Now Ivy has a new brush that she and I both just love. I purchased it from and it is the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush.

The great thing about this brush is that you push the button to show the bristles. Then when you’re done brushing, you press the button again and all the fur just falls out. No pulling out gobs of fur.

It’s great!

I cancelled Ivy’s monthly KitNipBox because she was getting too many toys.

Now I’m going to show you the progress on Kendra’s latest flip house. This is the existing bathroom that she is renovating.

I love that tile. And the vanity isn’t shabby either.

She has added on 600 additional square feet that they’re working on now. It will house a master bedroom, bathroom, closets and laundry room.

This has to be short today because I’ve got to get Charlie to acupuncture. And then at least one of my daughters will be here for lunch. Maybe both.

Kendra has to see where she is on the remodel before she can confirm.

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  1. I love that bathroom especially the floor! My daughter had a subscription to Bark Box similar to what you have for Ivy and she had to cancel it for the same reason.

  2. Does the brush make noise when you push the button? Our pets have always been afraid of any grooming tools that make sounds. Lol.

    The flip house bathroom layout looks exactly like yours! That tile would be gorgeous in your bathroom as well and I’m sure you could find it in peel and stick vinyl squares. So pretty!!

  3. IMO, you just can’t do better than classic black and white – sharp colors, great contrast, clean lines. That’s a beautiful bathroom your daughter has created in her latest flip house even before it’s got all the bells and whistles added. Ivy’s new brush is cool – you can’t get any easier than that for getting rid of pet hair out of a brush, unless you hire somebody else to do it and they clean the brush for you 🙂

  4. So happy for you that your daughters are spending time with you, even together, these days!! My NC daughter was to come out several times this year to be with us all…but of course, no travel is ok now. We all miss her and she us…well, we can still hope that it will eventually happen!! One Thanksgiving a couple years ago, she came and we ALL went to a nice house on the Sound about an hour from us, for that week…lots of our money spent, but we are OH SO GLAD we did that…I think we all will remember what a fantastic week that was…away from our phones, and other things locally and just together…eating, playing games, watching TV, sleeping, chatting…some walking on the beach…even though it rained most of the time, we did not care!! We must savor the sweet moments cause we never know if more will come…and yours are coming in smaller time frames, but often…lovely…hope you are able to get a fine lunch too!!

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