I loved reading all the cat stories yesterday! Cats are such interesting and fun creatures.

And as I was reading, I realized something. I’ve never hear Ivy purr! I thought all cats purred. Could her “purrer” be broken?

Of course I got a bit upset and Googled cats that don’t purr. Click on the link if you want to read about it.

My daughter could not finish the subway tile project yesterday. She’s hoping to be back this afternoon. She had other commitments and had to leave before 1 p.m.

The project was a bit harder than she expected I think. She started working on it around 9 a.m. and left at 12:40. She got most of it done but still has a bit more to go.

My daughter has I believe four house closings this week. Last Friday she closed on the flip house that I showed you photos of a few weeks ago. Then she met us for lunch.

Then she got news that after that morning’s closing, the couple who purchased the house took their keys and went to the flip house. Which I guess is what most couples do after they get the keys to their new home.

And guess what? When they got inside the house he surprised her by proposing marriage to her right then and there! How exciting is that?

Lately I’ve been watching “Trial & Retribution” on Acorn TV. Here is a little synopsis of the long running series…

“Prime Suspect” creator Lynda La Plante is the driving force behind this gritty police procedural drama, which follows each case over two episodes. It begins with the crime, proceeding through the investigation and concluding with the trial.

The series, originally produced for ITV in Britain, is known for using a split screen to give viewers more than one story perspective.

The first episode was shown on October 19, 1997. The final episode was on February 13, 2009. So it’s an older series. But I’m enjoying it.

On Sunday I gave my next door neighbor the beige chair.

Ivy is a good girl and doesn’t scratch my furniture. But she is playful and she liked to run and jump on the chair from various angles.

Because of her size, her claws were starting to pull threads out of the fabric of the chair. I decided that I’d rather have someone else enjoy the chair instead of letting it get torn up. So my neighbor took it. She doesn’t have pets.

When I purchased the chair it was hard to make a judgment about the fabric online. But the upholstery was made of a fairly thin fabric and was prone to having threads pulled if there was a cat in the house.

My couch is made of recycled plastic bags and is very durable and my recliner is microfiber. She hasn’t been able to do anything to them.

You can’t expect a cat not to play and run and jump. Better to accept that that is merely normal behavior and try to work around it.

It rained yesterday and the night before. But by afternoon it was bright sunshine and warm. Spring is right around the corner.

Do you have any plans for your garden yet?

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  1. I love Acorn TV and the British mystery shows… I watched all Midsomer, Father Brown, Agatha Raisin and Vera…,now I am watching a very gritty one on Netflix: The Welsh series Hinterland: it is really good ..highly recommended meanwhile I am waiting for new Midsomer chapters

  2. We got our cat at the Humane Society and for the first few years she didn’t purr. Then one day she started purring. But her motor is unusual. It runs rather rough and isn’t very loud. I have heard kittens purr louder than she does. But when she does purr, she is at her utmost happiest. We’ll take it. (smile)

  3. I ordered two self watering containers from Gardener’s Supply and the soil and fertilizer were included in the box. My husband helped me fill them with soil, etc. and I planted pinto beans in the containers. I put the containers on a picnic bench so that i don’t have to stoop to pick the beans. If you have never eaten the bean pods that pinto beans come in, they are very good with a special flavor all their own, but they must be harvested when very young and thin…no more than a couple of inches long…or they get very stringy. My husband planted red potatoes also…love homegrown beans and potatoes and homegrown tomatoes (if we can keep the darn squirrels from stealing them). It is getting warm and sunny in central Texas and time to plant for summer vegetables. April, May and June aren’t too bad for growing things, but July and August are just too HOT. I hope you get to go out in your garden soon. Hugs, Charlotte Hutcheson

  4. There is a new season of Vera on one of my PBS station here in Boston (WGBX). I was very excited and thought of you when I saw it was a new seaso, which is Season 9 made in 2019 since we have had repeats for months!

  5. Our Katy purrs but so quietly you can’t hear it. Only way to tell is to put your finger lightly on her throat and feel it.

  6. I absolutely love the Canadian series Murdock Mysteries. It’s been around thirteen years or more. I like that they use science in light doses as well as historic personalities in some episodes. Soft crime. Fun characters.

    Miss Fisher from Australia is one hour episode fun. Finally her movie set in Egypt is coming to Acirn the end of March. I’m so excited. She’s a guests lady detective post WW1 era. Live her clothes. She’s a liberated woman ahead of her time. Soft crime. The books are first rate fun. I have trouble with the hard
    Gritty stuff anymore. Live Midsomer Murders for the beautiful scenery as much as the stories.
    A cat tower gives them high up adventure Placed near a window they get to gaze out as if in a tree. They can use it as a scratching post too.

    1. Remember I bought a $100 cat tower for Ivy Christmas before last and she ignores it. It is shaped like a house. Probably need to get her one where she can jump around but they all look kind of spindly and Ivy has to have one she can’t knock down.

  7. Cats need to scratch, to ensure their claws are sharp but not too long. See if anyone has a little peice of pine board (old floorboard maybe), and put it somewhere she can access easily….. I am sure she will use it.

    1. Oh I have a wonderful quite tall very durable scratching post that I ordered from Amazon probably 6 months ago. It was 40 something dollars, but it is solid and I don’t have to buy a new one every month. Ivy loves her scratching post.

  8. Norah will cackle from time to time very very quietly. She does purr especially when she sucks her toes and she’s resting on you. On the other hand, Joey, the 3-legged tripod is loud enough for both of them.

  9. We took in a cat that had been roaming the neighborhood. Lost or abandoned? don’t know. It took a while, but she has finally settled down after about 9 years. She has always been afraid of me for some reason. She is now learning to trust me and purring when I pat her. She is actually quite demanding my love, she gets mad if I won’t sleep with my arm around her and she used to bolt if she saw my hand coming towards her, now she just sees it as a pat coming her way. Takes time for cats they have long memories.

    1. Oh boy, we had a female cat who was this skittish around us and she was born right in our house so we had her from birth! We kept her and one brother from the litter and he was so interested in being around us and interacting with us, and each day she acted like it was the first time she’d ever seen us and we had to get introduced all over again. Weird how they can be so different. He lived to be just over 15 and she made it to 16.

  10. It took out little ginger boy awhile to start purring, but he does purr now. So maybe Ivy will purr eventually. My husband has a brother who is a retired veterinarian. He says that no one knows exactly how cats make a purring noise. I’ve read that bit of information elsewhere as well. Pretty funny, with all the knowledge there is in the world, we don’t know how cats purr.

    About furniture — a couple of years ago, my husband made a narrow table, we call a sofa table, to put behind our couch so that the ginger cat we had at the time could sit on it and look out the front window. He made it out of some old pine boards he found in the garage attic when we moved here. It is sturdy but not at all fancy and can’t really be seen except for the top where the cats can sit. The original cat, a ginger, never scratched at the wood. But our new little ginger cat has used its legs as a scratching post and it looks like a bear has been at it. We just decided to let him go ahead and use it as a scratching post because he seems to avoid using the other furniture. Our tuxedo cat never scratches on the sofa table, and seems to be content with a cardboard scratchy thing we got at the pet store. I know I can never use this pine sofa table anywhere else in the house because it looks so awful, but that’s OK. It has a useful purpose.

  11. Some cats have a very quiet purr that isn’t easily heard, but if you touch it’s throat, you’ll feel the rumble of the purr.

  12. Brenda….. try the series “ROSEMARY & THYME”. GARDENERs turned DETECTIVES….really a good series. The best are always the British series!

      1. I love Acorn and BritBox. One of my favorite shows (there are so many though) is Doc Martin. Of course I also love Vera and Shakespeare and Hathaway! I love shows with characters that click! There are hundreds I like and of course most things from BBC.

    1. If you want a great comedy.. some laughter out loud..some tongue in cheek.. watch Mum on britbix. My husband and I really loved it and it has 3-4 seasons of short 25-30 minute episodes.. also it has no laugh track which is great! Because I gave the laugh track!!

    1. I like the Father Brown mysteries. I love Father Brown’s supporters — Mrs. McCarthy, Lady Montague, and Sid for instance. We just discovered NCIS on Netflix and started watching. We never watched the show before now, and find it pretty entertaining for a reason similar to Father Brown — we like the supporting characters around the main character Jethro. I’ve watched a bit of Midsommer Murders but I think the episodes last longer and I get kind of bored and have to stop and finish up later.

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