Inside A Dreamy Texas Home

Renita Browning says every item in her house comes with a story.

The house was an impulse buy during a Thanksgiving trip from New York to Dallas. Her daughter-in-law took her antiquing in downtown McKinney and Renita fell in love with the community.

She made an offer on the house the very same day. She and her husband Mel had just bought themselves a house with no intention of doing so on this trip.

The Kitchen:

The original brick was a lucky discovery, unveiled when the plaster came down. The industrial ceiling lights came from local Mexican restaurant Uncle Julio’s.

The Dining Table:

Renita says of her giant cow on the wall: “He used to hang on a ranch gate, and I like that he has a sweet look about him. And that he looks right at home above the impulse-buy white cabinet I bought at 4 a.m. on Etsy.”

Sitting Area:

“This is the most tranquil room in the house,” says Renita, noting the absence of both a television and other technology. The space opens up to the wraparound porch.

General Store Fridge:

“I found and fell in love with this old 1800s refrigerator on eBay, and I drove all the way to a barn in rural Pennsylvania to pick it up,” she says.

Dining Room:

“I obviously love old signage,” says Renita. “I was drawn to the patina but I also love that someone clearly painted over an existing sign to make it a grocery sign.”


This room’s palette was inspired by a sign Renita found in Tennessee. “I love the scrolling on the sides—it just spoke to me,” she says.


This room started with the wallpaper—Best In Show by Thibaut. And everything else just fell into place.


“This sink, from an old elementary school, is a perfect example of ‘buy now, find a place for it later,'” she says.

Apothecary Bottle Collection:

“My husband and I have a tradition on my birthday,” she explains.

“We go out for chocolate chip pancakes, and then he accompanies me to the antiquing destinations of my choice. Last year, I stumbled upon about a half-dozen of these bottles—all with their original labels. Some even had potions left in them.”

Storage Space:

“I found this catchall, which had been salvaged from an old general store, at a fairgrounds show in Nashville.”


The unique picket-fence table, a tag-sale find in downtown McKinney, is surrounded by vintage wicker chairs. And topped with a beautifully rusted two-tier planter.

{Photos & Details Courtesy Of Country Living}

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful home. It is quite well done and I think it honors their surroundings.

  2. HOW CUTE!! Just proves that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure eh?

  3. Ohh my gosh!
    The dusting & cleaning it all would kill me.

    Bathroom sink is great.
    Love ❤ the pup wallpaper!
    That’s about it.
    Just not my style.
    Glad this collecting couple enjoys it all.
    To each their own!

  4. I love how each of her treasures has such a fun and unique story! Everybody should have things in their house that bring them joy, whatever they may be. I especially liked the bathroom sink.

  5. I love everything about her home. I wonder is she would let me move in ? 😍😍

  6. Interesting. I love looking at all the old things. It is like looking at a museum, but it would make me crazy to live there.

  7. I wasn’t a fan of this decorating style. Too many antiques that just looked grimy and dirty and like they were falling apart.
    As a dog lover though, I did love that dog wallpaper.

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