Ivy Teaches Me To Play Fetch & The Flip House Sold

The first people who walked into my daughter’s flip house bought it on the spot. That’s at least the second time that’s happened with one of her flip houses, and I don’t think she’s done more than 5 to date.

Actually she sold five houses this week. It was a profitable week for her.

I told her she should rest for a bit now. I doubt she will though.

Ivy has taught me to play fetch. When I was lying down on my yoga mat on my back stretcher and an obvious captive audience, Ivy brought one of her swirly toys over and dropped it next to my head.

So I threw it down the hall from where I was on my bedroom floor. She raced after it, then brought it back and laid it down in the same spot. I threw it again and off she went.

This went on for awhile. I thought maybe it would help her lose weight.

I was never able to get my dogs to play fetch.

You know how when you open your pictures folder and sometimes a photo pops up from exactly a year ago? Well, this one cropped up this morning.

Ivy had taken all the toys out of her toy bin and laid down in it. She looks pretty small.

I would have no idea how big she would be exactly a year later. She will be 2 in May.

The animal rescue didn’t have the exact date because they found the litter abandoned in a ditch and figured they were about 2 weeks old at the time.

They had to be bottle fed. That doesn’t seem to have stunted Ivy’s size in any way.

What on earth would I do without this silly cat to entertain me and make me laugh every day?

I will take Charlie to be groomed (finally) on Monday. His groomer has had to take off time to buy a new building and get her business set back up.

Unfortunately it’s about 4 or 5 miles farther than the other one. But she was renting the space and there just wasn’t enough parking.

I thought about trying to find another groomer for Charlie, but she is all he’s known in the over 8 years we’ve lived in Tulsa. And with all his health problems, I don’t want to send him to someone he doesn’t know.

After I watched all of the Vera episodes I started watching “Blood” with Adrian Dunbar. He is such a fantastic actor.

I watched 2 episodes each night and then last night the last 2 were clips and interviews with the actors and director.

I wasn’t much interested in that, although I did pause to watch Adrian Dunbar when he spoke, and then fast forwarded on through the rest.

I read that Season Two of Blood is almost here. I read that it will premiere on March 9, for those of you who watched Season One.

So I scrolled through Netflix, Acorn TV and BritBox to find something to watch tonight. I think I’ve settled on Scott & Bailey on BritBox.



  1. How wonderful! That house was amazing, not surprised at all by the quick sale. My nieces and nephews are all young professionals (30s-40s) and no one wants to renovate anything anymore. They just want to move right in and they love that clean modern style that your daughter showcases so well. It’s easy to see why she’s successful.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter on that flip…

    I just watched a new series on Netflix called…The Stranger…it awesome, very suspenseful with lots of twists and turns..from the same person that made Safe…it British, I just binged the whole thing in two days….
    I’ve watched Scott & Bailey…it’s good!

  3. Your daughter knows what she’s doing. Who ever would have expected the inside of a simple small home to look like that, wowser!! Decorating talent must be genetic, even the staging was perfection!

    My 12 year old springer makes me laugh every… single… day… I don’t know what I’d do without her. I actually get anxiety if I think about the few years she has left with us. Can’t dwell on that though, gotta enjoy the present. A good pet is truly a gift from above. They give back more than they’re given IMO. I’ve never been a cat person, but the antics of your Ivy have turned me around. What a scamp! Doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful too.

  4. So happy that your daughter’s flip house sold right away. Good for her!

    Such a cute photo of “little Ivy”. She would be scrunched in that bin now, wouldn’t she? Speaking of kitty playthings, our new female kitten likes to get up on the dining table and pick up the in her mouth crayons the boys leave scattered then jump down to the floor and bat them around. She carries various things around in her mouth. The other day it was a scrunched-up plastic bag that she found. A very busy little girl. I bet she’d like those twirly things you get for Ivy. I’ll have to look for some.

    I feel like it was just yesterday that I ended my comment by writing Happy Friday and here it is a week and a day later already. Where does the time go? Faster and faster, it seems. How does a person slow it down? Is that possible? I don’t have much of a schedule these days so I don’t feel like I’m on any kind of a “fast track” with lots of committments but still the days are gone in a flash. So I guess I’ll just say “Happy Weekend”, Brenda! Or did I miss Sunday and it’s Monday already??

  5. we used to have a cat that played fetch with us. But it was a little ball of tin foil that she would chase. She was a siamese. She played this game with us every morning.

  6. Brenda, do you have a laser pointer? I bought one to get my cat moving but the dogs loved chasing it instead. Bet Ivy would love chasing it around. I called it Red Bug and the dogs got so excited whenever I mentioned it. Haha. I always carried one in my pocket for my pet sitting service. I’d say over 90% of my ‘clients’ enjoyed it!

    1. I have one I probably bought about a year ago. But I never figured out the teeny tiny batteries for it. So it hasn’t been used. If I can find it, I need to put it in my car and find some.

  7. Hope your daughter continues to have good success with all her flips!! Hard worker she is!!
    Glad Ivy wants to play fetch…she must be smarter than most cats!! Funny kitty!!

  8. AWESOME for your daughter. I love a handy woman. I have friends that are not like me, not so handy. Heck not even sure my daughter knows how to use a screwdriver!! Me on the other hand, I can do things, I love working with wood however I don’t think I could flip a house. Great job. Beautiful kitty.

  9. I watch a show on Youtube called “My Self Reliance,” about a man (now his wife has joined him) who built a cabin from scratch in the Ontario wilderness and the homestead he is creating for his family. He has a young golden retriever, Cali, and she is a hoot to watch. She is specifically bred to fetch game like birds. She constantly follows her master around with a pink rubber throw-toy in her mouth that she will plop down at his feet. No matter where he flings it or how far, she is off after it the second it leaves her master’s hand and she always finds it. She follows him around with it when they’re outside all the time. It’s the cutest and funniest thing to watch. She always wants to go fetch! My dogs always loved playing fetch, they would wear me out. I guess I thought that most dogs want to play fetch instinctively. I didn’t know cats did, but given how Ivy entertains herself batting her toys around and then watching you dig them out with the yard stick, she must have come up with the fetch idea herself. That’s just evidence that she IS one smart kitty, to have figured that out and then implemented her plan! Your daughter’s flip house was beautifully refurbished and refinished. I hope she made the profit on it that she wanted. Potential buyers appreciate quality and well-done flips. We have people where I live who are now doing that more often, too. They are snatching up homes in desirable areas where they don’t stay on the market very long and doing cheap “refreshes,” and it shows. Then they’re asking market value for the house and wonder why they sit on the market for months. No three for $25 “boob” lights, please!

  10. Ok that does not surprise me one bit your daughter’s flipped home sold that fast. It was a beautiful flip. She definitely has the talent to see how the old ugly house can be made beautiful for not a lot of investment and then she makes money back. She needs a HGTV show of her own. Ivy is so darn cute.
    Happy Saturday.

  11. Yay for your daughter’s house selling so quickly! That is awesome!!
    I can just hear Ivy Lou saying to herself ~ “You CAN teach an old human new tricks!!” And yes, it does make exercising fun for her!

  12. Congratulations to your daughter for selling the house so quickly! She had a profitable week, good for her ! Pets are such a joy to have around, we have three cats and three dogs and they entertain us in some way everyday !

  13. Congrats to your daughter! I am not the least bit surprised that the house sold so quickly; she did an excellent job with that house.
    Ivy has such a fun personality; she creates her own entertainment and in the process entertains both you and Charlie as well.
    Dreary gray cool day here in northeast Florida; ready to see and feel the sun on my face.

  14. Maybe as you drive the extra few miles to the groomer, you will come across something interesting to photograph or find a new store or restaurant to visit. Hope it is a positive experience. That’s great that the flip house sold so quickly. It means your daughter is one track with what people want. I’m enjoying the photos of your plants. I have been telling myself for two weeks that I am going to buy a new plant and maybe I will treat myself this weekend, since I have a couple of other things to go shop for. It’s great that Ivy will play fetch with you. I’ve never gotten a cat or dog to do that. She is a smart cat. Have a pleasant weekend.

  15. Scott and Bailey is excellent as is Blood and I love Vera also. Just finished the silence on acorn tv with Douglas henshaw on acorn tv, also great. He’s is the main character on Shetland. I also have britbox, acorn, Netflix.

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