Ivy Decided To Meow

Well, Ivy decided to meow there for a few days.

Before Friday, I could have counted how many times I’ve heard Ivy meow on both hands. In nearly 3 years.

Mostly what you hear from Ivy is a soft, barely discernible “meh.” Just one “meh.” And that’s not even a sound I hear every day. Only occasionally.

Ivy laying on the rug in the living room. I suppose she hasn't decided to meow.

For Two Days Ivy Decided To Meow:

But for two mornings, Ivy was on a roll.

The sounds were long, drawn-out meows like she was intent on communicating something. I never could figure out what it was though, if anything.

She doesn’t meow at me to come to feed her when I’m still in bed. But I always leave her a bit of dry food in her bowl so she doesn’t go hungry.

Not a lot because she’s already a big cat. Just enough to cover the bottom of her dry food bowl.

Ivy almost always lays on the cupboard looking out the front window until I get up. Then she knows that I will feed her about a tablespoon of moist food on a pretty little dish.

Ivy looking out the window. She decided to meow for a few days, but I guess that's over.

Then she will often take up her post again at the front window, where she is right now. Watching for birds to come perch in the bushes outside the window.

Then she goes to the couch and naps.

But for two mornings she went on a “meow” campaign. She meowed loud and long.

Now Ivy is silent again.

Maybe she just wanted to try her meowing skills out to make sure she hadn’t forgotten them.

Now Not A Sound From Her:

This morning, not a sound from Ivy. I guess she’s gotten it out of her system.

Now she’s back to her typical quiet self.

Ivy on the cupboard looking out the front window, but she hasn't decided to meow.

She plays with her swirly toys. Knocks them under furniture. Where I obediently attempt to free them with my yardstick.

Maybe Some Cats Just Aren’t Meowers:

I guess Ivy is just not the “meowing” type. I’ve actually only heard her purr a few times.

Why don’t I hear her purr? Don’t all cats purr?

If you have a cat, is he or she a “meower?” Do you hear your cat companion purr a lot?


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  1. My cat wasn’t really quiet and I adored it , in fat I adored everything about her she was so cute and easy to have I hate cats who meow out loud, my lovely Iris saw only a meh cat specially every morning lucking for a nice breakfast I was really happy with her and I’ll never will forget that little cat that I adopted went she was 2 moths old really cute of course she needed some medical attention to get her vacine and a remedy to get rid of her paradises, I’d love my great companion for 4 months she was really curious and 8 day ago the escaped we moved to a house from a tiny apartment I guess she wasn’t feeling as cosy in here as in her last place poor little thing I am feeling so sad.

  2. This was a very interesting subject Brenda.
    Loved reading ((& learning things)) comments from your followers!
    I think Ivy could be hurting that Charlie is not around any longer. She could be waiting for
    Charlie’s return..
    Would it be wise to give Ivy a blanket that Charlie always slept on?
    Something with his scent to comfort Ivy.
    I truly believe, and always will, that our pets & animals have deep feelings ♥

  3. She obviously had something important to say ; wouldn’t it be cool to have a “Meow” translator to know what it was!

  4. Our cat Cooper is 10 years old. As a kitten he was a real loud chatterbox.He had his own room with one other cat until big enough to mix with the other 7 cats. He hasn’t meowed once since let out of his room. Not even if someone accidentally steps on his tail. Maybe a small grunt and that’s it. He purrs,but very quietly. Several years ago we took him into the vet and we were told he simply has nothing to say, he’s happy and healthy. He chatters at birds but silently. He only lets me love on him and tolerates my husband only because he feeds him breakfast. He is very intense and I love him dearly quirks and all!

    1. Ivy doesn’t make a sound when she’s excited to see birds either. She just swishes her tail back and forth, thwapping it on the floor.

  5. Brenda, one delightful fact is when I learned that cats do not meow to other cats, they only use the meow to communicate with humans. I suspect she is still grieving, and she is probably also a bit lonely for a buddy to play with.

  6. My cat doesn’t meow either he is a Maine Coon breed .I am told they don’t meow very much. Does Ivy appear to miss Charlie ? She seems to like being # 1 !!

  7. I have two cats, one is meower and the other sort of chirps. The chirper rarely purrs and the meower does regularly. Different personalities, I guess.

  8. Ivy has figured out Charlie isn’t coming back home. He was there with her even if he didn’t want her laying next to him. She knew he was there. When he went with you she knew he would be back. He always did. Not this time. She misses him. He was part of her family.

  9. Our cat is very quiet. And you have to put your finger on her throat to feel her purr.

    1. Awww ❤
      I so loved when our 3 catties 🐈 purred. They all mowed also.
      Often loud!!
      Each communicated great to us.
      Muffee would jump on me when hungry.
      Mostly me being the mom, 👩 all 3 were more expressive!!
      Love catties ❤

  10. We just had to put down our big black Asian Bombay kitty and he was a “talker”. When he wanted to communicate something he meowed in many different tones and ways until he was satisfied that we knew what he was saying. And if you started to pet him he started purring immediately and loudly and kept it up for a long time. But our part Maine Coon lady (12 years and counting) does the little “meh” thing with her paw on you when she wants food or brushing … she will actually come and get us and take us to her tree where she has her brush and lets us know that’s what she wants. When she purrs which isn’t regurlarly it’s quite soft and for a short time. But she’s perfectly happy. So I think it’s just a difference either in cat breeds or in their personalities. And they surely have a variety of those. I’ve had cats all my life and every one is distinctly different from the others.

  11. My cat is not a meowing cat, either. She lets out the long meow when she wants the upstairs door opened so she can go up and sleep there, usually all morning. She will answer a short meow if I ask if she is hungry but otherwise is quiet. She didn’t purr for several years after we got her. Now she does when she is happy and will knead and “make bisquits” (we laughingly call it) when she is really content. All cats are unique and I’ve had several cats through the years, each one different.

  12. My two cats are both “hear across the room” purr balls. They do use their voices to tell me when they want something, hungry, go out, get up now. My ragdoll Dizzy will look me square in the eye and meow at me when I talk to him. It’s like we’re having a conversation and I swear he knows everything I say to him. He’s such an awesome cat, has developed asthma due to a compromised immune system, FIV positive since birth, but let’s me tip his head back and put a pill down his throat every morning with no resistance. He’ll be 12 in a couple of months and it hurts my soul to to know he’s getting old, but so far so good. By the way, he likes no one but his mama haha.

    1. Oh, he must really trust you to let you put his pill down his throat. Cats don’t usually like that, I’ve been told.

  13. I have both – purrers and meowers – but odds are more in my favor than yours because I have SIX to chose from here! I LOVE Ivy! She’s pretty and sweet and has mamma firmly wrapped right around her little paws, snacking away from her (no less than!) special dish!

  14. My cat is quiet too. She acts exactly like Ivy, although she has not had a couple of meow days. It’s really interesting that she did that!
    Misty also does not purr. I can feel it, but not hear it. I have had cats before that you could hear from across the room.
    The mystery of cats is something I really like – they certainly keep you wondering. Misty sleeps in different, and weird places all the time, and gives me a chuckle.
    She is very unaffected by her visiting dog relative who barks at her, and she just looks at her like “what is your problem?settle down, relax.”
    It’s funny to watch.
    Ivy sounds very chilled out as well.

    1. Ivy is chilled. Only a few times have I seen her run about the place like some of you have told me yours does. But it’s hilarious when she does. Runs like a ghost is after her. Maybe it is.

  15. My first thought was that she was stressed about something and was “telling” you about it. But I am not a cat person, so I can speak from personal experience, only what I’ve read elsewhere on line.

  16. My cat is 4 and she is quite the “talker”, but pretty sure sure she has a Siamese in her history somewhere and they are known for being vocal. If she isn’t meowing she’s purring. I think it depends on the cat.

    1. Lady Bella, my sweet tuxie is a talker, she’s got an opinion about everything in this house and purrs frequently but not to loud.
      Buddy, my panther, doesn’t meow, he sort of squeaks, his purr is very noticeable.
      They’re definitely individuals😼😻

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