It’s Beans & Cornbread Weather

Yesterday was one of those days that I declare it beans and cornbread weather.

It was sleeting outside, and I could hear it pinging against the window behind my chair. Today we’re probably in for more.

I’m so glad I don’t have to go out.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Again:

I am paying for my trek to the parking lot without my walking boot Sunday morning.

By Sunday afternoon my ankle was throbbing and it hasn’t let up much since then.

Greg said he was afraid that would happen. Of course he didn’t know about it until afterwards.

I’m kind of bull-headed and my own worst enemy. No one has to tell me that.

I’m thoroughly aware of this problem and it has haunted me all my life. Because I tend to act first and think later.

My ankle is not on that timeline unfortunately. I’m not as young and don’t bounce back as I once did. Boy, that’s hard to admit, but it’s the truth and I know it.

Confidence and recklessness are two different animals, aren’t they?

I’m so tired of this tightness. I can’t seem to work it out no matter what I do. I’m like the tin man when I walk. But it’s the best I can do.

I do have enough sense to not attempt to go out in this kind of weather. Groceries were delivered Sunday morning and if nothing else I can heat up a TV dinner.

This food combination sounds mighty good when the weather outside is messy.

My trying to eat healthy partially went out the door.

What Goes Into Preparing Healthy Food:

There seems to be more involved with preparing healthy food. But I can’t stand or walk around long enough to do it.

So attempting it frustrates me because I can only manage a few minutes on my feet and then I have to sit down.

I’m eating chicken along with fish again. I do eat fresh fruits and salads to augment my meals. And I’m not much of a snacker between meals.

Yesterday I’d thawed out the beans I cooked in the crock pot a few weeks ago. At that time I swore I wasn’t using the crock pot again for awhile.

Every single time I make a meal in the crock pot it involves more standing and then I’m too exhausted and sore to want to eat it. So I just froze it in zip lock baggies.

I was determined to make cornbread yesterday around 1 p.m. to have with the beans I was heating up in the microwave. You know how Ivy likes cornbread crumbs.

She about worried me to death because she smelled it cooking.

About that time Steve called to check on me, as we hadn’t been in touch since last week. So I invited him over to eat beans and cornbread.

Steve & Ivy:

Then he played with Miss Ivy till she got tired. After he left she slept for hours on the couch.

Beans and cornbread were a staple of my childhood. So eating this combination brings back good memories. Ivy is sleeping on the couch after she had a bit of cornbread.

She just wants me to play fetch with her. It’s Steve who she wants to dangle the feather toy so she can jump in the air trying to get the feathers.

He sits across from me and moves the feathers on a wand around and up and down and she just loves it.

We talked about this and that. After awhile I told him he didn’t have to keep moving that toy up and down and all around because he’d been doing it a long time.

He said: “Haven’t you noticed that when I stop Ivy gets me when I’m not looking?”

Steve said she sneaks up on him. Then she grabs at his arm where it’s resting on the chair arm until he begins waving the wand toy around again.

No, I hadn’t noticed, but I’m not surprised by much of anything that cat does. She’s one spoiled cat and keeps everyone on their toes.

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  1. Could you lock the wheels and sit on your walker for meal prep & cleanup( I’m assuming it’s a rollator)?
    Have you looked at the meal prep places online,Hello Fresh comes to mind but there seems to be a plethora of them now.
    Hoping you feel better soon,I stepped off the curb funny yesterday,to avoid some ice and must have jarred my hip because it’s yelling today, recliner,heat & ibuprofen for me…getting old isn’t for sissies!

  2. Beans and cornbread sound so yummy! Your little Miss Ivy is so cute! I’m sure Steve doesn’t mind playing with her, lol. I always love your stories about her! I’m sorry you are suffering again. It’s easy to get encouraged when you feel good, then unfortunately, end up over doing it. Maybe ice, elevating it, and medicine to help reduce the swelling, will help ease some of the pain. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. My grandmother the farmer’s wife had a bad back in her later years. I have many memories of her sitting on a tall stool at her stove or sink, preparing meals or cleaning up. Her kitchen wasn’t large, though a bit larger than yours I think, and she somehow made room for that stool. Now that I have a weak back of a different sort I sit at my kitchen table to do a lot of chopping and stirring. I wish I could find a sturdy stool like hers.

    I have been a pastor’s wife for over 50 years now. One of the things I have observed over the years is how hard it is to be patient in recovery. I’m guilty of that myself. It may be the hardest part of an illness.

  4. Having the time to have supplies delivered or going out during the time working people are not out and about is a benefit retirees should use. We hardly ever go out on the weekends or holidays and can hunker down during inclement weather. I laugh thinking of Ivy pestering Steve, she is a pistol and he is a good sport. Yes, as we get older we have struggles trying to eat healthy, and keep up all the things we used to do so easily and quickly. As I look back I think how did I work and get everything else done. I just don’t have the get up and go I used to. Yes we heal slower when we are older and the damp weather might be bothering you also. Wishing you pain free days.

  5. So sorry you are in more pain again…sure seems to be how it is when we get older…so many times we go forward a step just to go 2 back…you are not alone in this. Glad Steve came by to eat and visit. Good plan to stay put while weather is not so good. We shopped yesterday in order to stay home till this week of rain goes on past…we do not like to get out even in rain (due to how bad others driver really).

  6. My Mom lives alone and finds it a pain to cook for 1, especially healthy meals. I help her to order meals from, the meals are healthier than typical frozen meals. They are individually packaged and only need to be heated up. AARP members get 25% off and free delivery.

  7. I have been hungry for corn bread…Dolly Parton has a new mix that looks good…making slow cooked pork ribs today in the oven…hope they turn out…it was 17 below here in Southern Wi. today…sure glad we do not have to go anywhere…cuddled in with our critters…hope the pain gets better…continued blessings💕

  8. Bear in mind that the weather may be affecting the pain you’re experiencing. Rest, rest and rest some more!
    I’m glad Steve came to visit for a bit. Good for you and Ivy Lou.
    I suffer with osteoporosis so when I stand for long periods of time especially in the kitchen, I suffer with pain. I take a bag into the living room if I need to peel a couple of potatoes. Or I sit at my kitchen table to dice or chop something i.e. vegetables.
    Do not step out the door for anything – slippery and wet. Ugh
    Have a wonderful day, Brenda!

  9. I was going to suggest the same idea as Carolyn from Texas. Maybe a sturdy counter-height stool you could sit on while you prep food in the kitchen? Maybe something on wheels that could be locked and unlocked with the flick of a foot for easy movement around the room? It’s COLD here, 5 degrees F at 11:38 a.m. and a windchill below zero. The sun is out, it was yesterday too, when the temperature barely got above zero. Mother Nature is such a joker, and the joke is always on us. We got snow, with some lake effect snow added, I had about 10 inches to shovel out of on Sunday, plus some drifted areas. First major snowfall of our season, I’m glad for that and fearful February is going to be a monster. Thankful for neighbors with snow blowers, they come over and help this old lady. I bake them brownies in return. I had a (gel fuel) fire going in the fireplace last night and wrapped myself in a thick afghan over my PJs and thick fuzzy robe and slippers, thankful that I was warm and comfortable. This morning I mailed a check to the Rescue Mission which provides homeless men, women and families with shelter. All the wealth produced in this country, why do we still have people and families out on the streets and not enough to eat? I just don’t get it.

    1. Jan, I agree it is unbelievable that people are hungry and homeless in this wealthy nation. Thank you and all who help the unfortunate. You will be blessed.

  10. Yes, I worried if you have a tough time walking around the apartment how you made it out to the parking lot and back. Determination! Well, rest up. Your meal sounds good on a cold winter day. Hope Steve enjoyed it too. Ivy is so cute. And I can imagine she was wore out from all her hard playing that day. The girl’s got to get her sleep!

  11. Remember to get liners for your crockpot bc it will make your life so much easier Brenda. I’m so glad that u have friends that u can socialize with every wk too. It’s good for the soul!

    I can’t write anymore or it will erase it like it does every day! I’m pushing my luck! Lol

  12. Just a thought … for meal prep, could you use a chair on rollers to roll around your kitchen to table and use table for prep while seated?

    Perhaps place (or ask someone to place) your small kitchen appliances on your table within easy reach as opposed to the kitchen countertop that’s higher . Place your table near wall outlet or if safe to do so, use a heavy duty extension cord to reach the table for using your crockpot, toaster oven, etc.

    At this point, go for accessibility and making things easier on you … aesthetics can wait.

    I recall my grandmother doing most of her cooking and meal prep seated in the kitchen due to painful arthritis in her feet.

    Just an idea!

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