1. Something sure has Ivy and Charlie’s attention! Lol
    I just got a air fryer that I can’t wait to use. It’s way too muggy out to cook or bake anything today! I usually eat healthy but not today…watermelon, blk cherries and spumoni ice cream cone. Lots of water and riesen choc caramel. Peach and plum maybe some tortilla chips later. Lol.
    Tomorrow I’ll have salmon or chicken with broc in my air fryer. Then sauted zuke and onions so it will make up for today.

    It’s a debate whether the kids will go back to school around here still! I haven’t seen any of the kids bc I’m too scared for them to come to my house and now my daughter finally gets it! She’s taking it more seriously bc this is scary stuff and people keep on getting sick!

    I have a sister in Florida that can’t come here to visit bc nobody is willing to let her stay at their house. There’s a big pandemic there! Tons of people are getting this disease every day! Scary!
    Stay safe and be well!

  2. Brenda,
    what an amusing cornbread/story and accompanying pictures . I do love both your pet’s idiosyncrasies.
    I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be seeing your grandkids. It’s tough going right now; so much chaotic misinformation.
    I took one of my best friends, Margo, out for lunch yesterday. She will turn 94 years young on the 19th. We discussed how to safely have an outing. I made reservations at the Tokeland Hotel, in Tokeland Washington. They asked us to please wear masks until we were seated. Their dining room has a wall of windows facing the water. A lot of their windows still wear wavy glass; the building is a former home and it’s age is around a 130 yrs old. We ate our lunches and enjoyed the swallows that were nest building under the roof’s overhang. For Margo’s birthday desert she chose a blueberry rustic/gallette(?) , a type of shallow pie. Real whipped cream to top it, of course! After, we strolled the grounds, and admired the flower gardens. She walks well, only occasionally using a cane if the ground is uneven. I asked her what she thought contributed to her longevity. She said being German. She can still speak it; although she says not enough practice any more. She and her younger sister Ruth, who turned 90 in April still talk in German almost every night. Margo was born in Michigan; the Upper Peninsula in a small town. She is a talented basket maker, learned from the Indian tribe that her family grew up next to. She also can knit, spin and we have canned a lot of veggies (sauerkraut and yellow Finn potatoes, asparagus and onions) and fruit( mostly berries). Avid reader and traveler and wonderful spiritual soul. She had a wonderful time!
    I called her this morn. and she said, I don’t feel so well! My heart dropped like a stone and based on my horrified silence, she actually laughed and said “Gotcha!” And she giggled and laughed! Did I mention a sense of humor? (perverse woman) Anyway , she said she was walking to the Post Office, to pick up her mail. She remarked, ” going on a nice drive and having lunch with a friend and walking through gardens was the best day I’ve had this year!” ” That you would plan and take such precautions means everything to me; since my own kids can’t come just yet.” Her son, is a robbery/homicide detective and is getting ready to retire. Her daughter lives outside of Portland and isn’t able to travel up here just yet.
    I am grateful that I was able to give my friend a great day!

    1. WOW!You can actually eat inside a restaurant if you choose to??? We here in NJ haven’t been able to since March! We are truly in COVID hell, with restaurants and gyms and stores closing their doors for good. It looks like the old west ghost towns when we drive around.

  3. Both my cats love bread (including cornbread), especially Monkey! I cannot leave any packages of bread items out on the counter or he will jump up there and chew right through the plastic to get to the bread!

    Very hot and humid here in IL today, too. Heat index will be 101 – 108. Storms coming through any time now, too.

  4. What a healthy supper you had! It sounds really good with all those veggies.

  5. My parents were born in 1930 into poor families, and ate pinto beans, cornbread and fried potatoes practically every day when growing up. On a lot of days, when there was even less money than usual, they might have only two of those foods, and sometimes they might have only one, such as only a plate of cornbread with some buttermilk. When I was growing up in the late 50’s and on to the early 70’s, we ate that meal at least once a week and it was no longer out of necessity but simply because we loved it. When I was in my early 30’s and my son was a little over two years old, I left him with an older neighbor for a couple of hours so I could run an errand. When I came back she said he had eaten a bowl of her bean soup and just loved it. I was surprised, because he wasn’t so keen on my bean soup. I asked him why he liked it, and he said, “Hers had gredients in it.” He meant ingredients, of course, and I had to ask her what ingredients she used. She really made it the same as I did, with a ham hock and onions, but I suspect there was something else to give it some extra flavor, maybe garlic or more ham pieces or something. She had some trick up her sleeve! Eventually I learned to make bean soup that he enjoyed.

    1. When I was growing up, we probably had that at least 3 days a week and I love it to this day. If I’d had a stove and skillet I’d have made fried potatoes instead of ones baked in the toaster oven.

  6. Great photo of Ivy and Charlie. It’s like she’s rubbing up against him and saying: You’re going to love me, like it or not. I am glad I don’t have to deal with school and the debate of ether or not to let them go back. Such hard times for the world.

  7. Ivy is as big (or slightly bigger) than Charlie! What a wonderful photo, that is one to frame for the ages. I want to know what they were looking at! I am sorry about your grandkids. Since your daughter shares custody of the children with her ex-husband, you won’t be able to have close contact with her, either. I just do not understand people claiming that things are “back to normal” when the latest projections are now for 200,000 dead Americans from COVID-19 by the end of October.

  8. I agree with Ivy – cornbread is wonderful! And that photo of the two babies is special. Totally agree with your words about the virus being the boss – why do people think otherwise?
    Try to keep cool,

    1. They just don’t “want” to think otherwise. As if we actually have that luxury.

  9. Ivy and Charlie Are adorable! I live the picture. I also love plant caddies and use them. As I get more mature, they’ve become more important to me!

  10. Love, love the photo of Charlie ❤ & Ivy!! Very special.

    Interesting and funny re cornbread! It just simply appealed to Ivy,,,,, so cute.

    We rarely go out these days also. Grocery shop the same as you di Brenda. Other times place an order from Target-Foods for delivery.
    They put groceries on the porch swing or chair.
    Sometimes the store food supply is hit or miss. No complaints from us though. I am truly greatful for the service.

    Enjoy the weekend Brenda.

  11. Love the photo of Ivy & Charlie! Cornbread, beans and potatoes is one of my favorite meals. I use the dried beans and so enjoy the aroma of them cooking. Makes me want some right now! That meal is especially good this time of the year with all the fresh vegetables available!

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