Yesterday Ivy’s first KitNip Box arrived. I pay $19.99 for her to get it once per month. I don’t know that I’ll keep doing it for long. I just thought it would be fun for her for awhile.

I put it on the dining table this morning and opened it. I wanted you to be able to watch her explore what’s inside.

Ivy loves boxes of all varieties. Little did she know that cat goodies were inside this one.

“What’s in there, Ivy?”

It’s mostly toys and a pack of cat dental chews. Nope, she’s not too interested in that.

Ivy begins to paw through the KitNip Box. Not just a lovely box but goodies inside! As you know, Ivy is curious about everything.

This explains what’s in the KitNip Box. I don’t think you can read it because it’s pretty blurry and the text is small.

The yellow and pink hair scrunchies are the first things to capture her attention. I never thought of them as cat toys before.

She can’t figure out how to get the hair scrunchies away from the cardboard they’re attached to. Mom comes to the rescue with a pair of scissors.

Finally she gets distracted by what else is in the box and goes exploring. It’s like watching a kid at Christmastime.

After awhile she tires out. It’s time for her morning nap. She used to sleep behind my recliner on a pet bed in the mornings. Oftentimes now she’d rather sleep on the top of her beloved cat tower.

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

On a sad note, this is the second anniversary of Abi passing. I still mourn her. Still cry. Still miss her. And guess I always will.

I take great joy out of being Mom to Charlie and Ivy. I feel so lucky to have them be a part of my life. I cherish them.

I’ve been Mom to many pets. And my sweet Abi was one of them. I remember that goofy look she’d often have on her face and that still makes me smile.


Every time I look at one of the many photos I have of her, I begin to cry. Loss is hard. Some losses are harder than others.

It sits heavy as a stone in your heart.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Brenda!

    My beloved cat named Ebony lived to be 20 years old. With great difficulty we made the decision that he needed to be put down and end his suffering. He cross the rainbow bridge Saturday, May 9.

    I cry every day and miss him. I understand your grief. Ebony been part of our family for so long and there is a loss. We have no fur babies.

    Maybe in the future I’ll consider.

  2. I get a Barkbox for my dog every month. He thinks every box that comes in the mail or is on the porch is his box of goodies. He had so many toys here that I finally took some to the Helping Strays facility in our county. They were so happy to get them!

  3. Sorry this is a hard day with missing Abi. Missing them is the hardest. Glad Ivy and Charlie were there with you. Ivy with her new box of goodies is so cute. It was a weird mother’s day for most of us mom’s this year. I am very blessed with my two daughters and two granddaughters. They are my world and I missed being with them today. Soon hopefully we will all be able to be together.
    Have a good start to the new week.

  4. Brenda
    Could you help me? You bought plant trolleys for your pots. You said where you bought them but I don’t remember. Could you tell me where you bought them?

  5. Yes loss is hard I had that experience 2 weeks ago . So i know how you feel.. So glad Charlie is doing well .. Love Ivy… Happy Mothers Day….

  6. It is indeed hard to be away from those we love, even those with fur on!! I still miss our last dog very much and it has already been nearly 10 years!! I am glad you still have pets…they do make life much more enjoyable, especially ones like Ivy who are so entertaining…funny seeing her investigating her box!!

  7. I still feel that way about my Misty. There are some pets that really have a hold on your heart…you love them all but some become part of your spirit. Love Ivy and what fun she had with that kitbox. So cute! Happy Mother’s Day, Brenda.

  8. Happy Mother’s Day Brenda!?
    Losing a loved one is painful, but their memory in our hearts will never go away.

  9. I know how you are feeling about Abi. I had a German Shepherd that passed in 2009 that I still miss to this day. It is so hard to say goodbye to our furbabies. Charlie and Ivy are so lucky to have you as their mom.

    I ordered my Bella a kitnip box i am hoping will arrive tomorrow, cant wait to see her reaction!

  10. Happy Mothers’ Day, Brenda! Abi you’ll always carry in your heart and she’ll always be a part of you. Charlie and Ivy are two lucky little fur kids! The gift box is a great idea. Enjoy your day.

  11. Happy Mother’s Day Brenda ! I know exactly how you feel about Abi. I have had several pets also, but I lost my very favorite precious dog Miky (pronunced Mickey) one month after my husband passed away ! She was such a special dog with a very passive personality ! I have a picture on my mirror of her, and like you, I feel like crying every time I look at her ! I wanted to mention that I noticed Charlie doesn’t have his tongue out like he used to. Do you think it is because he isn’t in as much pain as he was? Enjoy your day!

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