Much to my consternation, this is where I found Ivy late yesterday afternoon. I had no idea what she was so intent on watching. But I figured maybe it was the shadows coming in from the living room window. Although I know she is kind of fascinated by the chain on the door as well.

So I went on doing what I was doing and came back later.

And she was still there, not having moved hardly at all. This went on for about a half hour.

I told her she was going to get a crick in her neck. Do people even say that anymore? Probably not. Growing up I heard the phrase “you’re going to get a crick in your neck” a lot and it came back to me as I watched her.

Ivy is such a funny cat. She’s not like any other cat I’ve lived with. She’s innately curious which means I’ve had to take most of the decor off table surfaces in my apartment. Above you saw it as it was.

With her jumping up there looking at and pawing shadows, I had the good sense to take all the glass decor down. Because I figured with her big size, she was going to knock something down and break it before long.

Ivy is one of the reasons my decor interests have changed I suppose. It’s like having a toddler in the house, when you remove everything off the surfaces just to be safe.

But I guess there’s another reason. I don’t move things about like I once did. In this size apartment, unless I changed the whole theme, there’s nothing much to decorate and take photos of.  It’s not like I own the place and can renovate rooms.

I know many of you like the decorating posts, but there’s just not much to see right now. I’m not the sort to decorate just for the sake of decorating in order to take photos and then take it all down. That just seems fake.

I can’t create something out of thin air. I could go to Pinterest and take photos from there and do round up posts. But I don’t think you’re much interested in that. You can go to Pinterest yourself.

I love to write about Charlie and Ivy and their daily antics. Charlie has really slowed down in the past few months, so I’m trying to focus a lot of my attention on him.

But that leaves me with somewhat of a conundrum. Is it satisfying enough for you readers to see photos of gardening and the pets and posts about books here?

I’m really into books right now. I spend a good part of my evenings reading. Once or twice I’ve considered starting a book blog. Sometimes I even wish that’s what I’d started out with in the first place.

For one thing people have less to find fault with because they can judge a book by its cover or by its merit between the pages. It seems safer in many ways. That way they aren’t judging you. And there’s been a bit of judgment here of late.

Ten years of writing this blog and suddenly judges were beginning to come out of the woodwork. Most of you are very thoughtful and considerate and well meaning. But there’s always a few to stir the pot. Not that bringing your own point of view into the comments is bad or anything. Except when it gets kind of hateful.

You have to be fairly thick-skinned to be a blogger anyway. But sometimes you wonder why you’re even bothering when you have to go over and over a post with a fine-toothed comb to see if there’s anything that might be considered grounds for judgment. And then somehow miss the very thing that ends up getting judged.

It’s not fun to write within those parameters. The wind kind of blew out of my sails. Words were hard to come by, when before they just drifted in and out of my head on a consistent basis.

I even completely deleted one post. Because I spent one whole weekend walking around here in a quandary trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. And being upset about it. It clouded my days there for awhile.

I even considered closing the whole kit and kaboodle down. Instead I began moderating comments. I’ve never liked doing that, because it seems a bit like censorship. I know most of the bloggers I read do moderate comments these days. It’s better than the alternative, though a bit more work.

Anyway, if you don’t like books and pets and gardening, you might want to skip reading this blog. I’ve only got 725 square feet and these days I don’t like to change things up in here much. I have things basically where I want them except for a few areas where Ivy doesn’t prowl.

So what is it you really like reading about? I’ve always tried to write what you want to read about.

But maybe there comes a time when that changes. Maybe after ten years, I might just write whatever I want to write about. And if you like it and read it, fine. If you don’t, no worries.

I had plans to write different types of series about women. But then I got to thinking: what if the women get judged too? I’d feel really bad about bringing them into something like that.

Sometimes I think if I had it all to do over, I’d have become a nature photographer. Being in the outdoors and capturing the ins and outs of nature really appeals to me. It is ever changing, yet somehow stays the same.

So I guess I’ll just plod along for the time being trying to get my mojo back. Or give up and spend my time doing something else entirely.

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  1. Love reading your blog! Pics of Charlie and Ivy are great. I like to hear about their shenanigans. Ivy is always into something! Your pot gardening is wonderful to hear about and gives me many ideas. Please keep blogging. Though we have not met, I feel like we have been friends for years!

  2. Brenda, I apologise for not commenting more. This issue you are dealing with really bothers me. Your blog is wonderful. It is from your heart and I would continue with it, as you have done. Let your writing flow and try to ignore the hateful people. I also view some of the people on u tube who live in their RV’s and travel the U.S. they are encountering hateful people as well. Try not to let them get to you. If it we’re me, I would delete their comments and delete
    It from your mind. People can be very mean spirited. They don’t belong on your blog. Just wanted to encourage you to let your blog continue to flow from your heart. No need to second guess anything.

  3. Keep calm and carry on! I liked your posts that were sort of a stream of consciousness about something that happened or that you had seen. The “crick in the neck” made me laugh, reminding me of other expressions of old that you don’t hear much anymore.

  4. I had a mommy blog back in the early 2000’s as that was when I was a new mom. I loved the immediacy of blogging, and I loved that I could talk about all the feelings that went along with being a new mom. It helped me cope. But let me tell you, mommy bloggers at that time were a vicious bunch. Some of them would pick fights on purpose so that their readership numbers would go up – hey, I guess a lot of people like to watch a train wreck.

    One time I wrote a very heartfelt post that I put a lot of time and thought into. And…. another so-called blogger friend picked it up and made a satire of it on her blog – just outright mocking me there in pixelated black and white! Then she couldn’t understand why I didn’t communicate with her anymore. “Gee fella, can’t you take a joke? It was just funny teasing!” At my expense. Ugh, I still cringe at that memory.

    After about four years, after some success (even with national attention) if I do say so myself, I shut the thing down. I found the baiting and insults very hurtful. I thought it just wasn’t worth it. While I loved writing about my feelings (which my professional job doesn’t call for), I didn’t like the scrutiny about things that were not any of my readers’ business. But once I posted it on my blog, I made it their business and opened myself up to the potshots.

    So all of this to say that I really understand what you mean about hurtful things coming through your blog. I really enjoy all of your posts, and I hope you don’t stop what you are doing. Also, your kindness is a big draw for me. But I would understand if you have to guard your heart. I put a password on my second blog for a long time as I didn’t want to deal with those negative situations again. I would only give out the password if I knew that person had a track record of behaving well. Now I just don’t have time for blogging.

    But how many cruel, thoughtless people have stolen so much from those talented trusting souls out there just trying to do their best? You could stick it in the eye of such a condition of this universe, and persevere. But start to moderate your comments!

  5. Dear Brenda, sorry I’m so late to comment. I’ve been with you since Texas and now you are the only blog I read. Like others I check to see if you have thrown in another post. I honestly don’t know how you keep up the blog but I sincerely hope you never stop. I thoroughly enjoy Hearing about your animals and their antics. I never fail to be impressed by some of your delicate subjects and I know the women you have helped are grateful too. I just wish we lived close so we could do lunch together then go to your favorite antique mall.

    1. Oh Annette, every time I look at my sedum Autumn Joy I think of you sending it to me all the way from California so I could put it in my garden 5 years ago. I wish we could have lunch too. I think you’d like that antique mall.

  6. I have been a reader of your blog since Texas. You were right when you said you think of your blog as your ‘house’ and some of the people who make comments shouldn’t be invited in, or something to that effect and I agree. It is like a house, a home, and you are so nice to welcome us in. If someone said a mean thing to me, I would NOT let them in my house again, ever. Please delete the rude comments-they spoil my day, too.
    Your blog is the only one I read. I don’t read books, only newspapers and magazines, so I don’t read your blogs about books. I love your decorating ideas so I am sorry Ivy has put a stop to that. You have a normal, everyday life and I like that and enjoy reading your thoughts about friends, relatives and your garden and outdoor photos you share. Would hate to see you lock your doors…

  7. Funny you should bring up crick in your neck as I said it just this week. Ivy is such a pretty girl. My 3 cats are all rescues who were sick so I didn’t get to pick them out due to unusual markings etc. However, their personalities are all unique. I have one grey tiger who is indifferent to me in the house but insists on going outside and then he wants my attention. I have a tiny tuxedo girl, Rosebud, who is a tripod. Gangrene has set into a broken leg and it took me awhile to trap her as she was a feral as was, Sheamus, my grey tiger boy. And then there is my Moose boy. He’s a 20lb big white boy with grey ears and solid grey tail and rest of his body is white. He has the most beautiful celadon green eyes. He is FIV positive and I found him starving and sick in a Walmart parking lot. He’s doing well now and he is a complete love. He’s a bit miffed at me as when I went to visit my grands he had to be kenneled at the vet’s but soon hope to be forgiven. Love seeing your furry babies. They bring joy to our lives.

  8. Brenda, I’m a bit late commenting but please don’t let the haters get you down. Live life as you want and write what you want. It’s not necessary to comstsube decorating. I love your stories on Charlie and Ivy, your daughter and Andrew and Nathan too. Maybe it’s time for a ramble out to the country side with your camera or a trip to Jenks to just pursue the antique stores. I love your gardening tips and photographs and I try to read daily. Got off track this week due to a trip to D.C. to visit my grands. Live life and we all will be awaiting your commentary on everything and anything. Chin up , Brenda, spring is here no time for the doldrums .

  9. Hi Brenda! I just love your blog. It is one of the few I read because you write about real things and my favorite posts are the ones you write about Charlie and Ivy.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday. I love hearing about Charlie and Ivy and what they are doing. Also love hearing about your patio and plants. You have given me so many ideas about decorating with plants and pictures. I hope you never quit writing.
    I do read a lot, but mostly light mysteries. I have written down some of your titles you have written about and plan on checking them out.
    Please don’t give up writing about your plants and decorating.
    Hugs to Charlie and Ivy and you.
    Have a wonderful day

  11. Brenda – I have read every post since you began – and I feel so privileged to have been able read you posts and yes I do feel like you are a dear friend that I visit with in the morning over coffee. You have shared the good and the not so good and overcome so many things that you have shared. You give hope to others when you share . You have created your own wonderful home and share how you make it a happy home. Love your sweet pets and loved Abby dearly. Please continue writing and taking wonderful photos and sharing.

  12. Brenda,
    I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog before you left iTexas and look forward to each of your posts. Like to hear about your life, your sweet pets and your decorating and your lovely garden. Please don’t stop!

  13. I enjoy most everything that you write. I enjoyed the pets and find myself wondering how Charlie can be so shiny. Perhaps you don’t feel them use every day but those of us who like to read your column don’t mind all that much. I read every post even though I rarely respond. Thank you!

  14. A couple bloggers I like have both quit in the past 3 years. One hadn’t posted anything for months, and the writing was on the wall. The other only posted on Tuesday, and she wasn’t writing anything either. I hope you don’t quit, but I understand how frustrating it must be when people are hateful. The internet allows people to be as unkind as they want because there isn’t any face-to-face contact. Sharing Ivy and Charlie’s antics, what’s new on your patio, life in general, your grandson, Nathan. I enjoy it all!

    I put down my dog 19 months ago. Both my husband and our grown son went with me. My husband laughed after she was gone. I wondered then how I could stay with someone who was so heartless. We are actively working towards separating. I just can’t do it anymore.

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry! We have had ladies here that needed understanding and direction when separating/divorcing. Everyone rallies round and tries to help with information and ideas. If you need any input or just someone to communicate all this with, please feel free to email me. That is truly heartless. I don’t blame you.

  15. It’s a shame that now days people are so easily offended. It’s actually having the opposite effect on freedom of speech. Our speech is becoming more and more limited and somewhat controlled by all this political correctness and accusations of racism flying everywhere and by & between all the many races in this country. People are becoming less and less tolerant of each other. We cannot just throw in the towel and quit because we may offend someone. It’s often hard to know just what each individual is offended by. So, I say just keep posting on your blog and saying what’s on your mind as that is your right as much as the right of the individual who opposes what you have to say! Frankly I’m getting tired of all the whining and political correctness! Brenda, just keep posting as you have always done, whether it be decorating, book reviews or just your daily life. I look forward to your post no matter the subject. Sorry, got a little carried away. Hope my comments not too long. But hey, I spoke my peace! lol

  16. Please don’t stop Brenda. I love reading about Charlie and Ivy, and I enjoy your beautiful patio pictures. Write what you enjoy and what makes you happy. I look forward to reading your blog and consider you a sort of “penpal”. If you want to write a book review, do it. Write, take photos that bring you joy and I know the majority of your followers will enjoy them as much as I do.

    Carol and Molly

  17. Marthap
    ???Good morning Dear Brenda,
    I’m always anxious to read your blog!
    I read it several times daily. I check to
    See if you may have posted a second
    time. The people who say unkind &
    thoughtless words are JUST WORDS. They are angry & feel they need to hurt others.
    Sorry, you have been bruised.
    Better days are ahead. Let’s get a
    hot air ballon & put nasty words & those who say them on their way “to
    Up & away ‘til they can be kind.
    I always enjoy visiting you, Charlie and Ivy. Remember each time Abie’s
    name is mentioned she is alive in your heart and beautiful memories.
    You are my friend & I care.
    Please keep visiting & making my &
    many,many others have a better day!
    ?? Big Blessings God has no small

    1. I tell myself they’re just words. Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, I remember saying as a child. But sometimes they do hurt. I always get over it. I’m not the first blogger to get hateful comments and I sure won’t be the last. It fades in my memory over time.

  18. I enjoy your blog. I have been stopping by for a long time. I think you are a wonderful writer and photographer.
    I hope you ignore the negative comments you receive. There is way too much negativity in the world today. We need some positive blogs, as I find your is, in blog land.

    1. And for the most part, comments have been absolutely wonderful I’d say 97% of the time. Sometimes it’s what the 3% say that gets to you because you don’t see it coming.

  19. Your blog is the only one I’ve consistently read-for years! I feel like you’re an old friend. I love it all: decorating, nature, pets, Nathan, Andrew, food.. You have a gift for making it all interesting.i miss hearing about your health, and the blog being more about your oersonal feelings. You made that interesting and informative too! I liked hearing about your everyday life: insurance issues shopping trips, etc. you helped a great deal make me satisfied. Please share yourself with us; not just books. Differences of opinions go with the territory, but you are much loved!

    1. Book reviews seemed “safe.” I mentioned my ankle and someone got ugly, wrote that I’m acting like I’m 100 years old. Added “get over yourself.” So I stopped mentioning it except vaguely. I felt like I was walking and trying to avoid all the cracks in the sidewalk. But it’s hard to do that over time. I will share more of myself and delete comments that are like the one I mentioned. They just make you doubt yourself.

  20. Hi Brenda I’ve been reading your blog since texas days and look forward to each and every post. I’m not into the decor posts as much but even when you post those in I read them through to the end and enjoy them through your point of view. I’m not a bookie person either so skip those, but as someone has said here already, you cant please every one every post and every time. I will continue to read here in the future no matter what you write about and love this little community you have built here with your honesty and words. Dont change a thing!

  21. You have been through so much in your life, You are a true survivor and no longer anyone’s victim.. You have your own pretty place, your own lovely garden and your cute little pets. You are a woman to be admired and not pitied or put down. Accept the fact that you are the heroine of your own story. Let the negative people write their own sad stories. Their trite novels will never be published and because of that, they will always be jealous of others. There are many of us who enjoy and appreciate your posts. So keep writing in your own authentic way and forget about pleasing anyone but yourself.

  22. Hi Brenda,
    Please just be yourself. I love hearing about your animals, your garden, your apartment, and even your aches and pains! It’s like you are a friend sharing your life. If someone doesn’t like what you’re saying, they should leave. Don’t change for them. You’re blog is about you and what you share with us. We’re here because of you. We care about you!

  23. Hi Brenda! Please don’t change a thing about your blog! I have always enjoyed reading it and although I have never left a comment before, this blog post really touched me. I thank God that you are not just another blogger painting everything “farmhouse” and trying to sell stuff on amazon. (Although there’s nothing wrong with that.) I find your blog posts so refreshing and so real! You are real life! Please continue to share your real life with the rest of us!

  24. Hi Brenda, this is your blog and I enjoy reading whtever you have on your mind. It is like I am stopping by to visit a friend each day. I like anything you write about. Don’t allow some skeptic to direct the way you feel. As you read the comments of all your friends allow us to be an encouragement to you! We want to be involved in your life and that means keep writing and just be your sweet, informative self. I would miss you my friend if you decided to allow a few snippy comments change your direction. There have always been mean “girls” from elementary school on up. They become mean adults who don’t have the desire to change. Like in gardening consider them weeds…pull them out by deleting their comments before they spread and cause hurt to grow.Keep on writing whatever you love and have on your mind and I promise to keep reading and “visiting ” your cozy home and all the friends who visit. Hugs to Charlie, Miss Ivy Lou, and to you.

  25. As someone who lives in a small apartment in a big city….no pets and no garden….I LOVE to see all your garden and pet pictures! Whatever you write about is always interesting to me. Keep being you. You’re great exactly as you are.

  26. You may write differently as time goes along…but so what? Who of us has that predictable of a life? Certainly not me. Because I consider you my friend, never fear, whatever you write, I will tag along too!! Ignore the naysayers…good grief it has become a cult these days. I simply cannot believe the trashing both my girls are taking at work these days…one of them feel attacked by everyone…a nest of vipers I call them…the other one is attacked often by a lazy know nothing who is a different race too…I suspect somewhat prejudiced against my lovely girl!! Both my daughters are very nice people…both are so despondent and discouraged and depressed…neither knows WHAT to do…well what on earth can you do when other people are out hunting for others to attack? Maybe wear a shirt with a bull’s eye on it…have felt like so doing myself at time!! Keep on trucking on…you are a great write and share some very funny stories…thanks for those too!! And of course, how can you go wrong writing about dogs and cats?? I enjoy the gardening stuff too, though I certainly NOT a green thumb type!! HUGS to you!!

  27. You’ve gotten a lot of good feedback, and I hope it convinces you how important your blog is to us. I’ve thought how hard it must be to put yourself out there for others to criticize. I can’t even comment on Facebook, I’m so scared I’ll say something wrong! Please know how much we love your writing, about gardening, pets, and books! You’ve made me enjoy my own garden, my dog, and my books more than I would have on my own. Please continue to write about all these and anything else that interests you. You’re never boring and always eagerly anticipated!

  28. what on earth! ??? WHY do people feel they have the right to even judge anyone?
    on their OWN blog no less!
    but I know what you mean. it can be as if they hit you in the stomach.
    please know there are hundreds of us who love it here. you connect with us all.
    and that precious tiny face of Charlie. I just can’t get enough!
    you could do every post simply of both of your beautiful little animals and the patio and butterflies and flowers. … being a simple minimalist I don’t change that much around either! sending you gratitude for this blog and the work that it is.
    and love to your little family of three. xo

  29. I enjoy reading your posts so much. Your patio garden is an inspiration! Our home has 2 cats and 1 Yorkie mix pup. Pet antics make each day so interesting! Please continue writing your blog!

  30. I want to add that something that comes out in your blog is your willingness to let things go and try new ideas (I’m thinking of some furniture pieces you have donated). Change is very hard for me, as well as getting rid of things, even what is no longer working or appropriate for my current life. You have really helped me see a different perspective and take some chances I may not have if I wasn’t a reader of your blog. Thanks again and thank you for being you!

  31. Brenda, I’m back to say yay for all the encouragement you’ve gotten that you matter and we appreciate you! I read that comment about you sounding like you were 100, ugly and patently untrue. You never whine and I like to hear how you are doing, am sorry for the pain you live with. Please don’t let a negative person or two dictate what you want to say. You have come through way too much to be stopped by a few people who aren’t happy themselves and choose to be ugly to you. Keep inspiring us all by being you!
    P.S. I’m so pleased how easy you’ve made it to comment! I’m pretty shy and almost never comment on a blog.

  32. Brenda, I love all the photos of your home and garden because you change things up for the seasons – I don’t care if there are any that may be similiar. Anyway, your photos are always unique and different due to changes in the weather, time of day, etc. I have recently downsized to a small single story home and get a great deal of decorating inspiration from you. It is more enjoyable to see your home than ones on other blogs or Pinterest because you are so real and down-to-earth. Thank you for having the creativity and talent to do what you do. I receive a so much pleasure from all of your posts and appreciate that you cover a variety of topics.

  33. I have read your blog since you lived in Texas and see how you have adapted to each situation with more strength than I could so kudos to how you have stuck in there with your journey on this blog. And my pets are my life so I always have them first and foremost in my day and my thoughts are of their care so I understand completely that time with them is precious for us who are pet lovers.
    Write about your days just as you want to as this is your blog to write your thoughts and no one should tell you what they don’t want to read. It’s not their blog so they can chose another one to read. I like books and pictures of your ventures out but time with Charlie is needed as he is feeling the loss too and don’t let anyone tell you he isn’t. They have stress emotions when their world is not as it always was. Just rescue a dog from a shelter and hear stories of distress and you will see how Charlie is adjusting to a different life too. It’s nice not to see you are feeling the need to change decor around and content to live within your means and just enjoy what you have, I don’t care for those fancy decorating blogs and have stopped reading them. I always liked your down to earth attitude.

  34. Please don’t change a thing! We have read your blog all these year because we like it just as it is. We love you just as you are! Sending you (((((((hugs))))))!

  35. Hello Brenda, I am so sorry for for the unkindness of people. I to have lost precious fur babies and it is awful. I love your posts about your life. I have read your blog since Texas and I worried and prayed for you during your divorce. I loved seeing all of the projects you did in the little blue house and again I ached when you had to leav it. I totally love seeing your apartment and your patio. I am working on my deck to make it as lovely as yours. Please don’ let the trolls get to you.
    Suzan Ladybug Cottage

  36. You are one of the three blogs I never fail to check! Although I will repeat what has been said so well by so many others I will just add it to the scale so you can see it tip to the positive.

    I actually don’t read the comments on blogs any more so I don’t know what the hurtful comments were. Back when I read them I was amazed at how critical people could be of a bloggers efforts.

    1. We get invited into the bloggers space and they share it with us as if we were guests in their home. As a guest I would NEVER criticize someone’s home decor or the food they offer me! Why would you do that in the blogging sphere?
    2. I don’t pay to enjoy your blog. I don’t have to do anything in order to enjoy it. It’s free to me…a gift! I take it as it is offered and enjoy it.
    3. No one forces me to click on a blog I don’t enjoy. I don’t like French decorating blogs where all the furnishings are white or tan. Other people do. SO I just don’t visit them.
    4. I enjoy blogs that show individuality…the person’s tastes, ideas, and perspectives! They can be different than mine! That’s how I learn, stretch and grow.
    5. I enjoy blogs that tell a story. You have so vunerably shared your life story and l learned so much from that. One of my dearest friends has a similar story and it helped me understand her better. She can’t tell a story like you! Whether it’s your pets, Nathan or your physical stuff…it’s real life! It’s our common shared humanity!
    6. You are the gatekeeper of your blog. If you want to moderate comments I say go for it…spare us all the vitriol!

  37. I always enjoy your posts that come from the heart. Whether it’s about your apartment, the pets, the garden, Nathan, your past, your feelings about cellphones, I could go on and on. That’s what draws me to this blog. And all the other like minded women. We introverts are a class of our own. No other blog touches me like yours does. I aspire to have the cozy little life you have. I wish I had the green thumb, the photography and decorating talent you have. You are unlike any other blogger I’ve seen. You are real. You are peaceful. You are wise. I feel like you’re my favorite neighbor. Please never change your blog. I don’t understand why some feel the need to post hateful comments. It’s a reflection of them, not you. Keep using your god given talents. ❤️

  38. I always enjoy your posts that come from the heart. Whether it’s about your apartment, the pets, the garden, Nathan, your past, your feelings about cellphones, I could go on and on. That’s what draws me to this blog. And all the other like minded women. We introverts are a class of our own. No other blog touches me like yours does. I aspire to have the cozy little life you have. I wish I had the green thumb, the photography and decorating talent you have. You are unlike any other blogger I’ve seen. You are real. You are peaceful. You are wise. I feel like you’re my favorite neighbor. Please never change your blog. I don’t understand why some feel the need to post hateful comments. It’s a reflection of them, not you. Keep using your god given talents. ❤️

  39. I discovered your blog about 4 years ago and I have read every blog, even going back to read the posts before I joined. I hope you continue to write just as you do now. I enjoyed the posts about Abi and Charlie, but being a cat person, I really like reading about Ivy. I enjoy your pictures of your patio and the parks you visit. And I find the book reviews very helpful in finding new books. Every time I read your blog, I feel like I’m visiting with an old friend even though we have never met. I am sorry for the critical judgements. However, remember there are more that love your blog. Please keep it up.

  40. Brenda look at all these comments. People like your blog and love reading about Ivy and Charlie too. I got into blogging to share myself and my decor style and have made such great friends. The majority of my blogging friends and followers are not even into my style but I have connected with them. I would blog about what interest you to share and if people know you and want to visit and hear about your life they will. That is what makes blogging fun. You do not have to keep to a certain standard just be yourself.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  41. Brenda,
    DON’T CHANGE A THING! I’ve read your blog for many, many years. Like life, it has evolved and that isn’t a bad thing! I read it way back when your were in Texas. Still reading. Keep it up!
    I always assume those that are less than pleasant have more going on than I know, and try to take it from there.
    Love to Charlie and Ivy.

  42. Please keep blogging. I love your plants and pets. I know that in the next few years my house and yard will be more than I am capable of maintaining and I will have to sell and move somewhere smaller. I am seeing that I can make it work. You are my mentor and example.
    I totally get it about the social cues. For most of my career, I taught in elementary schools. I was drawn to students who needed that little bit of extra help. The last few years before retirement, I worked with Aspergers students on organizational and social skills at the high school level.
    I think for those of us who grew up in families that were atypical, we have thinner skin and take more things to heart. There are so many judgmental people out there, don’t let them get you down. I have been reading you blog since before you left Texas.

  43. Everyone judges every day. That is part of living. I do not care about the book reviews since I do not read that type of literature. Your patio and gardening information are not only interesting but also informative. The decorating posts are my favorite! How many times can you photograph your pets? I have my own for entertainment and to love.

  44. Oh how I hope you can regain your confidence to write as you previously did, and I’m very sorry you’ve been hurt and so shaken. I discovered your blog maybe eighteen months ago, and have looked forward to reading it every day since. We share some traits and history, and I too live alone but not lonely. I have loved your blog for your photos and because you chat about everything and nothing much, just like a good friend dropping in for coffee. Although turning only seventy five today, in less than the past year my two best friends died (one a forty year friendship), another five friends died, and two young friends (like family) moved away. Your personal chats were as close to replacing their company as I had, so please continue for all of us who truly appreciate you sharing your life with us.
    Thank you – Edith

  45. I’ve been enjoying your blog for years. Funny Ivy and cute Charlie and their antics are always fun to read about, and I always enjoy seeing and reading about what is going on with the flowers, plants, birds on your patio.. I like your decorating ideas, too. I don’t change my things around very much, but I like seeing what you do in your apartment.

    How mean for someone to comment so hatefully about you missing your sweet Abbie, or about you writing about pain issues. Sometimes, to me, it just seems like we are living in a world that is short on kindness and empathy, and people are so outspokenly critical of others, to the point of smug hatefulness. I don’t remember our society being like this until just the past 4 or 5 years ago, maybe I just hadn’t noticed it, but I truly believe things have changed.

    When you get down about blogging, please remember that there are many of us out here who enjoy reading what you write. Please don’t censor yourself for the sake of some ornery commenters..

  46. Brenda, I love your posts! Your stories about the fur babies are so funny and so interesting and I love the photos you share! If all blogs were alike, where would the interest be? I don’t want to read a post about someone doing the same thing I’m doing or even something similar, I like seeing different things, getting different ideas and just reading about someone’s life…that is interesting to me! I love to read so I’m glad you share book reviews! Love and hugs!

  47. I must be missing some posts because, for the life of me, I can’t remember any comments being “mean”. Some express their opinions, which differ with your sometimes but I honestly don’t remember any “haters”. If we express a different opinion from yours, it doesn’t make us a “hater”. I don’t know, maybe some are “hateful” with their opinions?
    Anyway, I’m not a “pet” person, so I skip those posts. Also, you and I don’t have the same taste in books so I skip those posts too.
    I enjoy the posts about gardening so I read those.

    1. Yeah, you missed some things. There are opinions, which are fine and fully expected. Then there is meanness which is not warranted and shouldn’t be in a comment.

  48. When my husband died unexpectedly, a so called friend told me that I was grieving way too much and that I seemed to enjoy being sad. Talk about words hurting! But you know what…..she is no longer on my list of friends. There is enough negativity in the world so why should we allow others to create more in our lives? Love you and your blog.

    1. What wise words! You are so right. Not enough time in the day for people who are negative toward you. And how on earth could someone say that to you? I can’t even imagine.

  49. Such a shame that some not so nice folks have made you feel not as free in your writing. I do not have a blog but look forward to what you are up to and you are a talented writer. Be free..and say what you want..and if the haters come out…stand up for yourself. But on the other hand..I understand as none of us want to be treated unkindly. Keep blogging about all of the things you have..and you will be “good to go”.. Thank you..

  50. Brenda,
    I love your blog. Love to hear about Charlie, Ivy and your garden and seeing the beautiful pictures you take. I have made a small garden in my front yard, and love to hear about your pretty plants and flowers and hope to someday make mine as cute as yours; it inspires me. You inspire me!
    I take pictures of butterflies, birds and nature’s little visitors in my garden, just for me, because I love all that! It makes me happy!
    The simple beautiful things in this upside down world.
    Just like your blog, it brings joy to many.
    Please don’t doubt yourself.
    P.S. I have two fur kitties too!

  51. I have read your blog for many many years , before the guy built the waterfall,,, and have enjoyed you sharing your life with me. I look forward to reading about your flowers and fur babies. Please keep on blogging,, it looks like there are several of sights enjoy it.

  52. I have to agree with some of what I saw already posted, as I scrolled down to get to the comment box: pets and books, and even a photo a day, are just fine with me! As much as I like informational reading online, i have far too many days where I’m just very anxious and upset and instead need to read something soothing and nice, and your blog falls into that category :> as for decorating … hey, there’s plenty of people on instagram for that!

  53. Write about anything that comes into your head! If someone doesn’t like it they can find another blog. Because it is truly “you” that draws your readers. We don’t want an “edited down” Brenda!

  54. I love reading you blog, I always look forward to it . As for me I love hearing about and seeing the pets . Gardening is fun too . My thought is write what you want , I’m just happy you do . After winter I think most of us just want to be outside. Maybe fall would be a better decorate when we are trying to make our homes cozy for winter . And remember you can’t please everyone.
    Have a wonderful day .

  55. I keep trying to post but it won’t go through. Trying again. Brenda I love your blog. You may think everything is mundane but that’s what I love. It’s real life. Simple and peaceful. You have a real talent. Please continue to share. I enjoy it so much I love all your topics. Haters gonna hate. No idea why.

  56. I love to see pictures and hear stories of your pets. That’s one of the best parts of your blog.

  57. Brenda, I read your blog because I love the way you write and the photos are amazing; doesn’t really matter to me what the topic might be — you have a gifted way with words and images. Your blog seems to reflect your heart and soul and I hope you continue to invite us into your Cozy Little House. Your home and patio are just beautiful, Charlie and Ivy (and Abi) are a delight to read about, your photos often make me smile (or laugh out loud), your blog is both informative , creative, and personal.

    I do love to read and very much enjoy your book reviews.

    Thank you for sharing your stories/images with us.

    Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday.

  58. My Mom used to say don’t sink to their level, rise above it. If you publish something I don’t care about, I just don’t read it but truthfully that is very seldom. I LOVE reading about Charlie and Ivy and your garden. Don’t listen to the negative remarks, too many people love you and love your blog.

    1. Yeah, if I’m reading something that just isn’t of interest to me, I click out and find something else to read. What’s so hard about that I wonder? A person doesn’t have to get personal about it.

  59. Brenda,
    I always look forward to reading your blog. It’s like sitting down to have a morning cup of coffee with a friend. I’ve been reading your thoughts, feelings, and observations for a couple of years now, but almost never reply to let you know how much I look forward to hearing what’s going on in your life from day to day. I relate to so much of your content, so I feel I am hearing from a dear friend. I like the same type of fiction (also every gardening book I can get my hands on). I live in a small home. I have a tiny backyard. I garden mostly in containers. I grow lots of flowers and the same few veggies you do–tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and a Fairy Tale eggplant. I have one indoor cat and look after 3 ferals. I don’t have 20 sets of dishes, linens, or other homegoods to decorate with for every season or holiday. So I look forward to your blog above all others simply because it’s all so real. I appreciate that you live simply, that you show me how to make a big impact with a small vignette, that you struggle with a painful past and an imperfect present.

    If others don’t like your reality they should just move on. But as for me, and I am sure many others, I like it just the way it is. I love hearing all about Charlie and Ivy. I love the pics of your patio garden. I felt your grief over losing Abi. I understand introversion. I know the pain of broken relationships. I understand self-doubt and disappointment. This is a slice of real life. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

    1. I think I’m to the point I can just let it roll off me like other nonsense. But it definitely stifled my writing habits. I just didn’t know what to write anymore. Social cues are kind of hard for me, so I felt like I was missing some cues. And that just made me want to retreat.

    2. This is perfect, Alice. It’s exactly how I feel! I love Brenda, Charlie and Ivy and still miss sweet little Abi too.

      1. Yes, I agree with Alice and Barbara…I’ve only been following your blog for about six months, but enjoy reading each day what you are experiencing…no matter what that is. As an intovert, reader, a former pet owner (our old girl passed in March), container gardener living in a small condo, and with a few physical problems that come with age, what you write is of interest to me…I can relate. Brenda, you have fans out here who appreciate you.

    3. Alice you are so spot on with your comment. This is exactly how I feel. Thanks for putting it into words.

  60. I’ve never understood why some people feel the need to be mean. I just don;t have it in me. I think we just have to be ourselves and hope that if someone doesn’t like us that they will move along. xo Laura

    1. I would say some people are built that way or learn it young. I have a sister in law and a sister who are very competitive people and think their criticisms are welcome. They believe they are superior and I know one was taught that and one may have been. Tough to live with. You just have to leave them out of your life.

      1. I have had to learn to let my daughters live their own lives without my input. It was hard. They were my little girls once and you think you’re protecting them. But you have to come to the realization that they are grown women. And know when to keep it quiet and tone it down. I’ve learned that. You have to come to terms with the fact that you don’t necessarily know what’s best for them and more importantly, it’s not your business anymore. That’s a different animal we’re dealing with. But it’s about learning respect.

  61. Dear Brenda,
    Your blog is popular because you are honest and real. That is the bottom line. Few bloggers are willing to do that. Plus you don’t whine! You touch many lives because of being real, being you, and sharing yourself with us. I am sorry for the haters. I know I couldn’t do a blog because of them. I hope you will delete their input and disregard it. I have read your blog since you left Texas and been privileged to listen to you grow into a strong and wise woman. Don’t let the haters take your peace and joy!

    1. Most bloggers aren’t going to put themselves very far out there. And I came to understand why. Many just quit because they can’t take the haters.

  62. Brenda, I love your blog! Every post feels like catching up with a friend. I’ve learned so much from you. We don’t need mean people/comments so I just delete or block anything unkind. I have a ” crick” in my neck! That’s how we say it in my area of Ohio, lol. Have a great day!

  63. I’m afraid I am not a table top girl. What looks lovely in your house wouldn’t work for me at all. I do arrange my rooms and plants on my windowsill til I get it pleasing to me. But these things are so personal that I would rather read about Ivy, Charlie or your plantings. I have plans to do a few plantings on my desk this year, due to you. Please yourself, not others.

    1. I can’t be a table top girl with Ivy Lou here! She’s curious about everything. She might knock it over, or she might just drag it off to parts unknown and I won’t see it for awhile.

  64. I don’t believe that you should change a think on your blog. This is your baby, you conceived it and birthed it. You put your heart into bringing it to life. If small minded people can’t see past the end of their nose, so be it. There is a lot on TV, radio and in books that I don’t like, so what!! I don’t stop and watch or read anything that doesn’t interest me. I would never like to see anything censored so that I can’t pick and chose what to look at or read. This is still the USA.
    As far as that mean spirited person who told you to grow up is concerned, I feel sorry for her. I feel she has a miserable life and wants everyone else to have one. Keep your chin up and soldier on. I look forward to every post you make, no matter the subject.

  65. I have only recently started reading your blog and, let me tell you, I look forward to it every day! I love your posts about your fur babies, about your grandson, about shopping, about your beautiful patio, about driving, about everything! I would be very sad if you gave it up. Some people are mean spirited and I’ll never figure out why. I say we should just move on and ignore those who have nothing but hatred in their hearts.


    1. Well hard to ignore when it’s right there in your face. On your blog that is like a second home to you. But I’m trying my best to do just that.

  66. Dear Brenda- please don’t let other people’s misery get you down! I really enjoy your fur baby stories! Your garden is eye candy.I know that when we are feeling low- others unkind words really hurt.Shame on them!I am sending you good wishes for a beautiful- relaxing day.Laura

    1. The one year anniversary of Abi dying hit me hard. Recent ugly comments added to it was just about more than I could stomach.

  67. I love your blog! Everyday it’s something else with Ivy & Charlie & they make me smile. I’m not much of a gardener but love the pictures of yours. Your book reviews are wonderful & I have read many of the books you review. Keep doing what you’re doing please!

  68. I, for one, love reading your posts about the antics of crazy Ivy, or sweet Charlie and his tongue hanging out….and your patio, oh my gosh it’s so lovely. Plus your apartment is so cozy and even if you don’t change up your decor all the time, who cares? My decor stays the same except for seasonal swaps of pillows/throws/bed linens and of course the tablecloth in the dining room! Other than that, not much changes around here! I say write what you want to write about, and if people want to read it they will!!

  69. Brenda,
    I drop in now & then to catch up.
    I have always enjoyed your posts, comments about life, pets, people in your life, family, decor, etc. I have been appalled at people’s rudeness, and never understand why people can’t just go on to something else, if they have something negative to say!? And I hate that these things make you feel bad, because I know they would me too. Pot stirrers, that’s what they are, & what they get off on.
    Consider the source. I know it’s easy to say, & hard to do!
    Here’s what I think:
    It’s YOUR blog, & I think you should say whatever the heck you feel like!
    Post whatever is on your mind.
    Show pics of what YOU want.
    Review books you want to read.
    Post as often as you feel like.
    Dont worry about some reader’s narrow minds.
    Do what it takes so you can enjoy it!

  70. 4th time I’ve tried to comment. Hopefully it goes through. I love your blog. Please don’t change a thing. You have such talent. Your blog is a soothing place to come. I love reading about your daily life. It’s real. Your apartment is lovely. Love the pet babies. I love the women’s issues. I love the book reviews. I love it all. Please keep it up. Ignore the judgers. Or delete them. Just keep blogging. ❤️

  71. Aw man…you are scaring me. Quit blogging????? No, no, no! I don’t always read all the comments so it took me aback to hear that some were quite judgmental. Please try to shrug those off. I imagine that it takes a lot to put a post together – upload photos, writing, editing, re-writing, etc. so it must be a bit disheartening after pouring so much into each and every post to have to put up with negativity. But the readers who value your work outnumber the critics by far so please keep that in mind. Here is a little quote that I found on Pinterest – “Anger is an acid that does more damage to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” Let them burn themselves up. You….keep on doing what you do so exceeding well.

  72. Hi Brenda
    I love your blog its one of the first I look at when it comes. I love your home and all the decorating. I also love seeing Ivy and Charlie
    Love to read about your everyday stuff. Keep up the good work.

  73. Please don’t stop blogging. Yours is the second blog I read every day (Dr. Grumpy is the first) that you or he post. Love your news and pictures of your pets, your garden, your home and your thoughts about things in general. I’m a reader and since I’ve retired my family gifts me on all occasions with Barns & Noble gift cards, so I’m always looking for good recommendations and commentary on what you’ve read. Thank you for spending time with me.

  74. Brenda, I think most of your readers just enjoy the way you write. Your posts seem to be “from the heart and soul” of the person you are and I hope you continue to be that very same person. I do not always comment on a particular post due to time constraints or if I am traveling BUT you better believe I read and enjoy every post (I may have missed a few due to those same time constraints and traveling but not many since I have started following you). I enjoy each and every post — I love decorating, gardening, reading, animals, and am quite content with a simple life. Your blog speaks to me and I enjoy listening.

    Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday.

  75. I enjoy your posts about the pets very much since I too am an animal lover. Your gardening posts are also very enjoyable. I feel like I can learn a lot from you. Decorating posts are also a favorite but I can see why you can’t do those all the time & that is ok. Few people can decorate & change things up on a continual basis. There is something to be said about being content with the way things are & not continually changing. That would be exhausting. I’ve also enjoyed posts on being frugal in different ways & recipes. If I had more time to read I would like those posts as well but right now I don’t have much time for recreational reading. I so agree with the many posters here on ignoring the haters. I feel like those individuals are cowards who hide behind their words & probably would never say to your face what they comment on a blog post.

  76. Your blog is just fine. I found your focus on women’s issues to be very thought provoking and of course, if you had a photo of Charlie and Ivy in every post, I’d love that. Even when you are commenting on anything huge, it’s very comforting to read about things at Brenda’s and life unfolding every day. I find it fascinating that you are able to decorate such a small space with such color and variety. Always interesting. I listen to audiotapes so I jot down the titles of your book reviews.

    By the way, I have to look up that post about fixing things. My toilet is running, lol.

  77. Dear Brenda don’t quit please. I’ve been with you a long time and I would not like to lose reading your awesome posts. So. Your passions st this time are reading and nature photography. SO. Why don’t you think about setting aside one day every week for books. And one day a week dedicated to nature photos. (You’re. Probably already doing this but my memory is extremely not goodbye at 66. I personally do enjoy a “themed Pinterest Post.” You could do that once a week and I’d like it. What about food? Something you cook or somewhere you ate out. Also whatever happened to bloggers featuring info on other blogs. Or (shut me up at any time lol) get several bloggers together to all do “something”. For example each blogger share a recipe. Or each blogger share a vignette. Or photography. The ideas are limitless. Just don’t quit please.

  78. Brenda, please don’t ever stop blogging. I always look forward to your posts. I live a secluded life here on the river, and having you drop in every other day is like having an old friend stop by to visit. I am quite a bibliophile but there are certain books I enjoy more than others…. mainly gardening and decorating books and magazines. I am not into fiction thast much. I enjoy books that teach you how to do things. I like when you post your vignettes and the new items you get from Hobby Lobby. Those two children of yours are precious.

    1. Where I get free books, they’re never about anything but fiction and biographies. I never see gardening and decorating books. Maybe I’ll come across some somewhere. I’ve started posting a bit more than I was. I just got depressed there for awhile and thought the least said/written the better.

  79. I look forward to reading your blog every morning. I like that you are down to earth, and are not trying to impress anyone with what you do in your home or garden. I feel like you are a friend and we are simply touching base every morning to see how you are doing. Don’t change a thing. If some of the readers are dissatisfied with what you post they can just quit reading it. And you are entitled to your opinion on anything you want to talk about. I have lots of friends and most of them do not see things (religion, politics, etc) the same as I do, but I still value their friendship just the same. You will never please everyone all the time and I try to even remind myself that not everyone will like me, differences in people is what this world is all about.

    1. You’re right. You can never please all of the people all of the time. As long as things are kept civil and kind, that’s fine with me.

  80. P.S. I forgot to write that during the summer if you have a window open so that a curtain is blowing or there are tree branches outside that pick up the sun the shadows on the wall no doubt change and appear to be moving; my guess is that the movement is what fascinates Ivy – like the shadows are alive on the wall!

  81. Don’t change your blog because some people are critical of what you may write, Brenda. Nobody’s going to agree 100% of the time. I don’t have domesticated pets anymore, but I consider the squirrels, the birds and the chipmunks my “pets” and they are as fascinating and funny and exasperating as Ivy is. I like reading about your fur babies, your beautiful garden and your thoughts on various topics. I think sometimes when one lives alone and is retired – so possibly out of the hubbub of rubbing shoulders five days a week with a variety of people at work, we may start to live just a bit too much within ourselves, so it’s probably more a good thing than not to hear other people’s points of view, even if they don’t agree or whatever. People who don’t like what you (or any other bloggers) write will eventually stop visiting. That may be bad for those who monetize their blog, but on the whole life is too short to sweat stuff like that! To each their own. I agree, though, that if someone is particularly mean, nasty or rude in a comment, I would probably delete it. By the way, I also grew up hearing about getting a “crink in the neck” – that’s what we called it a “crink”, LOL! I still call it that. Everybody where I live in SE Wisconsin who was born and raised here knows exactly what I mean when I say that, because we’ve all probably had one at some time or other 🙂

    1. You’re right in that when you’re by yourself so much, you need to hear other people’s points of view. And I do love that as long as it’s said in a constructive manner.

  82. I like to read your blog every day and look forward to it, even if I don’t comment. (I am not a reader so I skip the book reviews but it does not bother me. ) I love your photos and hearing about your pets. I enjoy hearing about Nathan and about what is going on in the patio. Don’t let a few grumpy people ruin this blog!
    I have wondered about a couple things, like whether you have gotten to know your neighbor lady yet, and what has happened to “Liz.” You have not mentioned these things in a while. Other than that I am content to read whatever is on your mind. I consider you a friend too so every mundane topic is fine with me!

    1. I would love to get to know my neighbor, but she’s hardly ever home. And when she is, she has all these friends over. Now her adult grandson lives with her. And Liz hasn’t communicated much since she’s doing so well. She’s just living her life.

  83. I have been reading your blog since you lived in TX and will continue to do do. I like the decorating and gardening pictures.

    1. I had so many more rooms in Texas. Even at the little blue house. I just don’t change as much here in my apartment unless I’m doing some project. And I don’t do many of those.

      1. I can understand that Brenda. I think you do so well and keep your decorating interesting even in a small space.


  85. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, from the time you were in Texas, and I don’t see that changing. I always look forward to seeing and reading your blog, and I would really miss you if you stopped.
    Love, Jo

  86. I have been reading your blog since you lived in TX. So I will continue to check and read it everyday.

  87. Oh I’m enjoying your blog with pup and Ivy photos. I think you show that you don’t need a McMansion to enjoy home and changing seasons in a garden. Also, I don’t want to miss your perceptions of life and activities in general.

    Actually, I’ve been purging my blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram to avoid the “perfect” lives with dear hubby and severely beautiful children and saccharine decor for each season or holiday. Guess you could say I’m only keeping the ones that “spark joy” in me. And, your sharing does bring Joy to me. Especially your stories of that interesting cat!

  88. It’s so sad that people who may disagree with something you have written have to do it in a disagreeable manner as well. I don’t blog anymore because I, too, don’t keep re-decorating my house just for the sake of doing so. I arrange things the way I like them and I keep it that way until I honestly find something else I would rather do. Moving things around just for the sake of a blog just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I enjoy your posts; it’s like having a chat to see what’s up with your fur babies and your garden. Life is sometimes small; my son used to say that his life was little and that’s the way he liked it. (He was often ill). He had a point — one which I try to remember when I see others around me doing, doing, doing — and I’m not so much.

    So I hope you continue … there are those of us who just like to stop by and get a glimpse of your day even if we don’t comment.

  89. I just LOVE your blog and I would miss you so much. I feel like I almost “know” you. Always look forward to the Charlie-boy and Ivy antics, your patio., your life! I feel like your an old friend, it’s almost like I know you in “real” life.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. You are very talented. I love your blog. Yours is the only one I always read. Please continue. You may think everything is “mundane” but that’s exactly what draws me. Haters always gonna hate. I don’t understand why.

  90. Brenda
    I read your blog every day that you publish. I do not usually comment but I enjoy all what you write about immensely. I have also felt that some of the comments you have received have been way too critical and judgmental. I was appalled that someone would respond that way to a blog with such a beautiful and positive content. I can pinpoint to the exact days when you were feeling bad and I understood your feelings. I wish I had written at that time because I’m sure you needed a boost. Anyway, now I am telling you to go on and ignore the negative people. They are in all walks of life. On the whole most of us love what you write. The fur babies, the garden, and anything else you want to write about.
    Thank you for your blog.

    1. Thing is, I might write my opinion in a comment on a blog if it’s asked for. But I would never ever write something hateful that could affect someone’s mood altogether. I feel like blogging and talking back and forth is like having people in your home. This is my home, this blog, and I don’t think anyone would just walk into someone’s home and start in on them.

  91. Oh Brenda, please don’t change a thing on this blog.. It’s perfect now, and always has been. I love your photos of flowers, your patio, every surface and wall, you show in your home, and most of all the photos of your two beloved pets, Charlie and Ivy, and the photos of birds out side..I enjoy your posts of going to lunch with your daughter and grandson, talk about shopping, your new furniture, or when you post about a neighbor. All of it is interesting to me, and never, never boring. Don’t let the “bad ones” get you down, I for one think your blog is one of the best, and I wait and read it with joy, every time you post.

    1. I could not have said it better. I too love your blog just the way it is . I could go on and on. But please know, I enjoy every topic you cover. Just delete the judgy judgers. And the women’s issues are fantastic. You have such talent. Please keep doing what you do. ❤️

    2. I could not have said it better. Don’t change a thing. You have a talent. Please continue to share. I love your blog. Such wisdom here. Your blog is soothing and practical. Just delete the judgers. They can find something better to do. ❤️

    3. My comments don’t seem to be going through so hopefully there’s not going to be a bunch of duplicates. I could not have said it better. Please don’t change a thing. You have a talent. Please continue to share. Your blog is a soothing place. I aspire to someday have a peaceful easy life. Delete the judgers if you wish. They can find something else to do. The rest of us find such wisdom here. ❤️

    4. Maybe I’m already a bit down and so the judgmental comments hit harder at times. I got afraid to talk about Abi, afraid to talk about my ankle, less someone write “Get over yourself. You act like you’re 100 years old.” For some reason that one hurt. I was just stating what I did that day. It kind of hits you hard when things come out of the blue.

      1. The person who wrote “Get over yourself” probably has no aches and pains and certainly no empathy! I like to hear about your concern for Abi and your frustration with your ankle (although I certainly wish you were pain-free and Abi were young and frisky!) because I deal with pain on a daily basis too, and I get frustrated and angry about that. You definitely don’t whine, and I try not to also, but your posts about dealing with the good and bad of aging inspire me to keep going and look for the simple beauty around me. In the words of Taylor Swift, “Haters gonna hate,” but so many of us care about you and love your blog. We’re all sending you hugs of love and support.

      2. I love your blog. and as far as ugly comments go…try to ignore them. some people are so miserable that they want company, please dont change anything. everything is perfect as you have been doing. i love to hear about charlie and ivy and abbie. she is just over the rainbow watching you. good luck brenda and carry on. barbara

  92. I don’t think my first comment went thru properly. I enjoy everything you write about. You always teach us something. I know and understand your blog can be seasonal, so I look forward each season. I’m not allowed pets where I live, so as far as I’m concerned, you can never talk about or post too many pictures of your fur babies. So many people enjoy you and “hearing ” from you. I consider you a friend. Don’t let a few people change you and what you enjoy writing about. Hope you can have a relaxing day in the garden and with the fur babies.

    1. I just felt the need to “step back.” Do the minimum and write about things that were less what I thought and more what I learned on some site. That way less things to get judged on. If I’m truly honest, I like to write what basically comes off the top of my head. It’s what has always worked for me. But then I thought: Maybe I need to edit my words more.

      1. Brenda, Please don’t change who you are for anyone! You are unique and I love your writing and your photography and the way you let us into your life with your home and your pets and your thoughts and even your opinions. Don’t let the negative, judgmental “haters” win. I just want to encourage you to not give up on what you have built here. I find you refreshing. I hope you keep writing the way you have always expressed yourself. You have way more followers who come here for your words – and for those who don’t always agree or like what you say- that is truly their problem and not yours. And they can just not come here if they want to be negative and judge you. Or at the very least keep any unhelpful and negative comments or opinions to themselves. This is YOUR blog and your life. I appreciate you sharing it.

  93. I really like reading about/seeing Charlie and IvyLou and your garden and your thought-provoking posts about things that touch our hearts. Books ~ not so much, as we have different tastes there ~ and that is OK!
    Don’t listen to the haters ~ just let them soak in their own misery.
    Chin skritches to your babies, and a hug for you ~

    1. I’ve thought I should start reading more diverse books. I just can’t stomach sci-fi, romances or horror. I can’t read something so improbable that it’s basically a fantasy.

  94. Brenda~ I’ve followed you for all of those ten years of blogging!
    Please do NOT give up! you are one of the few bloggers from early on who’ve succeeded and lasted simply by being yourself! Your posts have always been enjoyable, whether discussing your upheavals in personal life or your joy of photographing nature, your gardens, your home and most delightfully ,your fur children
    Life happens, changes in location ca always pull us down..
    Please continue writing for YOUR pleasure..not trying to appease those who are judgmental! You are unique and do not have to be a cookie -cutter blogger like all the others..
    Your followers will be there because you fit a niche in their lives..much like a cup and chat with an old friend!
    thanks and congrats for staying true to yourself!

  95. I enjoy all your posts about pets, gardening, and decorating.

    Haters are gonna hate. Just keep writing about what brings you joy.

  96. I think a blog should not be what you think someone else would want – I like to read about you and your thoughts and daily happenings, as much as when you post something in a more decorative theme. You do a great job of making me feel like I know you personally. Thanks for sharing your writing with us.

  97. Brenda, there will always be haters out there, ignore them!! I love reading about your gardens, Charlie and Ivy. I would love to see gardening tips in containers, what to plant, where to put the container, that type of information would be so useful to many of us I’m sure. I have a yard but it hurts too much to get on my knees and plant so I use containers.

  98. I had an idea that I missed seeing the older posts – I’ve been following you since your little blue house – prior to the last house. How about a nostalgia day from those posts? If I remember correctly you lost some of the picture posts from the little blue house. I think that would be so fun!!!!

  99. I love your stories about Ivy Lou and Charlie . They always make me smile. I love your garden pictures . You inspire me to garden more. I also do like your book reviews. I say write about what you want. Yes I do use the term ” a crick in your neck “.

  100. Please do not let those that are disgruntled with life and themselves, judge you. The nerve they have in my book. You do not need their validation – please know that many of us treasure your stories and love how you share from your heart about your beloved furry friends.

  101. Oh please don’t quit! You and a couple other blogs are all I read anymore. I got fed up with the ones who only post when they have something to sell! Your day-to-day life is fine with me. However, I understand if you’re tired of it. Two others that I used to read quit a couple years ago.

  102. I like everything you write about! You mix up everything so nicely, it’s a nice surprise to see what you pick to write about today. It’s like opening a present. You don’t know what you get until you open your blog. I know and enjoy you writing about your garden in the season, how to decorate when you can’t get outdoors. NO, I’m never bored reading your blog. You always teach me something. Please keep writing about what interests you. You are the one that’s important to us. I’m not allowed pets where I live, so as far as I’m concerned you can never post enough pictures of your babies. So about my rant, but I for one would miss you! Hope you have a relaxing day with your garden and babies.

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