Infection Update & A Book I’m Reading

Thursday was a great day. I felt well enough to go out and take photos. I thought maybe I had this infection behind me.

Then Friday morning came and I felt as bad as I did a week ago. Headache, pain in abdomen, bladder spasms. I’m using AZO, so surprised by that. Plus I’m drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water. 

I miss my coffee! But I don’t dare make a cup. Thursday I picked up a caramel iced coffee from McDonalds before I went to the park. And my bladder has felt irritated ever since I drank it.

But I have all these great photos from the park, so I will show them to you. I went to Swan Lake after the park, so I have pics from there as well. 

There was so much to enjoy at Woodward Park. I just love the tree leaves this time of year. And the koi at their pond.

I tend to live in my bedroom when I don’t feel well. I pile up the pillows and get under a quilt.
Maybe there will be good movies on Lifetime this weekend. If not, I have this great book I started a few days ago.

I hope you have a fun and eventful weekend. Enjoy the fall weather!



  1. Brenda, I do hope you feel better soon. Pillows and a warm quilt sounds wonderful. I'm reading an old paperback I found in a Little Free Library. It's called Ladykiller by Lillian O'Donnell. So far it's very good. Not far into it though. Feel better soon.

  2. It sounds like the coffee from McDonalds irritated your bladder even more. Coffee isn't good when you have a UTI. Stick with the water and pure cranberry juice. AZO is only a temporary relief. Have you tried d-mannose?

  3. Brenda, I have intercystial cystitis which mimics UTI's. I went in to the doc two weeks ago thinking I had a UTI but it turned out to be my IC. I hurt all the way around my body, lower back and the bladder. IC is a condition that when you eat or drink something and it breaks down to urine it irritates the bladder causing aching from mild to severe. Anything acidic, except for homegrown tomatoes, any kind of soda unless it's flat, some nuts, some bread and some veggies. It's manageable if you watch your diet. I tell everyone who experiences UTI's frequently because it could be IC. Fortunately, my GYN doctor also specializes in IC. I think I misspelled the I part of the above! lol

    1. I had something like what you describe in my twenties. It was miserable. But after I had a partial hysterectomy at 28, it pretty much went away. The surgeon said my uterus had sort of grown into my bladder like tree roots.

  4. I feel for you. After 6 days of acute lower left back pain (kidney I believe), I went to urgent care. Doc prescribed 14 days of antibiotics for UTI, sinus & dbl ear infections. A recheck showed the UTI had worsened so she sent for a culture and prescribed a different antibiotic. Awaiting results of culture now. Taking probiotics & water, cranberry juice & no coffee.
    Hope you feel better soon!!

    1. My doctor wanted me to start probiotics after the shingles episode, so I take that regularly. Just drinking water the past few days.

  5. Wow the pics from the park are beautiful. We just don't get that kind of color here in So Cal. Funny I was painting cou fish in class yesterday and those little slippery things gave me a hard time. Some days water colors are great and others not so much. I also use tge Azo 30 day pills to keep them at bay. Feel better soon

  6. Please read about d-mannose. I always keep it on hand for UTI symptoms. I have interstitial cystitis, an autoimmune bladder disease, which began after UTI treatment. Hope you’re better soon!

  7. I am so glad you got out to enjoy the park. Your pictures are beautiful. I swear that book sounds familiar – I love a good book. Lifetime television is good too. I just watched the series on Netflix called The Keepers – it was a documentary. Kept my attention all week.

    Enjoy your peaceful weekend!

  8. You might want to get back to the doctor. You possibly need a different antibiotic. Not all UTIs are caused by the same bacteria. You should be feeling like new by now. 45 years of experience with the buggers. Hate them.

    Your photos are fantastic. The koi are beautiful.

  9. Excellent photos (love the one of the koi pond — they appear to be posing and happy to see you).

    Hope you feel better soon; might have to visit the doctor's office since the infection seems to have flared up again. Lots of rest, good movies, good books, and love from the pups will perhaps be the cure.

  10. Forgot to say about your photos Brenda, they truly are lovely, I especially like the fish, you have captured them beautifully.

  11. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well again. My last UTI was like that, the doc gave me a anti biotic which seemed to work at first, as soon as I finished them the UTI with all its symptoms came back. This was on a Sunday, so off to emergency I went and was given another type of anti biotic which thankfully worked. I wish I lived near Brenda so I could do something for you.

  12. your photos are just beautiful! the koi especially.
    and the leaves in the first one. oh my.
    I hate that you have a relapse. you must be careful.
    it's all connected. and important to watch.
    I just found out yesterday that I have stage 3 kidney failure. CKD (chronic kidney disease) caused by years of high blood pressure. that old saying 'getting old is not for sissies' hit the nail right on the head!

  13. Hope you feel better soon, Brenda. That bladder 'urgency' is a terrible feeling. ugh!
    Enjoy your book- I will be anxious to read your review on it. I have found several good books after reading your reviews. xo Diana

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