Ivy has some newly acquired habits of late. She is with me in my chair much of the time now. And she lays right where Charlie laid.

She seems to want to be next to me, whereas before Charlie snapped at her so she couldn’t. She will get on the bed with me when I’m reading and I’ll pet her.

Or she’ll take a nap over on the stack of quilts on the piece of furniture on the right side of the bed.

Ivy’s Eating Pattern:

Ivy seems to think that whenever I eat, she’s supposed to eat as well. So she’ll come nibble on her dry food while I eat.

When I’m eating a meal and she isn’t hungry, she likes to lay on the table and watch me eat. She doesn’t bother my food. I think she just wants to be near me.

She still has not gone anywhere near her cat tower since Charlie died.

Shop Ivy’s Comb That She Loves

Ivy & The Comb She Loves

In the evening when I’m streaming a TV show she will come to my chair and I will use the comb one of you kind readers sent me to comb her.

Oh, how Ivy loves that. She also rubs her face against it and looks like she’s in heaven.

Cats are such funny creatures.

Shop Ivy’s Litter Box For Large Cats

My black and white cat Ivy laying on the floor staring at something.

Pinterest Board On My Pets:

I have changed the name of the Pinterest board that used to be Charlie & Ivy. Now it is Abi, Charlie & Ivy.

I got a bit weepy pinning Abi’s photos yesterday. And more of Charlie’s photos I came across as well.

Oh, how I miss those two!

You can find the Pinterest board here if you want to see it.

Note: You may notice my font is different and larger. I’m getting where I have to squint even with reading glasses on. I ordered the next size reading glasses up, but they seemed too strong.

Comment if you have a problem with the font or size of it please.

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  1. Sweet Ivy. She sure is a love. Our cat is very maternal (she had a litter of kittens not long after she adopted us, so maybe that’s why?), and she watches over our Basset Hound like a mother. She also likes it if I’m nearby while she eats. Cats are much nicer than they’re often portrayed. You just have to get to know them. Love the font & size, btw.

  2. Ivy’s eyes certainly are a vivid green. I also have green eyes. Actually, my whole family – mother, father, and brother – share our odd shade of green eyes. They are ringed with blue-gray, with teensy flecks of orange near the pupil. I’m sure Ivy will understand that she is being complimented if you praise her peepers.

  3. So glad to hear you and Ivy are adjusting. She sounds like she is loving being the only child bless her heart and yours .I think of you alot. Prayers and hugs from Tennessee.

  4. Three weeks ago I had my second cataract surgery.
    My vision problem was seeing in the distance. That is near perfect now.
    They told me to get readers. Now I have them everywhere I sit in my home. It has been a huge change Thursday I go back to be fitted for glasses at last. When my readers do not work I have found that my up close vision is near perfect, too.
    I have heard people talk about how vivid colors are. My biggest discovery is with the cabinets in my home. Before my surgery my old lenses were covered with years of deposits. After the surgery I have discovered that my cabinets are not cream. They are white. Amazing
    I like your new font.

  5. I so enjoy seeing Ivy’s pictures. She is so photogenic. I’m fine with your new font. What I hate is trying to read a blog or article
    that the print is so grayed out which makes it almost impossible to read.

  6. Love the font! Old eyes here, for sure. And love how Ivy is expressing her love and concern for you. She is beautiful. I think I will buy my Max one of those combs. He loves to be combed, even meows his wish and climbs up next to me on the couch arm to be brushed or combed.
    Take care, rest, read, and thank you for your lovely blog.

  7. A very clear font👍
    Thanks for the links. I viewed your precious pet photos, and can see why you have tears. I’m glad you and Ivy are comforting each other.
    I ordered the Kitty comb so my Misty will have new squiggly toys, and a new comb. She sends her thanks to Ivy.
    I hope you meet your new neighbor soon, and find her to be not only quiet, but plant loving, and pleasant. 😊

  8. This new font is so much easier on the eyes.
    I agree that Ivy is showing how much she cares for you!!
    Thanks Brenda & take care of yourself!!

  9. I love the new size of the font. I too have problems reading things, as I get older. I even have to get the large print books from the library.
    That Ivy is so precious. I am so glad you have her, and you can both help each other with grieving. A beautiful name for a beautiful cat. xoxoxo

  10. Brenda~
    *I LOVE the new font size! (I too wear readers!)
    **Ivy’s change of habits are due to her now assuming the role of Alpha since Charlie no longer holds that place..
    She is simply exerting all her feelings which previously had to be held in check while Charlie necessarily was the focus of your attention..
    she no longer needs the tower as she now has full rein to you at all times..for your undivided attention..
    ***i speak from experience..
    When Ballou was no longer the Alpha, Bubba amazingly began to talk..which was totally new.. he also became a bit more aggressive towards BeBe..a check with the vet revealed a urinary tract infection..once cleared..no more problem.
    with her gone, and Bella now..he simply ignores her..
    he has my cuddles ..he is very secure in his position..
    plus he is getting very old..somewhere between 15-16..
    and really could care less about Bella and Spence..my son’s cat..
    happy cat cuddles!

  11. The font is perfect! I’m so happy you have Ivy to comfort you. She came into your life at the right time.
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Put some catnip on her cat tower and she will go up there again. Make sure it is fresh and pungent. Loved looking at your furbabies pinterest pictures..

  13. the font is perfect. I have cataract surgery coming up next year.
    any help at all is appreciated at this point!
    Ivy is such a little love. she’s coming into her own place in all of it.
    I’m sure she is missing Charlie too. I’m so glad you have each other there for comfort. xo

  14. I appreciate the font size. I also ordered the comb for cats and my cats love it too. Thank you.

  15. Sweet Ivy Lou may be sensing your overwhelming sadness and stress and simply wants to make you happy and feel loved. I love her new habits.

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