Ivy has started to redecorate what I put out for fall.

At first she left things alone. But I suppose she could resist no longer.

Here she is pulling raffia strands out of the dough bowl.

I already had to move the raffia pumpkins from in front of the living room window.

She delighted in getting up there and knocking the pumpkins to the floor. Then she’d look at me as if to say: “What happened?”

This is why my pumpkins are not breakable.

Well, except for one that I sort of dropped myself yesterday. It’s missing much of one side now.

It fell on the kitchen counter. And I’m still finding little pieces of it here and there.

Maybe Ivy thinks she is a decorator or artist.

No telling what this will look like when she’s finished with it.


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  1. Thank you for your condolences, sweet friends. I didnt mean to post a sad comment. It was just on my heart. My only consolation is that my baby isnt hurting any longer.

  2. Such an entertaining cat!!!

    Brenda, I thought about you this morning. My little Chicapoo, White, died in his sleep. My heart is broken and I can’t quit sobbing. I just realized that those who love deeply, hurt deeply. I know you still miss your Abi. Oh, to love a dog!!!

  3. Soooo frustrating, and I couldn’t help but laugh at Ivy’s highjinks. Your autumnal decorating inspired me to pull out the few items I have. They are primarily on the living room mantel and built-in bookcase, with the left-over floral sticks in a gold vase on the dining table. I also changed out the summer time “art” in my frames and summer decor for autumn landscapes and the living room has a new autumn theme this year based on turquoise and forest green. Some new items will go into the dinette area too, but in no hurry.

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