Ivy’s First Mobile Vet Visit

Ivy had her first mobile vet visit yesterday. Tuesday evening the mobile vet called to tell me that Ivy’s name on her waiting list had come up. So she scheduled a visit for Ivy yesterday at noon.

I wanted to get Ivy established with a mobile vet because Ivy is so heavy to take to the vet in a pet carrier.

The Mobile Vet:

The vet, Dr. Gabrielle Fielstra, knocked on my door earlier than expected and I hadn’t gotten the bedroom door closed yet. And that was the first place Ivy headed to.

So the vet and I got on either side of my bed and tried to lure her out. Finally, Dr. Fielstra took my ever-helpful yardstick and poked at her till she ran out.

My cat Ivy taking a nap on my couch after her first mobile vet visit

A Healthy 3 Year Old Cat:

She said Ivy is healthy, but maybe I could reduce her food by a little bit. Ivy weighs 14 pounds. Which is what she weighed a few years ago the only time she’s been to see a vet.

Ivy had everything that was necessary before I adopted her. Even the microchip.

The mobile vet called Charlie’s vet, who Ivy had seen once, to see if she needed any vaccinations. Ivy was not due for anything at this time.

Ivy sleeping on her side on the couch after her first mobile vet visit

An Upset & Irritated Cat:

After they left, Ivy was very put out with me. She came to me multiple times and sat on the table next to my chair wanting to be petted and comforted. And of course I complied.

She was very tired after all the excitement and needed a nap.

Then I went to Tuesday Morning, thinking I’d look around to see what was new. And to look for a toy for Ivy after her rough morning.

My cat Ivy sniffing the cotton woven basket she's sitting in

A Basket Instead Of A Toy:

They didn’t have any cat toys. So I ended up getting her a basket. And she has had a lot of fun with this basket.

First, she had to sniff it. Then she jumped in and played in it much of the day. I don’t think she’d have liked a new toy nearly as much as this cotton rope storage basket.

It is 14 by 18 and 10 inches high. It was $16.99 at Tuesday Morning, my favorite place to shop and the only store I’ve been going into.

A Similar Cotton Rope Storage Basket:

Here’s a similarly-sized one at Amazon for $26.95.

Here she is giving me the stink eye.

Ivy Lately:

Ivy has become very spoiled in the past few weeks. She has all my attention now.

We play fetch a lot. She gets down low to the floor and then goes running after the swirly toy I throw. I guess that’s what cats do when they’re hunting prey.

So now you’re all caught up on Ivy Lou’s recent adventures.

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  1. Ivy is adorable peeking out of her basket. Thus little girl has lots of personality. Many people don’t understand cats but you take care with her as you did with Charlie & Abi to study your pets personality, moods & likes and dislikes. Ivy is a lucky cat to be loved & cared for by you.

  2. Such a beauty, Ivy is. I’m glad she’s healthy even if a tad heavier than she might be. We (my daughter & family, who live with me) have a fourteen pound cat, also. He is a little younger than Ivy and named Ninja. I call him Bruiser! He’s very long-haired with tiger markings and the biggest, bushiest tail. I think he looks like part Maine Coon. Our cats have their litter boxes and food in the basement and sometimes it seems like he has a little trouble hauling himself up the stairs! My daughter has on-demand feeders for the cats and I think it might be he eats more than he should. Hard to put him on a diet, though, with that method of feeding.

    I’m so glad you have Ivy Lou to keep you company. Pets really do add so much to our lives.

  3. this post is Wonderful! I love the pictures.
    the basket is perfect for that soft and cuddly and Beautiful little cat! xo
    (well… cuddly sometimes on her own terms! lol.)

  4. Glad Ivy is healthy. My husband’s grandparents had a big old cat like her, and it lived to be 20 I think they said. Maybe Ivy will as well. She is a funny cat…loving that basket…but they do like things to hide in don’t they?

  5. Good thing her first encounter with the new in-home vet was without shots. Hopefully, next time she’ll be more comfortable with her. Our dog always enjoyed going to the vet’s because they showered her with attention and a treat. But once the every other month anal gland cleanings started, she started loathing the place. I don’t blame her! Now she has to be dragged in, and I hate it. I wonder if a home vet would be less stressful for her?

  6. I was laughing out loud when I saw Ivy in the basket. What a fun and exciting gift to give a Cat. You are the best Pet Mom in the World. I never think of spoiling a pet. I just think of it as giving as much love as I’m able. You certainly do that! Hugs from WI, to you and Ivy.

  7. I love the idea of a Mobil vet. I didn’t know vets made house calls. What a great idea! It makes it so convenient and less stressful for both of you. I know Ivy was upset, but I’m sure she’d have been much worse if you’d taken her into the vet’s office. And it sounds like she’s forgiven you anyway, lol. Your little Ivy is so cute.

  8. How fun that Ivy loves the new basket. She is so cute. Glad you liked the mobile Vet for Ivy. Our pets get so anxious to go to the Vet. Car ride and then the stress of the office so this is a nicer option.

  9. She deserved that wonderful basket after her incredibly rough morning. LOL She’s a beautiful cat and obviously loves you very much.

  10. I am a crazy cat lady,meaning there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for these 2 little lovies, they are my toddlers in fur coats,I can’t think of a much better stress reliever than a snuggling purr machine.
    I bought a scratching post,its a cactus,its quite popular when I give it a good spray with catnip…Bella loves
    to be brushed,Buddy not so much.
    Enjoy Miss Ivy,she’s helping you through these difficult days more than she knows.😻😻

  11. This is so funny… I just bought that exact same basket for my kitty! It has become her place where she takes her longest bath of the day.

      1. ❀ Ahhhh ,,,,, you did sooo good Brenda πŸ‘
        A real nice surprise, and for sure, a very fun thing it turned out to be for Ivy!!

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