Ivy has a fascination with dripping water. She sits on the side of the tub and watches it drip. She seems downright spellbound.

Hey, if you can be entertained that easily, it’s a wonderful thing.

Ivy laying on the floor in Ivy's fascination with dripping water

Charlie’s Health:

Charlie is having a hard time adapting to the cold weather.

I wish there had been an interval of cool weather before it turned to cold weather, but Mother Nature simply didn’t comply.

It is so worrisome to hear him coughing right after I give him the Hydrocone syrup subscribed for him. I’m doing all I know to do for him.

It is heartbreaking to watch him struggle so. I wish I could take it on for him because I know that he doesn’t understand.

Of course, we know all this when we bring a pet into our family.

But what we know intellectually doesn’t make it any easier emotionally. I know those of you with beloved pets know exactly what I mean.

You’ve grieved with me and I’ve grieved with you when you share your loss here on this blog.

I don’t know that you ever stop grieving. Love and loss does not simply vanish. I’ve learned that grief ebbs and flows. Sometimes it hurts so much you think you can’t possibly survive it.

Other times you can think of them and cling to the memories of your time together.

The Simple Things:

I’ve had to have the water dripping to keep the pipes from freezing. Ivy is so happy with the water dripping into the bathtub.

She perches on the side and sticks her paw into the dripping water. Then she will lean over and get a drink.

She loves it. It’s so nice to see her take such joy from something so simple.

I’m all for adopting pets and giving them a loving home. It feels like the least I can do. Adoption provides them with what they need, and it’s pure love and enjoyment for me.

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful restful week-end. Take care of sweet Charlie. I hate to hear he has been coughing so much. Ms Ivy seems to have so much fun.

  2. I also enjoy your writing – as far away as in Denmark. I can relate to many things – aging, having fur babies, enjoying flowers and plants in a small garden.
    I also have a “Charlie”, a 12 year old “dachshund”. He is quite well still – but lately his hearing getting worse. We have to shout for him to hear us. I suppose we should go around the vet, just to have it checked – but I am quite sure, nothing can be done about it.
    Lets all enjoy our fur babies, young and old.
    I wish you and your pets a nice and quiet weekend.

  3. Have a great weekend and always take a break when you need..you are such a dedicated blogger, it seem Very cold here in NC at 36 degrees..Yuk..yowie to old Arthur. I hope Charlie has a restful weekend, and of course that little Ivy has an entertaining one. Your Blog is great..I never like changes, lol, but hope your design works out well for you and us. Thank you, as I also, look forward like others to seeing you and your little Family and photos/blog daily.

  4. I think it’s good that you take a break from posting this weekend. Give yourself time to relax, enjoy the time spent with Charlie and Ivy and feel no pressure from anyone to do any thing. Except care for yourself and the fur babies. I’m sad for you that Charlie’s health is so tenuous. I know it’s hard to experience our pets’ illnesses and aging. It’s truly a stress on you; that’s why it’s so important to your own health to take it easy.

    Hope the weekend is peaceful and lazy for all three of you.

  5. I know exactly how you feel about Charlie Brenda, it is so hard to cake for aging and sick pets because you simply have no idea and you are at the mercy of the doctors.

    I was just thinking of changing to WordPress, but it seems like such a pain. Any advice?

    1. WordPress is much better than it used to be. I really like it now. There are guard rails in place now that were not there when I was previously on it.

  6. Be kind to yourself, Brenda. And take all the time you need to savor and treasure the time you have left with Charlie. Sometimes the process of losing a pet is very similar to losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s … it’s a very slow goodbye. Our son just recently had to say goodbye to his furry best friend of ten years and it was so hard to watch him slowly come to the realization that poor Pax no longer had quality of life. The one thing he kept in mind was that he wanted to make that decision too soon rather than too late, for Pax’s sake. Charlie has become like family for those of us who have followed you for years and our hearts are breaking right along with yours. (((Hugs))), my friend.

  7. I completely understand your concern for Charlie. My sweet Bichon is suffering from dementia, she is afraid of everything, lots of anxiety. Your posts have become my daily routine, so enjoyable. I even saved one for before I went to sleep so as to have pleasant dreams. Thanks for taking the time to share your life and beloved pets. I so enjoy Ivy and her antics.

  8. Trisha said it beautifully, you are a treasured part of our day. Try to take it easy, relax and do something special for yourself this weekend.

  9. Hi,
    I sent you an email regarding your ABOUT tag. The picture shows a woman and child and describes a LAUREN in Spanish.

    1. I noticed that too! Very strange. I wonder how that happens as I’m really not all that familiar with how blog changes work. Surely easily fixable though.

  10. The purple flower photo is so beautiful. Perfect for my Friday. We saw our first snow in Michigan last night – ugh. Be gentle with yourself. I understand how difficult it is with a pet family member declining in health. It reminds me how lucky I have been to be part of their life for a long time. Wishing you a peaceful, restful weekend.

  11. Please take care, Brenda. You are such a treasured part of my daily routine. I look forward to your writing and your sharing updates of Charlie’s life and the antics of Miss Ivy. You are a very gifted individual.
    I’ll be enthusiastically looking for your next post.

  12. Your photos are always so sharp and beautiful. I felt like I could pick up a strand of that pinestraw.

    So sorry about Charlie; it is so hard to watch our fur babies age and cope with disease/illness. I think it is because they are so dependent that we feel so badly when they have a hard time of it. You can only be there and do the best you can and you are certainly doing everything possible to make his life easier. Charlie (and Ivy) are two very lucky fur babies.

    Hope you get some much needed rest this weekend. Take care.

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