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  1. This is the first year in forever that I haven't had a vegetable garden or many flowers, because of our move, starting a new job and so on. So, I have enjoyed looking at yours! My husband wasn't really into gardening until we got together, and he has really missed the plants too. The other day he rattled off a list of flowers that we will just have to have when we start a garden again. I'm happy he's caught gardening fever too.

  2. Brenda your blog looks so pretty. Just wanted to tell you. Love your signature.

  3. I love ornamental grasses too. You're right about how they make a great backdrop for more showy plants. Unfortunately, our pompass grass did not survive our harsh winter last year. We had just pruned it back in the Fall and it never came back this Spring.

  4. Living in the country and not having the HOA that some have OR the city ordinances that others have…I'm free to let thing grow a little wild in my garden. I have one area of my garden that is growing over with Mustang grape vine, some english ivy, Zucchini, Big Boy Tomatoe and Four O'clocks and Black Eyed Susans…
    It looks totally unkept and wild– but I love the textures, the colors of the leaves and flowers ALL MIXED TOGETHER.
    It makes me smile. The Butterflies and the Hummingbirds love it too.
    You make your patio Garden looks so beautiful, and in a short amount of time too.
    looks pretty.

  5. I love ornamental grasses. We recently planted four of them in the small ditch area beside our driveway. I can't wait until they grow really tall and start swaying in the breeze.

  6. We just planted some ornamental grasses on the hill behind our deck…they're growing nicely but I can't wait to see how big they get next summer…I love the way the blades of grass move in the breeze…so pretty!

  7. Yes! More of your beautiful garden photos and inspiration! I really love ornamental grasses. Without them, my containers seem incomplete. Like something is missing!

    I'm hoping your weather has cooled off and you can spend a lot of time enjoying your garden. No hot weather for us yet. Usually, not until August.

  8. Brenda, your fern is beautiful as are your grassy plants.. Rusty looks like he enjoys being close to the fern.. I hope he keeps his crowing to a minimum !
    I bought several different types of grasses, all pereniels , this year and I think they add a lot to the other plants and flowers..
    We are having very hot temperatures today and tomorrow and possible severe storms.. Wednesday is supposed to be the beginning of the effects of the Polar Vortex.. Can't wait..

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