Ivy Saves The Day

You all know that flies and flying insects are the bane of our existence around here.

Charlie is terrified when one is flying around inside. Typically he huddles underneath a blanket until I’ve zapped it.

Grouping of candles

So yesterday afternoon there was a fly. That caught the eye of Miss Ivy Lou.

Ivy in the window

It flew to the living room window and buzzed around inside the brown shade.

She was in that window in a heartbeat.

Flying bugs, crawling bugs, hopping bugs. It doesn’t matter. Ivy is an equal opportunity bug assassin.

Charlie jumped to the floor and became her cheerleader. He came up off his front feet and bucked like a horse.

No way would he go near that fly. But watching Ivy doing it was pure gold.

He barked. He whined. He growled. I haven’t seen him so excited since he last chased a squirrel out on the patio.

Go Ivy!

Ivy in the window after a fly

Ivy in the window after a fly

Ivy in the window after a fly

Ivy began to climb straight up. She hooked her front paws to the top of the bottom window and started batting with her other paw at the fly.

Charlie was beside himself.

What better entertainment for a dog deathly afraid of flying insects than a cat going at it with everything she’s got.

Go Ivy Lou!

Charlie on the couch arm

Ivy ignored all the noise. She concentrated on the fly.

I had to go to the kitchen where I was making my lunch. I came back into the living room to see Ivy chewing something.

Guess she got it.

The excitement was over. For now anyway. It was time to rest up for the next bug challenge.

Ivy in the window

How dare that fly enter Ivy’s territory, I can almost see her thinking.

The queen had spoken. And also swallowed.

I didn’t have to rush about with the bug zapper trying to get the fly while a cowering Charlie trembled under a blanket.

It was quite a show. Our Ivy saved the day.

The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath. – W. C. Fields


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  1. I’m so glad you got Ivy. She has been a blessing to both you and Charlie.
    Charlie seems so much happier now and Ivy has really become a part of your little fur family.

  2. Thanks for the huge grin and great big belly laugh today!! Priceless…
    I’d bet you’ve smiled more in the last 2 {or so} weeks than you have for a long time ~ bless you for sharing that with us!

  3. What an absolute hilarious scene this must have been. I think having Ivy around has been excellent at bringing Charlie out of the doldrums and bringing him back to life. So often we fail to recognize the role that companionship plays in our pets lives. Sure we’re wonderful but we’re not a furry friend that can provide a totally different friendship to another pet. Charlie and Ivy certainly seem to be good for each other. By the way, I could have used Ivy’s services last night when I was awakened about 2:30 by a fly buzzing around my bedroom! ?

    1. Hopefully I won’t have to worry much about buzzing insects with Ivy around. When I go out now, I don’t have to give Charlie a relaxant chew. He seems to be more relaxed with her here when I’m gone.

  4. HI Brenda! I absolutely love the Ivy stories!!! I am so happy you and Charlie are loving her antics!!! There is nothing so precious as fur babies!!

    1. Yes, I couldn’t think of a better description of him than that of a cheerleader. He was pitching a fit while Ivy was climbing the window.

  5. I don’t know what’s better – the photos or your commentary on the actions of the day. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

    1. I’ll try to keep both coming. They don’t do something really blog worthy every single day. But when they do, I’ll write about it.

  6. I am loving all the Ivy stories….I can tell she has added lots of sunshine to your days. One thing about cats they are constant entertainment, 24/7!!

  7. Rah, rah for Ivy!

    I get a chuckle sometimes seeing what ads are placed in your posts. This time it was pest control, except it had the cutest two mice in the photo. Of course they would have been Ivy’s lotto win if she had that opportunity.

  8. Today’s post made my day! And the pictures are priceless. It’s amazing how a baby animal will inspire a senior animal to become young in spirit again. Way to go, Ivy and Charlie! Thank you, Brenda, for sharing these two with us.

    1. Oh, I have such fun sharing them. I just grab my camera, which is never far from my reach, and start documenting their escapades.

  9. My dog doesn’t like bugs either, but fortunately he goes after them. If he can’t get them, then I will cuz I hate bugs too! I only get a fly or moth once in awhile…sometimes a spider. Shuddering!
    I love all the pictures Brenda of Charlie and Ivy! Keep them coming!
    Have a great day with all your entertainment! ?

    1. Ivy has entertained herself much of the day with her pumpkin stem in the bathtub. I gave up trying to keep her out of there. She loves to play with her toys in the bathroom too much. I’ll see her dragging a toy and yep, she takes it straight to the bathtub!

  10. I agree with the suggestion of you writing a children’s book about Ivy Lou and Charlie Rose. A great idea!

  11. I have two Siamese mix cats. We call flies “sky raisins” at my house. The two of them will take a room apart to get to a flying bug. Be careful! Nothing is safe once they have a fly/moth/gnat in their sights! Lamps, draperies, upholstery, all of it is destroyed while in pursuit. But they are hysterical to watch while I’m running behind them trying to upright the collateral damage.

    1. I’m laughing. But I know it won’t be so funny if things are broken and tossed aside while Ivy is in pursuit of a flying insect.

  12. Those two are made for each other. No wonder Charlie loves her. Could she have sensed that he was afraid of bugs??and decided to protect him?? Just like a cat!!!

    1. Maybe so. She was on those crickets before she’d been here a day. Remember, that first night in the middle of the night I found a dead cricket pushed to the toes of my house shoes! Ivy had put it there.

  13. You really need to write a children’s book about Charlie and Ivy. You write so well, and they are precious. I’m serious about this. You could use your own photos as illustrations. I think you could easily find a publisher.

  14. What a good laugh this gave me today! Baron and I are celebrating his being here 2 years today!

  15. Too funny! I can almost hear Charlie cheering Ivy on, lol! Never a dull moment with a cat around.

    1. Whatever reservations I had about bringing a cat into the home with Charlie are certainly gone. Maybe another cat might not have meshed well with him. But Ivy fits in well.

  16. If Charlie had any lingering doubts about having Ivy around, those doubts are all gone now! The photos of Ivy in hot pursuit of the fly, and Charlie’s anxious observations, make a great illustration to the story. Hope you got to enjoy your lunch in some peace and quiet!

  17. Ivy Lou is certainly the little hunter and a ferocious one at that. Charlie is going to become her biggest fan. The pictures were priceless and I don’t think anything is coming into your home without Ivy’s approval. What a hoot! My Molly will just sit and watch me run around the room trying to kill a cockroach; she is of no help (she looks at me with the expression of “I have no issue with the cockroach mom”), so I’m glad you have a “killer” in your home.

    Carol and Molly

    1. Yes, it saves me a lot of energy. And it’s fun watching her so intent until she gets it. I haven’t even seen a cricket in a few weeks. Well, I’ll see a leg here and there.

  18. What a wonderful story, love the pictures too. I am so glad Charlie is enjoying himself with her.

    1. He is. They’re sleeping now, both of them. I just fed them one of their two per day canned food meals. They always have dry food out that is fresh. Ivy is looking fuller than she looked when I first brought her home.

  19. Thanks for my laugh of the day! So wonderful that they get along so well. Have a great day with your babies!

  20. OMG, I can just picture it, LOL! I was wondering if she ate her “catches” afterwards, oh my! No cat kissies until she drinks some water! Seems she’s giving Charlie a second childhood, like he was cheerleading! Go Ivy Go! Go Ivy Go! Get that Blasted Fly! YAY!

    1. Abi was also terrified of the flying insects. Ivy, it seems, is somewhat fearless. I could not believe that he was being her cheerleader. It was quite hilarious.

      1. Ha-ha-ha-ha…. !! So true! I cannot stop smiling after reading the play-by-play and seeing the pictures.

  21. Brenda,

    I love this story! Thank goodness for Ivy! I am laughing out loud at the antics of Charlie. I hope that 3 of you have a wonderful day!

  22. What a good thing it was for you and Charlie that Ivy came into your lives! Your act of kindness to one animal has been rewarded.

    1. I didn’t look online and pick and choose cats. I kind of just zeroed in on this one place and I think she was the only female there. And I wanted a female. Serendipity.

  23. What a great story and happy time now for Charlie having Ivy come to his rescue. Who needs to go to the movies when Ivy and Charlie are the entertainment I love to see!

  24. HA! You could make some money hiring Ivy out as a pest control agent! Those pictures of her climbing up the window made me laugh out loud (the dogs came running into the office to see what in the world was going on). I can just imagine how delighted Charlie was. Great pictures! Go Ivy Lou!

    1. All these years he has been afraid of flying insects. Ivy comes to live with us and it seems to be her mission to destroy them all.

  25. Ivy is one entertaining kitty! I love Charlie’s reaction too, her little cheerleader. I am amazed that you got pictures to illustrate the story!

  26. I love this story. It started my day with a laugh. I love the antics of Ivy and her sidekick Charlie.

  27. So funny! That is one multi-tasking cat! And I love Charlie’s reaction. His whole little life has turned around.

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