable “treat” is
    the answer. I was reading yesterday about separation anxiety in dogs, and I have included the link here if you are interested:
    (I wondered if Charlie trying to talk to your daughter is an effect of he medication.)
    All the best wishes for a restful day and a speedy recovery!

  27. I have been waiting for your post this morning; so glad to hear that you are back home and snuggling with Charlie. Congrats on having the cataract surgeries checked off your list! Hope your eye heals quickly and that you have a cozy stay at home day. Take care.

  28. Brenda, glad you are doing good. Good luck with your eyes. Give Charlie snuggles for me. Tell him I love him. Take care

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