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  1. We have those same springy toys for our cats. Bailey loves them and we find them all over the house. She plays with them in the nighttime and I find them on the floor by my bed in the morning. Buddy, on the other hand, is bored by them and never touches one. Different strokes for different cats!

  2. Bless her little heart. I think we all know what that feels like when we break or lose something important to us.

  3. I’m so glad you’re Ivy’s Mom. I don’t think anyone else would understand her or take the time to understand her the way that you do. She’s a great cat and beyond lucky.

  4. My cats have those same spring toys and aren’t the least bit interested in them! Now that they’re both senior cats (Monkey is almost 10 and Clementine is around 11-12), they don’t have much interest in toys at all.

    I talk to my cats all the time, too. 😉

  5. I have always talked to our little Fuzzy Pom. I still do. The other day, my husband asked me why I still kept talking to him all of the time. Fuzzy has been completely deaf for about two years or maybe more. My husband forgets and talks to him still too. I told my husband that I think Fuzzy is learning to read lips. He does intently watch my mouth, face, and eyes when I talk to him, so maybe he is trying to learn lip reading.

    We are always having to swoop his toy balls out from under the furniture with the yardstick. He loves to have us play obstacle course ball retrieval. Fuzzy especially loves it when my husband has to get down and lay flat out to reach Fuzzy’s ball out from under the TV stand. It is so much more satisfying to Fuzzy than Fuzzy running to fetch a thrown ball himself.

  6. Last night I watched my cat (Baxter) knock his toy mouse under the entertainment center then flop down to try to paw it out himself, as though it were a game. He couldn’t get it of course so I got out the yardstick to retrieve it & it reminded me of you & Ivy. He deliberately did it again I think to see if mom would fetch ( which she did :D) then the dog got involved and we were playing with toys at 11:00 at night!

  7. Ivy is such an intelligent cat. She has such an interest in her possessions! I wish my cats were that intrigued with their toys. The one who is the most playful is more likely to be interested in shredding up a paper towel than in playing with a toy. The other one is most happy with a cardboard box to sit in and shred a bit with his claws. Our two cats definitely communicate with us, mostly trying to let us know to put more food in their bowls. They will sit very properly in a certain spot in the kitchen, with their front paws placed just so and their eyes big and round. My husband says they are like Oliver Twist, saying, “Please sir, I want some more!”

  8. You & Ivy have made my day. She is such a sweetheart & I love the stories you post about her & Charlie. Have a great weekend.

  9. Good to know I’m not the only one who talks,reasons and explains to my sweet furbabies…
    They light up my life,nothing more soothing than purring and getting petted,it really is kind of a Zen thing here.😻😺

  10. I always talked with and to my pets! I wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t! what are they so afraid of?

  11. Yes I talk to Dexter as if he can understand what I am saying. I also have an assortment of names for him. When I pick him up I tell him he’s my baby and how I love him

    I have not heard my husband do this at all. He loves him dearly and Dexter seems to prefer him to me. I am just the giver of food!

    I am now wondering if men do this to their pets or not.

  12. I talk to my pets too! I never tire of watching their antics and marvel at their different personality quirks. Honestly, they keep me moving and feeling young. Just like have little kids in the house! Hugs to Ivy and Charlie.

  13. Yes yes ,,,,,, same here, in our families! 😃 We’ve always talked to and for our pets! Both kitties & pups! I love cats a lot. Had 3 in my younger years. Cannot adopt any longer. With arthritis, really rough bending to clean up everyday. A bit easier with pups though.
    Love Ivy’s toy collection! A funny story Brenda ,,,,,, we enjoyed it.
    Glad Ivy decided to give YOU a break; just to embrace her new blue swirly!!
    Enjoy the weekend 🙋

  14. Where do you find these swirly toys? My kids would like to try them! I talk to them, and even make up songs and sing to them; something my Mom used to do!

  15. My daughter and I talk to our pets too just like we talk to each other! This might sound weird but, we talk for our pets too! Between the two of us we carry on a conversation with our pets like they are human! Ivy is such a special cat. She has a beautiful personality!

  16. This is such a sweet story. Cat’s are amazing animals, and Ivy’s antics just bring a huge smile to my face. Now, that I don’t have a cat of my own, to entertain me, I relish hearing everything about Ivy. Thanks for that! Hugs from WI.

  17. Ivy is such an intriguing and entertaining cat! What ever would we do without our fur babies? They bring so much laughter into our lives!

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