I have a square of paper towel folded into fourths and laid underneath the small crock that holds the ends of the hoses to my washer.

This way if there is any water left in the hoses, it will soak it up.

First She Attacks A Paper Towel Under A Crock:

Since my washer is not hooked into the wall, I have to put one hose into the sink to let water drain out. And the other one is hooked to the faucet to bring water to the washer.

Ivy has not ever bothered this square of paper towel, which sticks out not more than an inch or so. But last night she had a big time shredding it.

I walked into the kitchen this morning and it looked like someone had had a birthday party and threw confetti into the air.

So, cursing under my breath, I get that cleaned up and she’s into something else.

I was particularly aggravated because yesterday I finally got my apartment cleaned.

Instead of the hour or so it usually takes me, it took me all day. Because I had to take frequent breaks.

Little Plants From The Nursery Are Next:

My four little plants I got from the nursery have not been repotted from their 3 inch plastic pots yet. If I’d been paying attention I would have put them outside on the patio yesterday when the weather was so nice.

Today it is raining and about to get colder. I knew the little plants needed better light until I could pot them. So I put them on the kitchen table.

Here is a photo of the first white bloom on the Christmas cactus. (Or Thanksgiving or Easter or whatever kind of cactus it actually is.)

Sorry about the dimness. No sunshine right now.

I turned my back and within 2 minutes she was digging in the plant dirt. She NEVER digs into the soil of my other plants!

I grabbed the first thing that was handy. And that was a sock. I swiped her with one end of it.

She took off with her “mad” cat look. Her ears turn back funny and that tail of hers is held high in the air.

(Here’s my sweet Charlie. He never gets into trouble.)

I told Ivy that we were about to go round and round. That’s something my granny used to say when she was irritated with someone.

I don’t know where Ivy is, but now I don’t see her. She is not in the least bit afraid of me. Because she knows full well what a pushover I am.

She’s probably deep into another mess I will have to clean up.

Note: I’m having trouble with the comment section. For some reason they are not showing. I am working on fixing it.

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  1. lol..Ivy sure looks innocent in those photos. :0) .. What a little mess as I tell one of my grandsons. I have what I thought was a Christmas Cactus(for about 3 years now)..but a friend on FB posted a pic of the three different kinds..and I found out I have a Thanksgiving one..it is now blooming..for the first time since it was in full bloom when I got it around Christmas time.. You will surely enjoy yours.. Can’t wait to see your repots.. :0) .. Glad you have Charlie the good elf, too. (My Cocker loves to any tissues..it is so annoying..I agree)..

    1. duh..I meant to tell you that you can tell by the leaves, supposedly..which one of the Cacti you have..(google for pics)

  2. Brenda, it is taking a long time these last few days to pull up your site and then when I hit on “read more”, it takes a long time again to get the whole site. Since this is just starting to happen and you have just redone your site, I am wondering if something from reworking it has caused this for everyone or is it just happening to me? Thanks.

  3. I had a cat dig up all the dirt in a large pot in my dining room. Disaster!! Put decent sized pebbles/rocks on top of the dirt, heavy enough that she can’t dig them. Good luck. It worked for me.

  4. Love the pics of your Ivy and Charlie! She loves her new chair, doesn’t she? And your Thanksgiving cactus is lovely!
    Hope your back gets better every day!

  5. My little Bud man is a cuddle,Bella, not so much, she likes her brush though, he doesn’t.
    That Ivy is a trip, high spirited just a bit?
    I remember when Buddy first moved in, I walked into the bathroom and it looked like a blizzard, he had shredded the paper towels and toilet paper, it took me a second to react Bella had never done anything at all like that!

  6. Yes, our kitties keep us busy trying to stay one step ahead of them😊. I’m shocked at how much Ivy actually leaves alone – I always look at your photos and think about how I could never do that. Misty is a busy girl in my home!
    If you look up the difference in Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus I think you will find you have a Thanksgiving cactus. Christmas cactus have a rounder leaf, not so serrated. I have an older Thanksgiving, and it’s buds are getting fatter every day. Isn’t nature awesome?

  7. That photo of Ivy sprawled in ‘her’ chair has me laughing. Oh she is something. And sweet Charlie, such a darling little man.
    Re:container gardening
    We live in SoCal desert and really enjoy being outdoors this time of year. I hired a disabled vet to re-design, purchase & re-pot our container garden. His mom posted on NextDoor that he was in need of work and landscape/gardening was his expertise. He did an excellent job and advised us on care & maintenance. He had suggested mint and planted chocolate and another kind. I told him about your Charlie eating the potted mint for his tummy.
    He also put together a corner shelf bookshelf and fixed a cabinet door that had come off its hinges. Since you no longer have a handyman, I wonder if there is a hire-a-vet service in your area?

  8. Love that picture of her all stretched out. Makes me want to pick her up and cuddle! Our little Norah wants no part in cuddling. She will come up to you for head rubs but once you pick her up and kiss her forehead she’s treading water in mid air to get down. Charlie looks pretty comfy!

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