Ivy & The Colorful Pipe Cleaners

So I ordered Ivy a bag of colorful pipe cleaners. I could have ordered some that were plain, but I figured the colorful ones would add to her fun. (And they’d be easier for me to locate on the floor).

The bag of pipe cleaners came yesterday and I took some out and bent them into a circle. Then I wrapped the ends around the circle until they were inside it.

I didn’t want her to poke an eye out!

Ivy on top of the wood cupboard looking out the window
See Ivy laying on the cupboard at the window?

Some of you mentioned that your cats loved them, and Ivy does too.

It’s so funny to see her throw one up in the air and then jump up after it. At least it gives her more exercise.

Playing Fetch With Pipe Cleaners:

She also brings them to me to play fetch. It’s one thing to throw a swirly toy that will roll. The circles of pipe cleaners just fall and don’t move.

Still, she loves it.

So thanks for recommending them to me. Who would have thought simple pipe cleaners could create so much fun for a cat?

But then, cats can be odd creatures. They like boxes and containers they can squeeze inside. And things you’d throw away like price tags and such.

Ivy staring out the front window blinds

And they’re so darned curious! I don’t think there is one nook or cranny in this apartment that Ivy hasn’t investigated.

Ivy Must Sniff Anything New:

If something new is brought in, whether it be furniture or something else, Ivy has to sniff it.

Right now she’s up on the cupboard staring out. I know her pattern. Soon she will get down and jump on the couch and take her morning nap.

The nap might linger into the afternoon. Cats seem to sleep a lot.

Then she’ll get up for her small afternoon meal of canned cat food she gets twice a day. I don’t give her very much because I keep dry cat food out for her.

Ivy sleeping on her side on the couch

Cats & Their Many Naps:

Ivy will quickly eat that up and then take another nap, typically. Then she’ll come to me wanting me to give her love. I’ll pet her or comb her or brush her.

She likes to sit at the end of my chair next to me.

In the evening after I stream an episode or two of TV, I’ll go back to the bedroom to read. And often she goes with me.

I wake up in the middle of the night and many times she’s curled up on that stack of quilts next to the bed sleeping.

Ivy and I have become pretty routine mates, I’d say.

Thanks for suggesting the pipe cleaners. She’s having a ball with them.

And she’s also pushing them under furniture, then begging me to get the yardstick to get them out.



  1. I have a cat again for the first time in almost 20 years! Your cat is so cute and I can see that you’re enjoying hanging out with her. I find their little cat routines to be adorable. Mine sleeps all morning in a sunbeam, always in the same spot. I am the only one she snuggles and I know I am spoiling her with attention and pets.

  2. Glad she is liking them! That’s the only problem.. is them pushing them under tables and chairs and things.. and then wanting us to get them! It becomes a game I’m afraid, but oh well.. it’s fun for them, and gives me exercise getting down on the floor and back up again! She is so so pretty and clean and soft looking. My old kitty loves to lay anywhere close to me, wherever I am… not ON my lap, but close. I’m glad Ivy has you for her bestie.

  3. Love these sweet pics of pretty Ivy and your dear,cozy home. It’s wonderful how Ivy enjoys such simple pleasures which, in turn, gives you such pleasure.

  4. Glad Ivy continues to entertain and give you joy!! She is a beautiful creature…her fur looks superb!!

  5. I have read that they will nap up to 16 hours a day.My 2 do not do so although there’s times I wish they would,lol
    But then mine also don’t play with bags or boxes…defective?

  6. I absolutely love cats. And Ivy is superb. You are both lucky to have each other.

  7. I’ll have to buy pipe cleaners for our cats ! I love hearing your daily goings on with Ivy !

  8. My cats love them too! But I’d always thought cats and dogs didn’t see in color? Does anybody know if that’s true?
    Also: “pipe cleaners” – lol – the craft suppliers now call them “chenille stems” because their main purpose is no longer to clean pipes – which I believe smoking them – is no longer in vogue!

    1. Seems you’re pretty much right…A cat’s vision is similar to a human who is color blind. They can see shades of blue and green, but reds and pinks can be confusing. These may appear more green, while purple can look like another shade of blue.

  9. I can’t help but smile when I read about the routine in your life with Miss Ivy Lou. She’s a treasure to love and enjoy!

  10. Brenda, I noticed you have placed an area rug under your coffee table. Hoping you have put carpet tape on the edges so that you don’t stumble and fall. Don’t ask how I know this. JMHO.

    1. Yes, that’s what happened. I stumbled a few times and ordered that border tape. Used quite a lot. It may be down for good!

  11. A yardstick trick I learned from a smart maintenance guy back in my working days is to put a small round of masking tape on the yardstick. Then when you stick that under the couch, it’s easier to get the pipe cleaner out because it’d stick to the tape on the yardstick.

  12. Hello Brenda
    Nice to see Ivy and you are settling into a routine. She’s a beautiful girl! She looks like a Queen sitting up so high on the cabinet. I noticed her tower is gone. Did you move it? I had a black Bombay male. He lived to be 21 years old. It broke my heart when he got really sick and went into kidney failure. He suffered so I put him down a year ago. Sure do miss that sweet boy. Enjoy seeing pics and hearing stories of your life. Just regular everyday stuff. Thank you for opening up your heart and home. We love you and appreciate you!

  13. You can roll the pipe cleaners around your finger and pull it off and it will be a little bit like her other toys that she likes so much. You can still tuck/fold in the ends. I bought some actual cat toys that are like this and my cats love them. They get squished and I just re-wrap them around my finger to get the bounce back in.

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