1. I do believe that Winter is here for real. We got snow again yesterday, although not enough to shovel. And it’s cold, cold, cold. The temperature could be lower, I guess, but once it’s around 40 degrees, I’m feeling cold even when my thermostat is set at seventy.

    I’m thinking about what foods to make for Thanksgiving since it looks like the family will be at my house. Not until the Sat. after, though, which gives me a little more time to prepare. They will all bring dishes to pass but I will probably do the pumpkin pies and the dressing and a cranberry salad. Maybe the mashed potatoes, too. All this cooking is not my favorite thing to do but I do love having them all here. It will be fun and then I’ll be glad when they all leave! Will you be with your daughter and her family for Thanksgiving? Seems like I remember her bringing you a meal last year. It would be hard to leave Charlie to spend the day away, wouldn’t it? And Charlie might be out of his comfort zone, too, if he went with you. I have become much less rigid in my “old age” about what holidays should be like. I think whatever pleases you and is comfortable for you is what you should do. I may spend the actual day of Thanksgiving alone this year and that’s just fine with me.

    Ivy Lou is certainly a great source of entertainment isn’t she? And she is growing like a weed. Pretty soon “kitten” won’t apply to her at all! It will be a long time before she loses her delightful playfulness, though.

    Stay warm, you three!

  2. I enjoy your daily posts of all that’s going on in yours, Ivy’s and Charlie’s world. Winter has set in a good month before it’s time here in the Northeast, too, Brenda. I didn’t really get a chance to finish putting my outdoor plantings to rest, either. I sure hope this isn’t a sign of a long, cold winter ahead! Your fur babies are just dolls. They are, indeed, lucky to have such a loving and caring mama as you!

  3. I was wondering if a vaporizer in the room might help Charlie’s cough? It always helps me when I start coughing in winter. I use a hot mist vaporizer. The cool mist one makes it feel cold and clammy in this house.

    Your little Ivy is growing and filling out to be a beautiful cat. She is so cute with all of the stunts she does.

    1. I had not thought of that for some reason. I guess because his cough is caused by something else. Still, you may be right. It could help. I’ll get mine out of the closet.

  4. So glad that Charlie is doing better. He has a wonderful mama. And little Miss Ivy. Well how sweet is she? I look forward to your daily posts and photos. I love the pet pics and am really enjoying your nature photography and your notes on how you frame them with foreground and background etc.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy my photography tips. When I can get out in the country or find another outdoor place I find interesting, I’ll try to do more of these.

  5. Oh that little Charlie is the cutest thing. And yes, Ivy is certainly filling out nicely. Almost all grown now. I just threw out the last of my potted plants outside. We have had two snows so far. Snow before Thanksgiving is just too early for me!!

  6. I finally gave up, because my little Shih-poo dearly loves to get the TP & shred all over the house. I have it off the holder, & fortunately, he can’t get it up on the counter. For Ivy, you might have to do more, lol! Maybe laying on its side, won’t be as fun for Ivy. Or, put in drawer or box.
    We pet owners have to be problem solvers!

  7. Regarding Ivy unrolling the toilet paper…what about one of the toilet paper roll holders with a cover? Amazon sells them from $7 on up depending on the style. Some of them have a cover that comes all the way down to cover the whole front of the roll.

  8. Ivy is such a little character! She will catch on that her big brother just enjoys watching her antics, not participating. Charlie looks good; how is his cough? Stay bundled up as I think it’s going to be another cold winter.

    Carol and Molly

    1. His cough is much better, Carol and Molly. I do have to keep it pretty warm in here or he will cough more.

  9. Your sentence “It will remain fixed in time”, for some reason, just sounded so sad to me. The rose never had the chance to bloom into the beauty it could have been, like a human life that ends too soon. It just made me sad…. Anyway, don’t mean to sound morbid….. I enjoyed Ivy looking at that tiny piece of fluff. Cats just are so curious, and it looks like Charlie may be feeling better? He looks very content. Stay Warm, Hugs, Bonnie

  10. I love that Fern picture? Is that a print or a pressed fern? It is lovely!!

  11. Ivy sounds like she would be an excellent mouser. Maybe you don’t have to worry about the rodents and can use your cabinets now that you have Miss Ivy Lou!

    1. No, the drawers and cabinets are ruined for me. I’ll just use other storage. I’m just that way.

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