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  1. In reference to the difference in cats and dogs, I believe this pretty well sums it up: dogs have family; cats have staff.
    I love both cats and dogs but currently only have one thoroughly spoiled dog. I really enjoy your blog. It’s the only one I follow. I wish my thumb was as green as yours !

  2. Ivy is a happy camper,!!! So cute. Glad you found TJ Maxx .. I do not usually shop for clothes there, but find they have nice prices on home needs or decor for fun… love the Tray. I am liking using trays these days also..just seems to look organized with a tray I am bad to love little decor items/collections…Have a peaceful Sunday..

  3. What a a cute toy that little ball thingy is for Ivy. I wonder if my one remaining cat would play with it.

    I euthanized my dear Rhoda cat yesterday. I feel like I won’t ever get another pet after her sister is gone. I just can’t stand the tho’t of having to go through that again. Rhoda was such a sweet, affectionate kitty. I am already missing her so much.

    It was a beautiful sunny day here today and I went on a long country drive. It was unintentionally longer than it should have been as I missed the first turn-off on the way to my nephew’s. But, not being shy about asking directions, I got myself there in a roundabout way. His little boy just turned six and I was invited to the party. Late as I was, I enjoyed seeing him and his family and my sister and husband who are grandma and grandpa. A bit of an adventure but not unpleasant. Glad it wasn’t raining!

  4. Made me smile to see Ivy enjoying her new toy. She’s a beautiful girl. It’s stormed all day here in SC but my grass was beginning to brown from lack of rain so I’m pleased to see the rain. The information on the cats back was interesting. Makes sense now how they are so adroit and elegant when they are moving fast and slow and mid air, too ! Nice you had a visit with your daughter. I LOVE t. j. Maxx. I’m going maybe later to hunt for sheets to but for kiddos who are going to a church camp and parents can’t afford to buy single sheets. I don’t go to this church but a friend of mine does and she told me about these four children who lost their mom to cancer. They are living with relatives ( about 15 people) in a trailer. In SC there is a lot of poverty. As a retired teacher who raised a son in my own from the age of 35 I know how hard things can get. To help a child makes my day so I’m more than pleased to shop for sheets so these kids will be prepared for camp and not feel different. My friend told me these kids come to her church and they are such happy siblings. The church helps with scholarships so they can go for a week or more off into the mountains. I can’t imagine the fun they’ll have going swimming, camp fires, singing together around the fire, s’mores, hiking, arts and crafts and the freedom to roam about like we did when we were little. Hope your weekend is good and I can’t wait to see new reports on your furry babies. Stay well.

  5. If your cucumbers are yellow and big, they are probably too old. Cucumbers need to be picked before they get actually fat. They are too watery when they get big.

    1. I agree. When they are yellowish white on the outside you waited too long to pick it.

  6. Very cute & colorful toy Brenda. If I still had cats, would buy it. Years ago, we had 3 catties! All at the same time. Mollie & Muffee were found strays roaming neighborhoods. Both were ill. We got them (boys no less!!) very healthy. Then, after our pooch Nikki died at 13, from cancer, eventually we rescued Martini. She was like 4 months old. Same beautiful shades as Ivy! I love pet stories. We are about to adopt/rescue another (older) pooch. Our sweet girl Gidget passed recently. She is greatly missed by everyone. I cry for her.

  7. Your book on cat behavior sounds really interesting. I wish my cats liked toys as much, or half as much, as Ivy does. Today Binko was swatting at loose thread on the bathroom rug. That’s his idea of a toy! I was in a TJ Maxx yesterday looking for a baby shower gift. I didn’t buy anything there. I ended up at a little garden shop, of all places, where I found a cute vase shaped like a unicorn for the baby’s room. Ive bought Christmas gifts there too. Who would think of a garden shop for such gifts? But the owner has a good eye for interesting things. Have a pleasant weekend!

  8. Ivy is so cute. My Annie doesn’t play with toys much. I guess she never learned. I keep thinking I might get a kitten and hope that Annie will learn to play. It has been so hot and humid, welcome to summer.

  9. My older cat,Bella,(7),is declawed.We were living at a friend’s and she was tearing her furniture.
    Anyway,I was always afraid to get another cat until Buddy desperately needed a place…that was when I noticed that when they get into a tussle,usually follows a grooming session or a zoomies episode:),she spins herself around and uses her rear claws,I was actually quite surprised the 1st time I saw her do that…
    I was always told their whiskers are their “feelers” for judging if they will fit somewhere.
    Hope Ivy enjoys her new toys,she’s so cute!

  10. I love your Ivy…and Charlie too. Your stories about them always make me smile. Have a wonderful weekend. We are headed out this afternoon for our Great grand daughters 2nd birthday party. Should be fun, she is a cutie pie, and such a sweetheart…Weather here is 70 degrees, and no sign of rain till “maybe” late tonight. The party is outside, so looks good! hugs from WI, Bonnie

  11. My dogs liked the rawhide chew sticks and, very rarely, a squeaky rubber toy that looked like a t-bone steak, but otherwise the only toys they played were old socks I tied in knots and rubber balls. Sometimes they would play tug the sock with each other, but more often they wanted to play with me. One of the dogs would carry over one of the socks and plop it on my lap or at my feet and then look at me expectantly with a doggie grin. I could never resist, even when I was very tired. When they wanted to play ball, they would hunt one up from under some piece of furniture or outside in the bushes somewhere and plop that at my feet, LOL. I swear they would play all day if I had had the stamina, but I rarely lasted for more than 5 minutes. They loved it when I would “chase” them when they had the ball or sock in their mouth, dodging this way and that, so fast on their feet and there would be clutzy me trying to keep up. Cats appear to not have to (or want to?) interact with humans as much as canines do. Canines want to please us, cats want us to please them!

  12. I have a black and white kitty just like yours. The most hyper cat I’ve ever had that also loves to play. I wonder if it’s a certain breed? Anyway, I have a ball-type toy like this and he loves it as well. Happy playing!

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