1. I began the blog in April 2009. Lost a bunch of posts, 2009 to 2013; they got deleted due to technical problems.

  1. I missed Charlie’s birthday!
    I can’t believe it. I haven’t been feeling all that well.
    but whatever the dizziness was has passed. and I’m glad.
    the pictures of him on his birthday post… OH MY! he’s so adorable.
    and I love what the new vet said. Dr Wallace.
    she is a good combination with Dr Poteet! obviously very CARING.
    and little Ivy Lou. I don’t think she ever takes a bad picture.
    the little Q tip Queen! LOL
    have a wonderful FALL! here’s to cozy families in cozy houses! xo

  2. The by is such a joy ! She’s creative too ! She makes her own toys from curtain tie backs to Q tips . Not too much gets by her if anything. Try not to lift and tax your back and ankle too much. Surely one of your daughters would help you. I know though you’re independent and like to get things done right then and there. Easy for me to give advice I might not even follow myself. It’s been cooler in the Carolinas now. I’ve left my blue/ black salvia overgrown. Is like to cut it back but the bees and hummingbirds are still feeding on the remaining fliers so I guess I’ll wait till the first frost and then cut it back. I’ll inconvenience me to keep them happy. I’ll just have to stand in the cold to complete this task long after the honey bees are snoozing and the hummingbirds are on their way to warmer climes. I’ve become fascinated during this pandemic watching them and researching them. In fact, I’m sitting outside as I write this and one in particular seems to have taken a fancy to studying me! I talk softly to him or her and the hummer seemingly hangs in the air turned to the side eyeing and studying me. They have brought me so much joy during this isolation. I’ve self quarantined here because South Carolinians refuse to follow dr. Faucci’s protocols much to my dismay, disappointment and now anger. Vermont has followed the recommendations and they are now considered the model to go by. I’m glad my niece and her dons live there. At least, one part of my family is living a bit safer. 42 days to the election and this now avowed Democrat can’t wait to vote. I’ve never given to political campaigns before but this time I have. As a retired teacher it’s a stretch for me to donate but it seemed imperative during these tumultuous times in America. I’ll forgo a little something in decor and nonsense to do my part to oust this faux president. I didn’t mean to go off on a political tangent but I digressed because of thinking about the pandemic. Enough said by me. I’ve been following your posts for years and first thing in the morning I visit your blog to see what’s going on in your world with Charlie Boy and Ivy Lou. One good thing from this pandemic is that many animals have been adopted and at times some shelters have even been emptied. These animals bring so much joy I wish so many more would find homes. I have adopted three stray cats. Two former ferals and one dumped in a Walmart parking lot. My stray dog, Dolly Dog, live forever 15 years and I miss her so much. As soon as I have my home repairs done I plan on going to the shelter and saving another but older dog. I’m 71 so no young pups for this old lady. Just someone who needs a couch and likes a quiet life. I always liked that saying,” Who saved who ?” Stay well & be safe.

    1. Sorry about the typos but I’m on my phone and it’s so difficult to scroll back and check.If I wasn’t so verbal it’d be much easier to scroll a short text. My advice to me in the future.

  3. Happy First Day of Fall Brenda,
    your pictures of your fur babies look really sharp against that pretty quilt on the sofa. But,…that quilt on the wall (like a golden yellow tapestry) made me catch my breath! You have such a good artist’s eye for blending textiles and colors. It makes me feel happy to look at it…. and I’m a thousand plus miles away! Hope all is good with your medical tests; I had to start taking Vitamin D a few years ago. We don’t get enough sun here in Grays Harbor Wash. in the winter months. I never needed it in San Diego, Calif. or Atlanta, Georgia. But sunscreen, OH YES!

  4. Good morning Brenda,
    It think you are smart to get the outdoor chores done now, the weather like everything else this year seems unpredictable. I would hate for your fountain to freeze. I realize that miss. Ivy gets into lots of things and I was just now going to suggest a small indoor fountain but on second thought that might not be a good idea. Perhaps an app on your ipad that make fountain noise would be better.
    I hope all goes well with your doctors appointments!

    Have a great day!

  5. Well, perhaps she’s figured out that because a Q-Tip is nice and light, you can’t really throw it all that far so she doesn’t have to run much to find it, LOL! The morning glories are beautiful.

  6. Here in Reno it is also much cooler in the mornings. You are smart to store the water fountain now, the same thing happens here, one day it is summer and the next day it is winter. My cat also likes strange little things, like twisty ties. They can make a toy out of anything.

  7. It’s a good idea to put outdoor things away now before much cooler temps sneak up on us. Ironically, I decided to doze just a little longer this morning. Not because it was chilly but because it was still dark in my bedroom. Just felt good to lay there a few more minutes and cuddle with my sweet Cooper (12 year old Shih Tzu).

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