I was sitting here working on my computer when I heard Ivy jump up on my desk in the dining area.

She didn’t appear to be doing anything, although occasionally I would hear the sound of paper being moved.

As long as she was just moving paper and not shredding it, that was fine. Every so often Ivy likes to take a piece of paper and r-i-p it very slowly. But I wasn’t hearing any of that.

Sometimes I would look up and she’d be looking at me through the gap on the cupboard that sits in front of my desk.

A little later I got up to fix myself supper and walked into the dining space. It looked like it had been raining rubber bands. They were everywhere.

I keep all sizes of rubber bands for use in the kitchen in a galvanized drawer that I even have trouble opening. But Ivy had managed to get it open and pull out dozens of rubber bands.

That cat is scary smart.

And after all that she needed a nap.

I realized when she was staring at me through the gap she was checking to make sure she wasn’t being detected. Because she knows I don’t want her into those rubber bands.

Ivy has a thing for rubber bands and Q-tips.

So I began to pick them up off the desk. Off the surfaces she’d tossed them on, and off the floor. She’d had a good bit of fun when I was otherwise occupied.

Ivy must have been very pleased with her big self.

And a token photo of Charlie. We are now off to his acupuncture appointment.

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  1. That is a hilarious Ivy story. Wish you had a pic to share of the strewn rubber bands. The picture of her napping is so sweet & I must say the picture of Charlie is one of the cutest ever ! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Charming Charlie always looks so dapper! Miss Ivy Lou is such a silly cat. I love to read about her antics.

  3. Forgot to comment on darling Charlie. He looks as handsome and wise as ever. And a bit outraged by Ivy’s antics. I think he’s saying to himself, “Can you believe her?”

  4. That’s hilarious! What a stinker that Ivy is. So darn smart. How did she get that drawer open??

  5. Charlie looks very handsome in that photo. Cats are silly creatures who are sometimes too nosey for their own good.

  6. This latest Ivy adventure has me chuckling…her peering through at you while she was up to mischief. Charlie looks adorable as always.

  7. Ivy’s rubber band antics has me laughing. I thinks she is quite proud of herself accomplishing so much
    without you catching on that she decided to reward herself for a job well done with a cozy nap! Yes, it’s a fact. Our pets often out smart us. As always, Charlie is so dapper. He has the most alert face. Love them both.

  8. Oh that photo of Charlie – that’s a classic “What – ME? No mom, I didn’t do that!” That’s the look Ivy should have had on her face, LOL!

  9. That is hilarious!

    The author Susan Branch flips rubber bands for her cats first thing every morning. It’s pretty funny too.

  10. Omgoodness! That picture of Charlie….in your beautiful, beautiful setting! A masterpiece in lighting and ambiance!
    Not to ignore Ivy’s cute antics, but with six cats here, I know all about them! (Ho hum!)

  11. I always enjoy hearing about Ivy and Charlie. If it’s quiet in the house, and you know the cat isn’t napping, you know a little bit of trouble is going on. Something exciting (for the cat, that is). Charlie sure is looking “good” and alert! Now, I’m off to feed the birds.

  12. Two cutie pies! I’ve enjoyed your garden pictures too. I’m trying Morning Glories from seed this year.

  13. My cat also loves rubber bands but she tries to eat (chew) them. I also quilt and she tries to pick up my straight pins. It a game to her I know. She is 19 years old and still tries her old tricks on me. Keeps me in my toes!

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