Ivy’s Little Escapade

I called ahead and went back for that haircut. I don’t let it get very long, not more than an inch or so, but it is so thick it drives me crazy in the heat.

It was humid and hot until in the afternoon the clouds opened up yet again and rain poured down. There’s not much point in checking the weather report lately.

The weather people don’t seem able to predict these sudden spurts of intense rain.

Mother Nature is either exceedingly angry or crying tears of joy. I don’t know which. And who am I to question her?

You can see the first raindrops above on the cement. First just a smattering, and then the sound of rain on the roof beat down harder and gave the plants a good watering.

I just don’t know if this much rain is good or bad for the gardens. The intensity and suddenness of it.

As I sat here in my chair with the curtains closed against the sun I did not see the skies darken. But I heard the sharp claps of thunder preceding the rain.

Look what I found growing out of a tiny hole in the cement. An errant morning glory I think.

Really gives new meaning to the phrase “bloom where you are planted”, doesn’t it? What comes up through the cement was certainly not planted there.

These scrappy plants coming through the half a decade old patio cement seem to have traveled underground and come up in the most unlikely of places.

This is what I learned Ms. Ivy Lou was doing while I was writing my post yesterday. That toilet roll had just been put on.

I would close the bathroom door, but then I would keep her from her precious bathtub. And I just can’t do that to her.

Well, I’m not wasting it. I put it in the bottom drawer of the vanity and will use it anyway.

She was nowhere to be found when I came upon this sight. Probably already bored with her escapade and off napping by then.

Ivy doesn’t seem to eat as much as she did. Maybe they eat a lot when they are kittens and during their first year. I thought I couldn’t fill her up there for a long time.

She no longer wakes me up in the morning to feed her.

I watched Ivy going after a fly near the patio doors later in the day. I had zapped it with my zapper, but it was a strong little fly and kept right on going.

Ivy leaped and chased after that thing for quite some time. With her big paws she finally won the contest and the fly was gone. Nasty little buggers.

I love the way the rain drops flow down the leaves of the Japanese maple and linger at the tips. Little prisms of precipitation that are beautiful to behold.

Art untouched, is how I think of it.



  1. When I saw the tissue ordeal..made my day…lol I know you did not have fun getting it back together… I needed a good laugh after working in yard yesterday and now can barely move…lol That is something about the crack flowers.. :0)

  2. I have 3 – well, 4 dogs now – at my house -since recently another grand-dog has come to stay. I used to have 2 cats as well but they have since passed – one at 12 years and the other at almost 14, one from kidney failure and and the other a stroke. I live in Texas and it seems like all my pets along the way – both dogs and cats – ate much less in the warmer summer months.
    I love to see your pictures and hear stories and updates about both of your babies. They are adorable.

  3. Ivy, dear Ivy. She sure made a mess o_ the toilet paper! I wish you had a movie camera set up so you could see her in action. I bet it would be hilarious. She’s a scamp, _or certain.

    Is your Japanese maple doing okay? Her leaves look a bit curled or shriveled in the picture you posted. I wondered i_ the heat has been hard on her, too.

    It’s been sunny and with warm but not overly hot temps _or a _ew days here, which is a relie_. I could be outside gardening a lot i_ it weren’t _or the pesky mosquitoes. They are still hanging around like crazy. Probably coming up _rom the drainage ditch behind my yard. I_ it’s hot and dry a while longer maybe it will dry up and they will die. O_ course, then the ground will be dry and it will be hard to pull all those weeds that need pulling. Gardening and yard work can be a crap shoot, as the _armers have always known.

    I love those galvanized tubs you have hanging on your _ence and the one with the plants in it. Did you buy them new? I have one but would like to get another one to plant in. When I was a kid between 4 and 8 and lived on a _arm without a bathroom my younger brother and sister and I used to have our weekly baths in one o_ those tubs! That was a long time ago!

    Hugs to you and Charlie –and that scamp, Ivy, too! What will she get into next?

  4. Our cat, Lola, in her youth, would really eat during the cold months here in Oregon and not as much in the Spring and Summer. Once she became a senior she was picky about what she would eat and it changed almost weekly. She passed last February. We miss her.

    Love your blog, love to hear about Charlie, Ivy and your Cozy Little House. You are an inspiration.

  5. I would’ve loved to catch Ivy in the act of having her way with that roll of toilet paper!

    Your patio looks so pretty even with the heat and the rain. Love your photos.

  6. I love your garden, and you have such a lovely home. I’m keeping Charlie in my prayers..Take care.

  7. Ivy definitely keeps you on your toes. My little Pisa used to love to do the same when she was a pup now she just plays with her toys.

    We too have had some bad storms each afternoon, I think we need the rain so I am not going to complain.

    Have a great day Brenda.

  8. If you kinda squint, and open up your imagination, your first photo looks like a face – huge eyes (tubs), with foliage curving in a smiley face with birdbath sticking out its tongue – as if to say, “We don’t care about the crazy weather – we like it here!”

  9. Brenda,
    Love the way you write about nature and your plants. So calming and lovely.
    My young kitty discovered the joy of toilet paper a whIle back too, so I’ve long kept it up on a shelf, away from her little paws. She also loves playing and rolling around in the tub. I never understood why? Maybe it’s their mini gym. Love your pictures too!

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