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  1. She is so pretty. Glad she’s enjoying her new cat tree. I have three cats and I just got one for mine. I’m thinking I need a second one though, in a different part of the house. The one I have I’d i fairly large but I got it brand new for 30.00. The lady had bought it for her rabbit, lol and said the rabbit didnt use it.

  2. A perfect gift for your beautiful cat, I think it was a very wise purchase. Now that my kids are grown and living in their own homes, my pets are my second set of “kids”. They bring endless comfort and amusement to me, truth be told. Since my job allows me to work from my home office, they are my “co-workers” too. 🙂

    1. “Me, too!,” Karen! I always joke that while other parents stood at the curb weeping and gnashing their teeth as their nest emptied of the last kid, I was gleefully clapping my hands, “Oh goodie! More room for CATS!” We’ve taken in six, all rescued from trauma and couldn’t be a happier family.
      Brenda, may I ask where you found your cat tree? I could use one here, only larger!

      1. I’m not Brenda, but I can tell you I have bought a few on Chewy. And they are SO great. They sent me the wrong one once and, to remedy the situation, they told me to keep the wrong to donate, or whatever, and they sent me the correct item. All 4 of my cats love it because it’s legs are scratching posts and goes nearly up to the ceiling.
        Etsy also has some great stuff. And you might just put up some shelves spaced so the cats can use them as a cat highway.
        Good luck! ☺️

        1. Thank you, Pamela!

  3. We have one of those laser pointers for our 3 cats and it’s hilarious to watch them chase it! You should get one for Ivy, very entertaining! I also have a cat tree they love, in fact another one is arriving tomorrow for our back screened porch.

  4. Thank you, Brenda, for posting these photos and descriptions. What a delightful distraction on this gray, gloomy Day 8,314 of the Shutdown!

  5. Brenda,
    Great photos of Ivy on her tower. What company is it from? She has really taken to it. ThisM will surely give her more exercise.

  6. Looks like Ivy loves her new cat tree! My cats love the one we have in front of the living room window. They get a view of all the birds that are in the trees and that come to the feeder right outside the window.

    I’ve seen those monthly cat treat boxes. My cats already have an entire drawer full of cat toys that they rarely even play with. I put out a few toys each morning, put them back in the afternoon, then put out a few more “new” toys. I keep rotating them this way, hoping they’ll be interested. Sometimes Monkey plays with one of the mice (his favorite toy), but Clementine isn’t interested in anything but a drawstring from an old hoodie that I have in there. She likes when I run it across the floor and dangle it in the air. Maybe it’s because my cats are older (11 & 9) that they’re not much interested in toys anymore. Clem is also on a strict prescription diet due to allergies and kidney disease, so she can’t have any cat treats except these ones made by Pure Bites that are just one ingredient: dried duck. So I just give those both to Clementine and Monkey.

  7. I have a husband and a handicapped daughter to keep me busy but I still love to be entertained by my cat. They are the most wonderful creatures. They like to play like children even in older ages. Too bad she can’t go out into your patio. I think she would love sniffing your plants. I had a small herb garden once and cats came by just to walk through and sniff the plants.

  8. Ivy Lou looks very much at home in that first pic!! I can see her getting lots of exercise playing around on her new “throne”!

  9. what a totally wonderful post! XO

  10. Good afternoon Brenda,

    I too am one of those people entertained by their pets! I love their antics and how they search for the sun each morning.

    Ivy looks so sweet, I am sure it is a joy to watch her explore and figure out this new addition to the apartment.

  11. She looks like she is really enjoying the cat tower.

  12. Annette Tracy says:

    I like the idea of getting some bamboo wind chimes for Ivy. That would keep her busy. It certainly fits her every need. You did good. We need a new one but must have a ramp
    for my three legged older cat. Norah the same age as Ivy is all over it and especially loves to rest on the top shelf.

  13. WOW what a beautiful cat tower.And I’d like to say what a beautiful garden. Some great ideas for my balcony.

  14. This post just made me smile…Ivy looks so happy and curious! The photo of here staring at the winds chimes is hilarious! She is looking for adventure!

  15. Looks sturdy and strong! Ivy will be zooming up and down it before you know it.

  16. Jeannee Waseck says:

    Me, too – love this!!!

  17. What’s wrong with being a woman who loves her pets and is entertained by them? Not a thing! I feed my squirrels and the birds because they give me so much pleasure to watch them, and the squirrels especially with their antics entertain me constantly and can make me laugh out loud even on those rare occasions I’m a little down, or angry. And I have saved more than one sick with mange squirrel and the occasional runt of the litter baby squirrel born a little too late in the season with my nourishing hazelnuts and peanuts. The word is out on the squirrel network – you can get great food for free and no need to scrounge around for it either at Jan’s place. I think by the end of June I will be seeing babies appearing out of the nests exploring on the tree trunks for the first time. They are so cute! Not so great is the constant clean-up involved – raking/sweeping up nut shells. There will be a pile up soon because it rained yesterday and is pouring again today, and more expected yet tomorrow – 3 days’ accumulation of shells because the squirrels come, no matter what the weather is like.

    1. Ditto Jan; that is the only entertainment and joy I’m getting during quarantine! My 2 kittied are pure love.

    2. I was being facetious when I wrote that.

  18. I can see that Ivy has already claimed this tower as her own. I think she loves it. I hope she knows what a wonderful ‘mom’ she has.

    1. Barbara Dobson says:

      Love seeing Ivy’ distinct markings. She’s a very pretty girl. Glad she likes her tower.

  19. Brenda maybe move those wind chimes and put small metal or wood chimes up there. She will enjoy playing with those and it will keep her climbing to the top.

  20. That’s a wonderful tower. I’m sure Ivy will be a real fixture when she discovers how well she can see out the window.

    I’ve been absolutely entranced by Doggy Daycare Farm Trips, a doggie day care facility in New South Wales. I hope this link works or you can look it up in google.
    This gracious and caring family with two little girls run what only can be called doggie heaven. The father(the alpha dog) is fabulous with his charges, they adore him and the settings and the facilities are wonderful. They have been attracting thousands of viewers because of the joy they show in caring for these pets. It’s such a lift to my day. Plus the music is so well matched to all the videos. Such fun.

  21. It looks like Ivy loves her cat tower! It didn’t take her long to figure it out ! We have three cats and they love their tower! My daughter had to put the tower we have together, so you were lucky to have it all together for you ! We have three dogs and three cats and they are so entertaining. They all have different personalities !

  22. Jane Bailey says:

    Love Ivy’s tower. She will love it too.will just take a little time for her to learn all the wonderful features. If she is like our cats, she may love it too much and have a “well loved” but shabby tower. Be prepared for the little pieces of carpet to be everywhere. But she will have a good time doing it. I don’t live alone but I love watching my pets. Enjoy them both.

  23. Awww she looks so happy with her new tower!! I’m so glad! My sweetie has a tower for his newest rescue and she loves it.. I wonder how long it will take her to realize she has a great view of the wildlife from there? Such a cutie pie, I’m so glad she came into your life!

  24. How sweet and cute that she loves to explore her new tower. I bet she will have hours of fun in this. Happy Wednesday.

  25. Pat Gaudreau says:

    Those pictures are just adorable,looks like she’s having a ball.
    I’m the same,just adore these 2 ,they do so much to brighten my day.

  26. Yay, Ivy!!! It’s wonderful she took to it. We always have a dog crate and/or dog beds in the living room, our bedroom, & my home office — maybe not the most attractive things to see, but our doggos won’t be with us forever, so they get to be comfortable while they are =).

  27. Cheryl Smith says:

    Good morning! It’s a stormy day in South Louisiana. I don’t live alone, but I too am completely entertained by my pets. I have a chocolate lab and 3 cats. My 2 males don’t get along well, though it seems, for the most part, that they have agreed to keep their distance from each other. I so enjoy your stories and photos of your pets, your garden and decorating.

  28. That is a NICE tower. She’s so funny exploring! Oh I hope she likes it. And even if she uses it then doesn’t, I always find the cat in the long run, does. Mine scoots upside down through those tubes! I also found my cat likes a specific tube, so I point that tube where she can see. LOL on the windchimes.

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