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  1. 2 of my cats will put toys in the water bowl. I think it’s the equivalent of bringing you a gift, since you give them the water. She has beautiful markings, & I’m sure Charlie is happy to have a sister again. They’re both lucky to have such a loving mom!

  2. Brenda, I have read a couple different places that putting peppermint oil on pieces of cotton or cloth and putting them in places where mice have been, like the cupboards and drawers you mention, will eradicate them. Supposedly, they will just not go near that smell. I have the peppermint oil and the cotton but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve always had problems with mice in my house. My one cat catches and kills them, but she can’t get them all. It’s so fun to get up in the morning and find a dead one on the floor somewhere–NOT so much! I’m going to try to get some pepperminted cotton placed this next week and when I have evidence that it’ s keeping them away, I’ll let you know. Or if it’s not working I’ll let you know, too. It just seems too bad that you can’t use your drawers and cupboards.

    Well, good luck finding your wrist braces. They have to be there in your apartment. I can’t imagine them having taken flight when the door was opened! Have you looked under the couch and chairs? Can Ivy get under the couch and chairs? If she can, she might have stashed them there. They’ll eventually turn up and I can’t wait to learn where you finally find them.

    We had snow last week but it’s all gone now. It’s still cold, tho’. Might as well get used to it. One of the things I hate about cold weather is that you have to put on so many clothes. I always feel all bound up like I’m not able to move.

    Take care and stay warm, you three!

  3. Maybe Ivy put your wrist braces underneath the blue cabinet.

    Snow…Yuck! Suppose to get snow and sleet tonight, then rain tomorrow! Huh? They can’t make up their minds…weather men!? Then 40 to 45!

    I was outside all afternoon raking my front lawn and watching the 3 neighbor kids jumping in the leaves. I let them jump for alittle while and 1 little boy from down the street. He never jumped in the leaves b4 cuz he’s afraid of bugs jumping on him. Instead the 4 and 5 yr old jumped on him! The cold air made them naughty today! Lol.

    This 10 yr old boy was a great help raking! He helped me rake b4, after my lawn was mowed too! So now I have to get busy and make some more pumpkin bread, so I can give him a couple loaves for helping me.

    The other 3 wanted to help after, but they were raking the wrong way. Ugh. Then their Grampy came over their house to see them. So we were able to finish.

    Never a dull moment, but I love kids around!
    Last yr my grands were jumping in the leaves and they’re older! Now they’re into all kinds of sports, so I don’t get to see them much. ?

    Tomorrow…weather permitting, I need to rake my back lawn. Then cut down the berry bushes. I’m done with them after it attracted a porcupine!

    Cute pic of those 2 looking out the window at the snow!

  4. I’ve been away from blogland for quite some time but I was thinking you were from the Tulsa area. I had to do some research… found you on Pinterest and yes, sure enough you’re in Tulsa =] I’m East of Tulsa. We had watched the weather and knew it was going to snow but still surprised it happened, lol! You never know with this crazy Okie weather. We were all home today so it was nice. Had a fire going in the fireplace. It was so pretty. I enjoyed watching the snow fall all day.

    Charlie and Ivy are so cute! My miniature schnauzer is an old man and doesn’t care for the snow at all. Hope you’re able to find your wrist braces! Stay warm~

  5. The snow is pretty! I bet Ivy had fun watching it. We’ve squirrels on our bird feeders today and Annie has enjoyed their antics. I haven’t shooed them away as she is so entertained. Then the birds come and she watches them. It’s a busy place with three feeders. The book sounds good. I do love to read so much, my favorite pastime!

  6. I love to see the snow it is beautiful !I got used to it when we lived in Wyoming it happened most days or at least every week .
    I have some of the joint problems you have and disc problems with spinal stenosis was going to have surgery in Sept. But decided to wait and keep getting the cortisone shots instead ,I have started CBD OIL daily and it is helping me so much even my insomnia .It is legal now and being sold in many states you might want to check it out and research it on google .it comes from hemp but it has no PHC which smoking marijuana has in it .This is just medicinal .
    Pain in joints and nerves is no fun .
    Have a great day watching the snow I am sure we will Get it soon in Tennessee mountains .
    Kinda looking forward to seeing it again ,my cat loves watching it too !

    1. Nathan picked up a tiny capsule of that oil around the corner at the new store in the shopping center across the alley from me. I tried it and it does help.

  7. Ivy has your wrist braces stashed away. I’d check your clothes closet and, as someone suggested, under the bed. Such a darling, funny little girl. How is sweet Charlie feeling? Glad you’re all cozy and warm now.

  8. Ivy has your wrist braces. Count on it.
    Having mothered many rescued cats, with 6 currently in residence, I can attest with authority that your Ivy is a lively one!

  9. Charlie is looking at the snow and with the experience of his years is probably thinking “Now I’ll freeze my tushy off when I have to go outside to do my business. Yuck!” Ivy is probably thinking “What IS that stuff?” It’s too bad you can’t let her outside to experience the snow in person – she might never want to go outside again after getting cold and wet! I’d bet good money Ivy is sneaking away your wrist braces and hiding them – somewhere! You didn’t suddenly attract an invisible resident who specializes is making you think you’re either getting really forgetful (oh oh) or getting senile. You aren’t! As for mice – I’m sure you sterilized the place once you discovered the evidence. With a cat now in residence, even if there were still some members of the mouse variety lurking about, they are now long gone. Ivy is probably up several times during the nice roaming the apartment. Check your quilt stack for your missing wrist braces, and poke around under your bed 🙂 It was 19 degrees when I got up this morning. With the windchill, when I went to the supermarket half a mile away it was a whopping 21 degrees outside. This time of year the average temperature is around 50 degrees during the day. Ugh. It will be like this (since a week ago) through at least Friday. The “new normal” is NO NORMAL AND UNPREDICTABLE! We’re getting February weather in mid-November. Ugh.

    1. I checked under the bed twice. I’m still looking. Yes, the new normal is always unpredictable weather.

  10. Little Ivy has such a big personality. I bet she keeps you smiling. Hope Charlie is doing better too. Ugh that white stuff. If you are getting it I wonder what kind of winter we are all going to have.
    Have a good week.

  11. Miss Ivy is turning into one very pretty cat. Hard to believe you’ve had snow before us!

  12. The snow is beautiful and ivy and Charlie are like little kids wondering at the fluffy white stuff floating about outside their window. It’s encouraging to see Charlie showing interest and moving about. Did you check your clothes hamper for your hand braces. That’s where I found mine. I just had the basil joint replacement procedure done for my right thumb. So far it’s healing well. The left thumb was far more challenging. Braces help. Hope you find yours. ?

    1. I’ve never heard of this procedure. I’ll google it. I don’t have a clothes hamper. Just put clothes in my closet.

  13. Since I don’t have to get out in it I’m loving the snow! Although I wish it had happened closer to Christmas. I would bet Ivy has your brace. I received compression gloves a few years ago and not long after, one of them mysteriously disappeared. It was never found but pretty sure Buddy stashed it somewhere! Enjoy your wintery day.

  14. Love the photo of Ivy, so adorable, with her back end picking out from under the blue cabinet. No wonder Ivy and Charlie like to look out at the snow on the patio. It is perfectly lovely with the snow covered plantings. Truly a Christmas picture, even tho it’s not a Christmas tree. Oh, I bet you will find the Wrist braces where ever Ivy hides her toys..hopefully tho, not in water..(grin) Hugs,Bonnie

  15. Looks like a winter wonderland outside your sliding patio door. Seems to keep the animals amused. Love the picture of Charlie on his little yellow blanket. Wish I had some of Ivy’s endless energy.

  16. SNOW!!!! I wish we had some snow. It looks beautiful! Enjoy your beautiful Ivy and adorable charlie and their antics.

    Have a fabulous day Brenda,

  17. They are so adorable and yes, I often wonder what our sweet pets are thinking! Hope you are enjoying your day with your fur babies!

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