The song “Isn’t She Lovely” came to mind when I took this photo. Remember that old song? Written and sung by Stevie Wonder. Is he still around? What a voice.

I got up this morning and Charlie and I went outside. It was sunny and bright. Within the hour, everything got dark. Such strange weather we’re having. I had to turn the lamp on to see what I was doing. It’s still strangely dark.

A Crash In The Wee Hours:

About 4 a.m. I woke up to a crash. I got up and turned the light on. Ivy had turned over her kitty litter box. I clean it 2-3 times a day so it stays pretty clean. Just some litter on the old trunk I keep it on in the back of the closet.

I guess she was jumping out. It’s a big box, but alas she had knocked it over and scared me half to death. Probably scared herself too.

A little later I heard a noise and it sounded like it came from the bathroom. It was Ivy in the bathtub chasing her twirly plastic toy. She gets such enjoyment out of those cheap little things.

Bye Gray Mouse:

And the gray mouse has, I suppose, met its demise. Ivy eviscerated it.

Poor mouse baby. It lasted about two weeks and she played with it constantly. It’s missing a tail too. I will find it eventually. Like I do all the other things she drags off and hides.

Nathan was over here yesterday with a new phone because he changed plans and they gave him a free one. He put down the sack it was in and left the room and within seconds Ivy pounced on it.

Nosy Ivy:

Ivy is the nosiest creature I’ve ever seen. If she can get something in her mouth and it’s not too heavy, she will drag it off to parts unknown. You run across it by and by.

This is Ivy with her twirly toy she had in the bathtub in the wee hours. I know it is a blurry photo, but I found the elements in it interesting.

Charlie Boy:

Then there’s my sweet Charlie boy. He never gets into trouble. Just stays next to me wherever I go. While Ivy runs roughshod throughout this apartment.

She loves to run underneath the curtains, jump in the windows and pounce on shadows and generally run herself silly till she finally succumbs to a nap.

I will be feeding them here shortly, and then Ivy will nap. That’s how she can stay awake all night getting into trouble.


My daughter and Andrew will be here after church. Guess I’d better get a move on. Ivy usually hides when Andrew is here. She seems to be afraid of his “little-ness.” And she probably knows she’s about met her match with him.

Five year old boys are rambunctious and busy too. They rarely sit or stop either.

Bouncing Jars:

Oh, and I had to move the glass jars. This morning I decided I was sick and tired of listening to her jump through the air and land on the coffee table and make them clatter together. Figured they’d break eventually.

Ivy seems to be in a jumping phase where she sees if she can jump from one thing to another. Part of her cat skills she’s honing I suppose.

So she can catch bugs and murder them. Much to Charlie boy’s endless delight.

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  1. I loved reading this post! It reminds me of my 4 cats. I have two girls and two boys and they are rambunctious! They will carry around a toy until it is unrecognizable. They all have very different personalities but the one thing they do have in common are those darn chases in the wee hours up and down the stairs and all around the house. I wake and think I have a herd of buffalo running thru the house. Love your posts, Brenda! Thank you for sharing your sweet babies with us.

  2. My nine year old granddaughter says to her cat, “I’m going to bed Willow” and Willow will get up and trot right behind her and sleep on her bed all night. She gets up when Alaina does. It’s so cute. And another grandson has a solid black cat Rex that will do the same to him. lol I just imagine it’s the type cat they have. Both these two are long hair cats, if that even makes a difference.

  3. That “Ivy in Motion” photo really exhibits her rambunctiousness! I love it. The cats in my house are quite along in years and don’t really play anymore. The one is very skitterish and can run fast and disappear at the least sudden noise or movement, though. Sometimes it is rather annoying! I call her “Nervous Nellie”. I don’t know why she’s like that–maybe something in her environment before we adopted her. The other aged cat is not active at all. She sleeps most of the time when she’s not eating. When the weather is nice she occasionally will go out on my deck and the driveway. I think she may have a tumor, too, but for now I am avoiding euthanasia because she seems to still be enjoying life and not in pain. If that changes I may have to reconsider. I’m sorry, Carol, about your loss of Molly. It’s a hard decision.

    Brenda, I bought a pot of Chocolate Mint yesterday and it smells so good. I am growing it in a pot on my deck so it won’t spread and get out of hand. We are drying some, too, to use in cooking. Have you ever used it in a dish of any kind? My daughter’s boyfriend is a chef and he says he has used it a couple of times but I don’t know what food he put it in.

    Well, Charlie and Ivy are a study in opposites, aren’t they? It’s good that Charlie has Ivy for entertainment to keep his mind young, right? Ha, ha!

    Take care, and hope your week gets off to a pleasant start.

  4. Love reading about Charlie and Ivy. Ivy’s antics are always so interesting and Charlie is just a little sweetheart.
    I always look forward to reading your Blog.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Charlie and Ivy are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum with their personalities. I feel as though he sits beside you to comfort and protect all the while thinking what a mess Ivy is…LOL Poor little mouse toy, it never had a chance! I love the blurry photo too! Perfect photo of Ivy…always in motion! Hope you had a great visit with your family. We are having weird weather down here as well…just bizarre! It’s going to be in the 70’s this week…in Texas…in JUNE! Love and hugs!

  6. I love the blurry picture of Ivy. It gives a sense of Ivy in motion. She is a beauty. One of my cats plays with toys and one only wants to hunt the “ real thing” ! I enjoy watching them even when they’re sleeping. Love seeing pictures of sweet Charlie in or out of the house.

  7. She sounds like my Buddy,aka Mr.Mischief Man,he is always into something.
    I’ve had Bella,my sweet pea for 7 plus years and she is totally laid back,she has a catnip mouse that she loves when I find where it landed:).
    I have to confess I get the biggest kick out of the “zoomies”,house is fairly simple so there’s not much to damage…seems like one or the other will start and the other joins in.
    I’ve had a couple of litter box incidents as well,Bella is a bigger cat and for some reason she takes off after using in a hurry.
    They make me laugh when I’m down,snuggle for a nap and are always happy to see me,worth every bit of small inconveniences.
    Bella takes off when my grandson shows up too,Buddy likes the challenge,lol
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  8. I’m intrigued with how Ivy plays with toys. Our cats don’t have much interest in toys. I wish they did. For awhile they liked to play with homemade toys made from pipe cleaners or twist ties, but got bored with them. Now we sometimes find objects on the floor such as my beaded bracelets, hair clips, my husband’s fishing lures, or clean socks from the laundry basket that they have managed to find. We just can’t leave anything on top of dressers or work tables. They also sleep a lot in the day and sometimes get lively in the night. They aren’t too interested in the bathtub, but it seems like a good place for a cat to play! Ivy comes up with some interesting notions.

    1. Charlie never played with any toy or chewed any bone, even when he had teeth. I gave a them all to Nathan for his puppy. I’d had them since before I left Texas. Charlie just never had any interest in them.

  9. Your post today was so enjoyable. I had to laugh out loud as soon as I saw the picture of the “dead” mouse. Looks like the poor thing never had a chance (grin). Then when I saw Ivy in a blur, that really gives the impression of how fast she must dart around the house. The pictures of Ivy and Charlie are such a delight to see each day. What in the world would a person do without a pet? What joy they bring to our lives..Hugs,Bonnie

  10. Ivy is lovely and so full of energy and mischief while charming at the same time. And Charlie is such a handsome looking little dog. Wonderful photos today.

    I was reading through the replies today and am so sorry for Carol’s loss of her beloved Molly.

    Enjoy your daughter and grandson today. Take care.

  11. Cute pictures and Ivy is so busy. I had to put Molly down last Thursday. She had an inoperable tumor in her stomach and was in pain. I miss her terribly.


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