Ivy was not at all happy about the fireworks that sounded pretty loud last night. Before I went to bed I looked all over the apartment for her.

I looked in what I thought was every little nook and cranny she might find refuge in. But I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I searched every room over and over again trying to entice her to come out.

My cat Ivy looking out the front window

Ivy Was Wary Of The Fireworks Noise:

Finally, she came out. The only place I could think that she might have been hiding was in some little spot she’d found in the closet.

When she did come out, she was quite wary. At every sound of the fireworks, she’d go completely still and look sideways as if trying to figure out from what direction the danger was coming.

We were both glad when it was over. I had both sound machines on as I always do, but it couldn’t drown out the fireworks show that must have been nearby.

Ivy has taken to sleeping on a couple of folded quilts on the cupboard on the right side of my bed. During the day she sleeps a lot on the couch. And sometimes she takes the spot where Charlie slept in the chair next to me.

What I’m Reading:

I began reading “Missing Isaac” last night on my iPad. It is the debut novel for Valerie Fraser Luesse. If this book is any indication, then she has a wonderful writing career ahead of her.

Once I began reading it I was immediately drawn into the story that she weaves together about the mid-1960s.

The book Missing Isaac

Book Summary:

There was another South in the 1960s that not everyone experienced. One far removed from the marches and bombings in the streets that were broadcast on the evening news.

It was a place of inner turmoil. Ordinary people were struggling on a social landscape that was dramatically shifting beneath their feet.

This is the world of Valerie Fraser Luesse’s stunning debut, Missing Isaac.

It is 1965 when black field hand Isaac Reynolds goes missing from the tiny town of Glory, Alabama. The townspeople’s reactions range from concern to indifference. But one boy will stop at nothing to find out what happened to his unlikely friend.

White, wealthy, and fatherless, young Pete McLean has nothing to gain and everything to lose in his relentless search for Isaac. In the process, he will discover much more than he bargained for.

Before it’s all over, Pete and the people he loves most will have to blur the hard lines of race, class, and religion. And what they discover about themselves may change some of them forever.

What I’m Watching:

I’m watching “The Missing” on Amazon Prime Video.

The TV show photo of The Missing

Tony and Emily Hughes’ vacation turns into a nightmare. Oliver’s father has his back turned for just a few minutes to get Oliver something to drink at a concession stand.

But during that time 5-year-old Oliver disappears from a large celebrating crowd in Northern France.

The TV show is about the search for Oliver and the years after he went missing.

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  1. A fact that has become so apparent today is that some people are FAR FAR more evil than can be imagined, and sometimes, in the midst of even tragedy, we will find those who are far better and wonderful humans in unexpected places too.
    So sorry for poor Ivy…I think the smarter animals are most disturbed by fireworks. Our wonderful dog, so smart and “knowing”, would shake like a leaf in a hailstorm, while our dim-witted dog laid and slept…ha…one of us would have to sit with our arm around the smart one and talk to her during those hours of “fun” for some. My friend in another part of the state that allows fireworks, said she had to go out today and saw a whole herd of dogs running along the road and one person in a car was trying to get at least one of them to come to the car. No one just lets dogs run in that town…so these had to have escaped in their terror. And it is the desert so there is not abundant water to drink in the high heat now either. Our town outlawed such…but still there was plenty going off (must have gone elsewhere to buy them). Tiresome…and has nothing to do with being patriotic. Frankly. Hope Ivy recovers.

  2. I don’t think people who do fireworks illegally in their neighborhoods realize they damage they do to pets and veterans who live with PTSD.
    It made my dogs shake and tremble and their stomachs are all upset today from fear of going outside. I am glad it’s over for them.

  3. My cat Sophie hides deep in my closet at loud noises. I live near several small cities so we get fireworks for several days. But last night was a first, after I went to bed around midnight, there were fireworks going off in the alley right behind me. The camera couldnt reach that far but the spotlight came on. I didnt see Sophie until this morning. There will be more tonight.

  4. The Missing sounds good. I will have to ck it out tonight. Netflix seems to have a lot of movies filmed in other countries. I just watched one filmed in Amsterdam.

    Fireworks here in the neighborhood started at 6 pm when we were out feeding the horse and it scared the dog and he ran off. The horse was bucking. They continued til 3:30 am! Our one cat was petrified and another dog was scared and kept going off to hide in the hallway. My daughter dosed them all several times with CBD. Just how they’ve had their fun and it’s over for awhile.

  5. My daughter when she was young wanted a cat for her birthday and she got Minnie . I never saw a cat who loved fireworks the minute they started she ran to the window so we took her outside so she could see better . She was like that with firetrucks sirens too .But she passed away and Shawna was devastated . It took her a long time to heal and then one day she met a dog who needed her and she brought him home he was a rescue dog . She called him Jackson .Since she couldn’t have kids he was her baby . She would take him for walks in his stroller. Now Jackson is 17 years old and has heart problems but still goes strong . I love how Ivy is protected she’s watching you when you don’t see her . Abi and Charlie are happy .But its the memories that keeps us smiling .You take care Brenda .

  6. It’s so sweet, and sad, how Ivy is demonstrating her need for comfort, and showing comfort for you, as you both grieve.
    You are so present in the thoughts and prayers of so many as you go through day by day.

    1. My Buddy was the same, he paces, kept jumping up and peeking out the window.
      Finally settled, snuggled next to me.
      He’s my mini panther.

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