Ivy Is Full Of Surprises

Ivy is full of surprises these days.

Before I lost Charlie, Ivy could always be found on or in her cat tower. She rarely left that thing night or day.

That seems to have changed.

I don’t think I’ve seen her near the beloved cat tower in several weeks. And I can’t figure out why.

Ivy sleeping on her side on the couch

Ivy & Her Cat Tower:

How could she go from being obsessed with that cat tower to not going near it?

I don’t have the answer. Ivy is just a mystery cat. I think all cats are mysteries to a degree though.

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Now she can more often be found on top of the cupboard in the front window. She watches for me there when I’m gone.

During the day she primarily sleeps on the couch. Sometimes she will get in the chair with me.

In the evening when I’m watching “Homeland” she will often get in my lap and I will comb her fur. She loves that. She’s getting groomed a lot these days.

Ivy on top of the craft cupboard in my living room looking out the front window

In the morning I find her toys strewn all around the apartment. As you know she especially loves those swirly plastic toys.

Ivy & The Checked Curtain Ties:

Remember those red and white checked curtain ties she dragged out of the closet the first night she was here? She typically drags those out of her toy box every night too.

I have no idea what she does with them. But she’s been fond of them from the beginning.

My dining table and chairs with the round mirror and dream catchers on either side on the wall

The Hole In The Dream Catcher:

Last week I hung these dream catchers on either side of the mirror over my dining table. The next morning one didn’t look the same as the other one.

Look up close and what do you see?

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A boho dream catcher with a bite taken out of a feather

One Big Bite Out Of The Feather:

Check out the feather on the far right with the big gap. All I can think is that’s about the size of Ivy’s bite range.

But why would she bite a hole out of a feather and leave the rest of it alone? Not to mention the one hanging on the other side.

Ivy is a mystery cat. Has been from the beginning. In October she will have been living here with me for 3 years. And what a fun-filled 3 years it has been with all her antics!

My black and white cat Ivy on top of the couch sniffing the boho mirror

Ivy certainly keeps things interesting. And she keeps you guessing all the time as well.

Oh, how I love this silly black and white spotted. She sure keeps me guessing and wondering what she will do next.

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  1. Hi Brenda
    I love cats and dogs like you. Seeing that pic of Ivy sleeping makes me want want to pet her beautiful white fur! She looks so soft. All that grooming and attention is showing! Glad you are enjoying her and she brings you company.

  2. she looks so soft and clean and beautiful! and she Loves you!
    I’m so glad you have her now. xo

  3. I think Ivy misses Charlie too and staying close to you brings her comfort while at the same time she is comforting you. After taking that big bite out of the feather she probably did not want anything to do with them then.

  4. I was told a cats territory, when there is more than one animal present, is vertical. A dogs territory is horizontal. Eliminate the dogs previously claimed territory and just like people, cats expand their territory.

  5. Cats are wonderful beings. Each and every one.
    Every time I have had two pets and lost one of them, the personality of the remaining pet has changed and blossomed. They come into their own.

  6. Our cats have their favorite spots for weeks, sometimes months, at a time and then … they won’t go near it for a long time. Who knows what goes on in a cat’s mind … they are inscrutable. But I agree that Ivy is grieving too — Charlie was a part of her life since she has been with you — and now there is a void just as there is a void in your life. It will take her time, too, to accept the new normal. You are blessed with such a loving kitty.

  7. Ivy is grieving the loss of Charlie. The same thing happened to me, and I took Taffy to the veterinarian, and he told me that animals grieve just like us. He told me to spend extra time with Taffy and that would help us both heal from our big loss. He was right. It took a long time though. Not only did you suffer a loss but so did Ivy.
    Take care!

    1. Yes. I agree. We’ve experienced the same. A must to give living pets as much attention you can.

  8. My cat goes through stages where she will have a favorite place to lounge and nap. For whatever reason she will choose another spot as her new favorite place. For a long time her cat tower was her preferred place. Now I can’t remember the last time that she was on it. My husband wants to get rid of it, but I am hesitant to do that in case it becomes her favorite spot again.

  9. Ivy came into your life at the perfect time and she was the perfect match for you.

  10. Good morning Brenda,

    I think Ivy is adorable and I think it is wonderful that she is becoming more “dog like” and cuddly. How wonderful to have her to keep you company!

  11. Our cat who we’ve had since 2010 has had a sudden change in her behavior also. She usually sleeps on my bed or on a table. This past week she suddenly is sleeping outside our shower on the mat. She is all white sleeping on a white mat so at first I didn’t realize she was there. Morning, noon and night she’s there. What changed? Wish I understood this odd behavior change. Our cat is Miss Lily Pearl, but we use her nickname ‘Lily’. I enjoy reading of Ivy’s life.

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