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  1. I can relate to not knowing what day it is. All day yesterday I thought it was Friday, but it was Thursday. I do eat meat, but not often, and I’ve gotten to really like a good veggie burger. Trader Joe’s Quinoa Cowboy Veggie burgers are good in a pinch for a quick meal, with some guacamole and salsa on top. Instead of a bun, I use their cauliflower thins. Pretty tasty!

  2. Had a chuckle about the days of the week, I do that all the time and it used to annoy me to no end when late hubby would ask me!

  3. You should also look into a company called Thrive Market. You can narrow your search to only include food items you specifically want. For example, if you can’t eat gluten, you select that tab, and it will only show you items that are gluten free. It’s great for people with allergies, or who want to eat a particular lifestyle. And I think it’s free shipping if you order at least $50.

  4. Is it Tuesday or Wednesday? This makes me laugh, because I’ve done that many times myself. I’ve always been fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom/ housewife when my kids were little. Of course, I always seemed to know what day it was then. Now that I’m older, and my husband is retired, I find that with both of us home all day, it’s much easier to lose track of what day it is. Some would say that’s a good problem to have, I guess, lol.

  5. I am now a senior and have preferred a lacto-ovo vegetarian (one who eats dairy and eggs but no meat or fish) for most of my life, even as a child. Presently I do eat meat or fish on occasion. I just wanted to comment on the protein aspect of a (long term) meatless diet as I believe it is an important consideration. If you decide to go meatless long-term, I might suggest making a list of all your favorite foods in your new “meatless universe”, jot down their protein grams per serving, and create your meals around combinations of these foods. Knowing per serving grams of protein can help you track your daily protein intake, especially in the beginning. For myself, I target 50-70 protein grams/day (your body does not absorb all the protein you eat) from a variety of sources including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, eggs and dairy. Working with a nutritionist may also be very helpful; however I have always done it myself through research. All things considered, I believe a diet without meat can have great variety and be both delicious and healthy!

  6. If you don’t already know about it, the site has a lot of good ideas for meals and meal prep for vegetarian and vegan meals as well as simple meals with meats.

  7. We have been vegan for about 10 years, and vegetarian for 20 years before that.
    we do take a B12 supplement and now we are older we have a all in one shake for extra protein.
    My husband has had R Arthritis for a while now and is doing well on a plant based diet.
    As for forgetting what day it is, yes I do that too and I do forget some words, that gets me into a tizzy!

    1. Good to know about your husband and the plant based diet. I have psoriatic arthritis and I’ve wondered if plant based would be helpful. When you research anything, you can always find evidence to confirm whatever it is you want to confirm, so then you don’t really know. Good to hear from someone who truly has experienced it.

    2. I hope it will help arthritis. I don’t have R Arthritis. Just regular old arthritis in many of my joints. Especially in my hands.

  8. We cook meat rarely in a week of meals and not cause it’s expensive but because we don’t care for it in too many recipes. I will buy filet mignons on sale for 8.99 lb and use that to make beef stroganoff which is our treat as nothing goes to waste with that cut. Otherwise it’s good ground round -grass fed preferably- for a meatloaf. Once you aren’t cooking for children or an elderly relative, it’s amazing how you cut down on portions. We incorporate eggs into a lot of dishes and prefer soups with a grilled cheese sandwich for a no fuss meal night.

  9. The same thing happens to me when I wake up some days I’m wondering what day it is! Then the head fog releases and I’m ok. I found lately there are a lot of things I can’t remember. I always worry because my mother had dementia and I’m afraid I will develop it too!

  10. Brenda, I think going meatless for awhile will be ok…though might slow down your healing some. Be sure to take B vitamins too, cause without meat, not easy to get enough. I advise eating SOME meat here and there…and only buying the very best you can find (at least organic, but even better if grassfed and GRASS FINISHED…meaning no corn, feed lots at the end of its life etc). We eat meat but usually not a lot…cause we cannot afford to buy a LOT of the best meat. Use it like the Asians and other cultures do…just for seasoning. Bone broth would be good to use in cooking too, esp. while not eating meat itself. And its true that figuring out allergies yourself, will mean leaving out some foods and seeing what happens when you eat them again. I mostly eat chicken…and a little beef. I wish I could eat fish too, but that is off the menu for years now…body says NO! I also eat some turkey but again, its better for me if not very often. When you make smoothies, get some protein (I use powdered pea protein but recently read that might not be the best choice, but I cannot do dairy). And have been adding some powdered collagen too…very good for joints and muscles etc. By the way, try to find pastured eggs too…quite expensive, but that is really how chickens are meant to eat. Wishing you all the best in figuring out what is messing with your system. We also only drink spring water. (We got covid last Dec/Jan shortly after I began filtering our own tap water…tap water is very bad!!)

    1. I was told by a plumber that fixed the hole in the pipe in my bathroom that there’s enough chlorine in our water here to stock a swimming pool.

    2. I agree with Elizabeth ~ your body probably needs some meat once in awhile, especially while your body is healing. You need a full range of nutrients and vitamins. Lean, organic/grass-fed meat is the way to go. It’s expensive, but you can stretch it. Aldi sells both organic boneless chicken breasts and organic, grass-fed ground beef. Since you aren’t able to stand at the stove for a long time, you can put the chicken in a Crockpot. There’s tons of simple recipes out there. The ground beef can be cooked with veggies and canned tomato sauce or tomatoes to make a stew. This would give you lots of meals and you could keep them in the freezer.

      While you’re not eating meat, be sure to take a B12 supplement.

  11. I applaud you cutting your meat intake. I’ve been vegan for years, and believe it to be a good way to manage many aspects of our health. As long as you’re including lots of fiber rich foods (think beans), you’ll do great!

  12. I eat some protein almost every day with loads of veggies. I usually have a yogurt every day with granola and some kind of fruit and of course my chocolate. I eat mostly healthy every day. I love hommus with tortilla chips or cukes too.
    It’s getting cooler out so I’ll be baking soon.

      1. Some years ago I substituted the tahini using some cashew butter instead…oh my, sure was yummy!!

      2. The grocery store by me carries the Boars Head brand of hummus, and right now they have some delicious seasonal flavors! I just bought some pumpkin pie hummus and some chocolate hummus. They taste more like a dessert. I got some cinnamon chips for the pumpkin pie flavor, and come pretzel chips to go with the chocolate hummus.

  13. I snickered and giggled when you said you weren’t sure what day it was because it happens to me, as well. I’ve reached the point where I look at my sweet Cooper and just say “well, I know for sure that it’s a day that ends in Y”. LOL My days are very, very simple and I like it this way.
    I eat very little meat, especially beef. We simply don’t get along. At least once a week I do make a meal with chicken. I’ve found a variety of ways to enjoy chicken.
    Have a fabulous day, Brenda!

  14. If you have an opportunity to have the same lady deliver a Shipt order to you again, maybe you should consider asking her if she would “free lance” for you on the side – you call her or text her to see if she’s available and if so, send her your shopping list. And you pay her directly (an agreed upon amount ahead of time) and tip extra if you wish; it might save you some if she agrees to the arrangement. I do the “what day is this?” a lot – but first thing I do in the morning when I get up is turn on my computer to see what day it is and if anything major has happened overnight in the news, then check the weather and flow into the rest of my day from there.

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