Ivy’s New Habits & Chiropractic Care

Ivy has acquired a few new habits of late. Just in the past few evenings as I sit here watching TV, she has been jumping on my lap.

This is not like Ivy. She’s never liked to sit in my lap before.

But suddenly she’s putting her great big self right on my lap, hanging over the sides a bit. She waits for me to get her comb out of the drawer next to my chair to comb her fur.

In Ivy's New Habits & Chiropractic Care, here she is laying on my table

Ivy loves to be brushed with the cat comb one of you sent to me. It is her favorite. But usually, she just jumps on my chair and makes me lean forward to comb her fur.

If I get distracted and accidentally comb her too hard, she will whip her head around and bite my hand.

Ungrateful cat. But aren’t all cats a bit ungrateful? Or maybe a better word would be oblivious. Oblivious to anyone else’s concerns or needs. But then, that is the nature of a cat.

If Gracie gets too close, there will be hissing and growling and tail thumping.

Ivy & The Moving Boxes:

Also, Ivy has begun to jump up to the highest empty box I have stacked up in the living room. Once there she will start ripping out the bottom of the cardboard with her teeth.

I imagine she’s telling me she does not like these boxes everywhere and is apprehensive because she doesn’t know what’s happening. Well, that’s understandable.

I just put something in the box where she can’t keep tearing it out.

Gracie laying on the back of my couch

Gracie has not broken anything since the jar. That wasn’t the end of the world. One less thing to pack.

It isn’t as though I don’t have more vintage jars.

Physical Therapy:

On Thursday my physical therapist, Holly, gave me the name of a chiropractor she knows and has worked with. She said when I walk she can see that I’m completely uneven.

Dr. Riley has a whole rehabilitation office for all kinds of care. Post-surgery, back rehab, etc. It’s called Tulsa Spine & Rehab. They use chiropractic practices plus physical therapy, etc.

I hope my medical insurance doesn’t kick it back because it says physical therapy in the name.

I’m already seeing Holly for my ankle. And insurance won’t let you see two physical therapists at once. However, what he did was chiropractic care.

I had an appointment for Monday, but I called yesterday to see if they’d had a cancellation. And luckily they had. So I went in yesterday morning.

Chiropractic Care:

First, he checked me over and had me walk so he could check my gait. My balance is starting to waver, which I had not really noticed.

He worked on my back a bit and then had someone take me into another room with a TENS unit.

The TENS unit with heat felt great. I asked the therapist about a portable unit. She said the portable ones don’t have much strength. Boy, this one did, and it sure felt good.

In Ivy's New Habits & Chiropractic Care, I show the anatomy of the back.

Then I was back on the chiropractic table and he worked on my back some more, a little more firmly this time. I left feeling better. I’d not realized until then that I had not been taking deep breaths in and out of my lungs.

Walking to my car I could take a good long breath without fearing the backlash of pain.

Once Home Again:

I did a little bit of packing, and I mean a very little bit, yesterday afternoon. It didn’t take long for the middle of my back to clench up and stay that way. So I sat down and watched TV for a while with a heating pad on my back.

I’ll go back on Tuesday for Dr. Riley to work on my back some more. I’ve used chiropractors in the past, back in Texas. And have gotten good relief in the past. I just didn’t know one here in Tulsa.

Maybe this will help get me into better shape to move. Which is 2 weeks from next Wednesday. Fingers crossed.


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  1. Ivy definitely knows something is up, and she knows it’s related to the boxes. She”s asking for some reassurance, I guess , by jumping into your lap. Soon they’ll know what it’s all about! I’ve had great relief from chiropractors. Glad it seems to be helping you!

  2. I had a TENS unit I got from Amazon and it was pretty strong. In fact, I over did it and created a different type of pain. I’m guessing it may be worth a try. I did end up returning mine.

  3. Oh ivy! My cats love cardboard boxes! Throw a fav toy inside! There is always a random box on my floor until it becomes boring. Never a shortage with the uptick in home deliveries! I’ve cut small holes and they loved sticking their paws in and out. One of my cats loved the cardboard scratching mats, but oh what a mess…That same extremely chubby guy would squeeze himself into small flat (cat food can)Box and sleep the day awayπŸ’•.
    Anxious to see your new place!

  4. I’m happy the chiropractor brought you some relief. I have back issues myself and know how debilitating back pain can be! Try to take it easy. If I lived close by, I’d help you pack up for your move, but I’m in Massachusetts. πŸ™‚

  5. Ivey is just beautiful and maybe she really a huge “empath”, and this moving thing has brought it right out of her..and she is knowing you are in pain plus a bit of stress with the moving disarray. I have never been to a Chiropractor but have thought about it much in the past when having back issues. One of my best friends fron HS married a Chiropractor who went to school in our hometown where they met…and I believe he has been very successful so it really must be a great way to get help and stay in good shape… and way for patients to feel better. Glad your newfound service is helping and when I had big back issues..I was told walking(if one can, wink wink :0( , cause wow..pain is pain)… is one of the best things you can do for it..so maybe you will feel safe at your new place to walk some when you get better and when weather permits..!!! Best wishes on the move..I hope it all goes smooth for you and you continue to find help to heal your back.

  6. As a chiropractor myself, I can assure you that we don’t just ask you where it hurts and hope for the best. We have More neurological education than a primary care MD and that gives us diagnostic tools that aren’t obvious to the patient. It sounds like you’ve found a good doctor. And don’t worry, chiropractic procedure codes aren’t the same as physical therapy, your insurance will know the difference.
    I don’t think kitties aren’t grateful at all, quite the contrary. Mine express appreciation a lot, it’s just different than how a dog expresses it. Cats are much more subtle in their cues, and do it for survival reasons. I’m glad to hear Ivy has joined the lap kitty club.

  7. Glad you are getting help and relief for your back.

    You will find that your cat’s personalities will change over the years. Monkey never was a lap cat or a cuddler, but now that he’s 11, he’s much more mellow and “lovey”. If me or Brian are lying down, he immediately comes and lays down on our tummies. He will crawl into Brian’s lap if he’s sitting on the couch, too…not mine though, it’s not big enough for him! lol

  8. For what it is worth… My husband and I have gone to our chiropractor for 10 years. Initially he did x-rays on our back and and electronic sensor reading to see where we were out of alignment. We started with assigned exercises which we did 2 times/day and visits 3 times/week up to the 12 we were allowed on our employer provided health insurance. The chiropractic treatments were covered; the ES (electric stimulus) treatments were not. We paid for them. After that we began visits once a month and have been going since then. If something happens and we need an adjustment, we call and they graciously work us into the schedule as quickly as can be allowed. BTW – Most chiropractors ask you what your aches and pains are, put you on the table, work with you and hope for the best. As I stated, ours did not. We have an Omron Electrotherapy TENS Pain Relief Device and I use it on my lower back after stretching. Medicare does cover Chiropractic care but NOT the ES treatments. Check https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/chiropractic-services to be sure what will be covered, Brenda. (We have learned after 7 1/2 years of being on Medicare that Medicare is nice but does not cover a lot of things. It is important to have a good supplement.)

  9. Good that you’ve found medical help Brenda. I often have issues also. Our backs/spine can cause serious problems for us. I will rarely see any doctors now. Just not interested. Causes more aggravation and pain for me. So, I’m careful. Don’t overdo things. Best is warm comforting showers.
    Hope good results next therapy visit.
    Ivy is obviously jealous of lil sister. Gracie is so beautiful. She looks really gentle in her pictures. So does Ivy ,,,,,, but I suppose she resents Gracie’s intrusion.
    Cats 🐈 😻 πŸˆβ€β¬› 🐱 are so mysterious!!!
    We are all excited re your upcoming move!!! πŸ˜€

  10. I think cats are funny, sometimes a little goofy, sometimes aloof, mostly tho, it’s “all” about them, and what they want. Cleatus always waited every morning, sitting on the floor in the bathroom, watching me get ready for the day, because when I put the curing iron away, I would wrap the cord up, and she knew I was done, and ready to brush her. It was a routine, that she knew.
    When we moved 9 years ago, after we had sold our house, we rented a place for three months, while our home was being manufactured. Even tho we had a storage unit, filled with furniture and things, we had stacks of boxes sitting all over the rental. That’s where she loved to sit or nap, on the tallest box, looking over where we would sit to watch TV. Cats are alike, and they are not. I know that is an oxymoron, but you know what I mean.
    Our youngest son, now 48, is a boxer and also teaches boxing, and he also works as a fitness trainer. When he was younger, he had some back problems, and he would go to a chiropractor every now and then, and it helped him. After his time in the Marines, he got into teaching fitness, and now, has had no back problems. Anyway, I think you will see some good results, after a few treatments. I have not heard of a TENS unit. That sounds like it really will help. Wishing you pain free days and nights, and a comfortable move into your new home. Getting closer, and closer to the big day…It’ll be here before you know it…Hugs to you and Ivy and Gracie…

  11. When my backs hurts from any exertion,like vacuuming,I lie down on my back on my bed or sofa for 5-10 minutes,then I sit and relax for a while. It doesn’t fix my back,but the ache goes away,I think because I take my weight away for a short time. I fell against a door and hurt my back before Christmas and this was something that helped a lot.

  12. Ivy wanting to have more attention since Gracie moved in is sweet. She probably is a little jealous of Gracie when she gets your attention. I am glad you are getting results from the chiropractor. Good luck as you pack.

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