Ivy’s Morning Antics

Ivy is running around playing hockey with her spring toy. She will ultimately put in the pet water when she tires of batting it around. That cat and her antics keep me laughing.

She tends to lose them and I have to give her another one. Guess I’ll have to buy stock in those things.

I don’t know why she looks so “bug-eyed” here. She must see something I don’t.


The other night I went to put on my house shoes and one of her spring toys was in the toe of my shoe. She is obsessed with putting things in my shoes.

Then she puts her front legs around the shoe and rolls with it, kicking it with her hind legs as if she’s trying to kill it.

Oh, that silly Ivy.

I was looking back in my posts to see how long Ivy has been a part of our family. It was the first week of October when Charlie and I brought her home.

I could have sworn it had been longer.


Mischievous Ivy:

She’s been into all kinds of mischief this morning. First thing in the morning she’s quite energetic, then she takes a little morning nap.

Ivy is becoming more vocal every day. She will chirp or meow at me. I don’t know if she wants something or she’s just making conversation.

Sometime in the night she ferreted out some receipts. When I woke up they were shredded all over the apartment.

Charlie on the couch arm

Vet Appointment For Charlie:

I made a vet appointment for Charlie Friday morning for them to check how he’s doing before I refill any more of the medication. Oh, how I love my sweet little Charlie.

Some days I carry Charlie and walk down to the office and we sit and talk to the manager. He sits very quietly in my lap. He hates to be left lately, even with Ivy here.

I think the coughing scares him. Toward the time he’s due to get his next dose, he will often start coughing.

Ivy on the table

Picking My Battles:

Here’s Ivy hiding on the table again.

I figure it would be wise to pick my battles with her. So I don’t pitch a fit if she’s on the table unless I’m eating.

Then she has to stay on the floor.

Ivy chewing my books

I’ve never seen a cat that wanted to bite everything. Here she is biting one of my books.

Ivy playing with a piece of cardboard

Everything Is A Potential Cat Toy:

I received a mailed package with a book inside. You know that strip in the cardboard where you zip it off to open it? That somehow ended up on the floor, and Ivy immediately seized it.

Ivy playing with a piece of cardboard

The she managed to get the piece of tape off of it.

I watched as she took it over to her toy tub underneath my desk and added it to her toys.

Ivy in her toy box

Wow, a cat that sometimes puts her toys away. I wish I could teach her to do that all the time.

Then she played with her dangling toy. I keep the stick on my desk with something heavy holding it down so she can play with it.

Ivy with a toy

Ivy is growing long as a string bean and gaining weight. Look at that white belly. That belly sure didn’t look like that when she first came to live with us.

When she stands on her hind legs she looks about three foot long.

Friday when I’m at the vet with Charlie they’re going to give me samples of various foods, wet and dry, to try with Ivy.

She loves what I’m feeding here now. I just don’t know how good it is for her. She can go through a sack of Kitten Meow Mix in about a week.

I’ve been reading about grain-free food. It’s a whole new education trying to figure out what is best to feed a cat.

Charlie and Ivy at the door

These two sure like to look out the storm door.

I’ve also noticed lately that when Charlie is asleep, Ivy might lay down next to him and take a nap. If he’s awake, he will usually move. But if he’s asleep, she will snuggle up to him.

Well, I’ve caught you up on the goings-on around here, which isn’t earth shaking or anything. Same old, same old. Life with my precious pet babies. For which I am very grateful.

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.” – Bill Dana



  1. In the stack of books on your table is one I just finished reading tonight. The Two-Family House was a very good read. The story is one that will stay with me quite a while.

  2. I’m really glad you share pictures and stories about Charlie and Ivy. They are both adorable!

  3. Always enjoy hearing about Ivy and Charlie, and the pictures are so cute, they just make me “SMILE” big time. Hope Charlie is feeling better soon. Maybe on Friday, the vet will have some good news for Charlie or something different to take for his cough. Hugs from cold WI.

  4. Believe it or not, I didn’t see Ivy behind those books until you pointed her out! Your post made me chuckle quite a few times, such as Ivy’s little belly. Thanks for the update!

  5. I don’t know her IRL, but I sure do love Ivy. (and Charlie, of course!). The picture of her “hiding” behind the books is priceless.
    Your stories about her delight me every time I read them!
    Ivy is such a happy girl and delighted with where she has landed, the lucky little kitty! She is a true treasure.

  6. We started feeding our two cats, Bailey and Buddy, grain-free wet and dry food from Purina One. A friend recommended it to me as Buddy had a lot of “gas” … a very unpleasant thing to live with!! The grain-free food seems to be helping with his problem and they really seem to like it. A winner on both accounts!

  7. I’ve lived with cats for over 50 years and Ivy strikes me as a happy cat. She has made your house her own, and sounds like she has made Charlie her adopted brother.

  8. Those two are just cute as buttons! Ivy really loves her big brother and I love that she snuggles up next to him after he’s falling asleep. Yes, Ivy can make a toy out of just about anything and the one’s that cost you nothing wind up being her favorite. I hope you’ll be able to take Charlie off or at least modify some of his medicines. He is just too cute for words. I loved every picture today and you made my afternoon Brenda. Have a lovely evening!

    Carol and Molly

  9. I LOVE your “same old same old!” it makes my day.
    and the pictures are always priceless. I never tire of them.
    and the thought of little Charlie getting to go to the office and sit in your lap.
    oh bean. isn’t life with furbabies wonderful! xo

    1. Me too! Love ? when you show us pictures Brenda. Ivy makes me ? smile! Both your babies are lovely! Charlie is warming up to his lil sis! Love it!!

  10. The antics of Ivy! The girls and I used to call the act of kicking at something “rabbit kicks”. A cat has a lot of strength in her back legs. Sweet, sweet Charlie…

  11. HI Brenda! Your posts about your babies seriously makes my day!! I love seeing the pictures of them! Ivy seems like such a joy and Charlie is beyond precious!!!
    Have a great day!

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