Ivy & The Convection Toaster Oven

This morning I got up and went into the kitchen. First thing I noticed was that the door to my convection toaster oven was open.

So it appears that Miss Ivy took it upon herself last night to go exploring in my kitchen. How she got that door open I don’t know. I kind of wondered if I’d left it open, but that was doubtful.

Then, upon closer examination, I saw white cat hairs on the inside of the door. Did she crawl inside?

What was that cat thinking?

She does the craziest things. But she rarely messes around in my kitchen, which I consider off limits to her shenanigans.

I got another chair. I know, call me crazy.

With this Covid virus, when someone comes over I don’t feel comfortable with them sitting on the couch. Because that puts them too close to my chair.

So I finally found a chair that appears (hopefully) Ivy proof. It is wood and a thick nubby fabric. Much like my desk chair.

Now when someone comes over they can sit across from me.

As you can clearly see Ivy thinks of it as her chair. Just like with the others.

Then she decided to cuddle with Charlie. She knows he isn’t fond of cuddling with her, but she gets up in his face anyway.

It looks like she’s whispering in his ear.

She’s taking a chance because Charlie will eventually snap at her for getting in his space when he wakes up.

But this time he didn’t. And she clearly woke him up and startled him.

This was his response.

Oh that cat. What will she do next? Just when I think I’ve got her figured out, she lets me know that that will never happen.



  1. All of my den furniture and my living room couch are covered in microfiber material. It is impervious to cats and their claws! Plus it feels wonderful … like velvet. Check it out.

  2. We have a big black Asian Bombay cat that loves to play with doors especially if they slam shut and make noise. He does it when he wants our attention. And he even opens the wine fridge so we have to keep a our “butler statuette” in front of the door. Your animals and their antics make me smile.

  3. I have a new reclining love seat. I put a quilted new quilt on it so it will stay looking good and can take it off if company comes.
    Cat will take over everything so do not be surprised she loves the new chair.

  4. Nubby material – she isn’t attracted to that as a scratching post? My cats would have that chair torn up in no time! That’s another reason we chose the couch we just did – the slipcover is a smooth cotton material. Even still, Clementine was using the arms as a scratching post, so here I have my beautiful new couch arms covered with towels.

  5. Oh my gosh! That picture of Charlie when Ivy startled him out of a sound sleep is so precious! Love the new chair.

  6. Ivy in the chair and cuddling with Charlie is precious. Charlie’s startled picture should be in a frame ! New chair is nice and Ivy makes it even better!

  7. Such adorable pictures that only pet lovers can appreciate thinking what is going through the animals minds. You captured some good shots being at the right place at the right time. Best thing about being home with them!

  8. Ivy is defiantly a crack up. Maybe the toaster will be her new cubby. Wonder what the next few nights will bring. Love the pics of Ivy and Charlie. So dang cute.

    Our little Norah has taken up knitting. The last two mornings in a row I have seen this string leading from the old stove to the hall way a good 15 feet. Only to understand she found some old yarn in the yarn stash and claimed it for herself and dragged the skein to safety under the piano!! She has yet to find needles!!

  9. Ohhh my gosh!
    You sure captured great photos of sweet Ivy & brave Charlie!
    Best yet! Tells us a lovely story for sure. By now, I’d think both pet-babes are comfy with each other. Then again, I can see Charlie wants his space!

  10. Love that Ivy!!!! She’s a cat comedienne!
    Poor Charlie! He looks like “What the heck just happened”?
    My friend used to say the cats “ claimed” stuff, blankets, chairs, boxes, the usual, looks like she’s good at it😻

    1. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw Charlie’s expression – he was thinking “What the heck just happened?” LOL! Great minds think alike.

  11. I love to read about Ivy’s antics. She’s a silly cat. I’m glad she came into yours and Charlie’s lives.

    Love the new chair – very pretty!

  12. Poor Charlie! Having a nice little nap till he’s rudely awakened by the DEMON CAT! She is something else!

  13. Oh, I just LOVE that Ivy in the chair pic! Looks like she’s saying, “Thanks, Mom!”

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