Ivy’s Odd Behavior

Ivy often displays odd behavior. Yesterday she climbed into my chair where she balanced her long body both on the side of the chair and in my lap.

She is not a lap cat. Nor does she like to be held or picked up.

This was a bit strange, the length of time she stayed put. Two or three times she caught my attention and stared right into my eyes for a period of time.

In Ivy's odd behavior, she is here staring at something on the ceiling

Ivy & The Scarf:

Later in the day she managed to find a long scarf I had taken out of the closet and put up on the sideboard. I don’t know how she figures out that one thing is different, but she always does.

Last night in the middle of the night when I was in the bathroom, I saw Ivy dragging something. It looked like toilet paper, but she was coming from the hall, so that didn’t seem likely.

Then I realized it was that probably four foot scarf. She would pick the end up in her mouth and drag it around.

This morning I put it up high again but she managed to get to it. It’s like Ivy’s security blanket. It is now hers and I’m sure she’ll put it in her box of toys where all manner of other strange things turn up.

Needed To Laugh:

I needed that bit of fun and laughter Ivy provided. I am tired. Lately there are times that I just break down and cry because I am so tired from being up much of the night with Charlie.

I don’t know which will break first, my stamina or my heart.

My Sweet Charlie:

Charlie seems happy. He has always been a sweet and happy dog. It is heartbreaking watching him go through this.

It’s been getting worse for about a year now. That was when the vet first prescribed the hydrocodone syrup.

I wonder if all the coughing makes his heart worse? Or if his heart is causing all the coughing?

Charlie Vet Appointment:

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with his regular vet Dr. Poteet. The other vet wanted him to check Charlie’s heart because he is his primary doctor.

Still I wonder what Ivy was trying to tell me. She was too intent to merely be staring into my eyes. This was different somehow.

There are some things you just can’t explain.


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  1. This is probably a dumb idea, but when people have a cough, it helps to sit up. I wonder if you could somehow prop Charlie up a little, maybe against a pillow, it might help.

  2. Hi Brenda, I enjoy checking in with your story every few days…. I just wanted to let you know that there is no longer links to ‘previous post’ …. ‘newer post’ at the end of your posts, which makes it difficult to catch up.

  3. Just like when you have small children….you sleep when they sleep. Off and on all day if need be to get your rest. Don’t clean the house, etc. just drop off whenever you have a chance. It will help you get your rest.

  4. I also agree with what the others have written here today. Feeling for you on the lack of rest. It can really turn your life upside down. Wish I had an answer for you.

  5. I agree with many of the comments – Ivy knows you are upset and she’s trying to let you know she loves you. I do love to read about her antics, but my heart breaks thinking of poor sweet Charlie and the inevitable to come. Please God it won’t be for quite some time….and you can both find a solution for the sleep deprivation.

  6. I agree that Ivy is aware that Charlie is very ill, and Ivy knows how distressed and saddened you are by the situation in which you can do so little other than wait for nature to take its course. I think Ivy is trying to tell you that she is there for you, and the scarf perhaps has become a sort of “security blankey” for her, just like young children have.

  7. Brenda, I hope you are able to get some much needed rest soon. It is awful to be sleep deprived; in addition to the physical exhaustion, the emotions really take a hit as well. I do not know the answers but I hope the vet is able to help with the current situation. I, like many of your readers, feel that Ivy is aware of a difference in the home (maybe she senses your despair and/or is aware of Charlie’s deteriorating health condition). Seems like she just wants you to know that she is there for you.

    The three of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Can you change the time you give Charlie the diuretic to morning if you don’t already? I’m not sure if there is anyway you could prop Charlie up at night but it helps with humans to lessen the cough.
    I think Ivy must feel your stress and showing she’s there for you.
    I hope the vet has some helpful suggestions.

  9. My fur babies love their “pee pads”. I put them in front of my back door so if they need to go before I get home or in the night they have an special okay place to go, no worry for me or them. You’re both trying to do the right thing. Charlie doesnt want to have an accident so he wakes you up. If he has an okay place to go you both will get some good sleep. Just buy a few and put them by the door and praise him for going on it. You will both save a lot of anxiety ❤.

  10. You are doing your very best for Charlie. However, you need to take care of the caretaker. I am sure right now your resistance to bugs is down making you susceptible to all sorts of things. If you come down with an illness who will take care of Charlie? And, please in your sleep deprived state be extremely cautious when driving.
    Ivy loves you. As aloof as cats usually are they know when something is wrong. She is giving you comfort the only way she knows how. She is saying to you, “I got your back.”

  11. Ivy knows something is changing in your home. Her behavior is showing you she is with you on the journey. Praying for all of you.

  12. Poor Charlie. The fluid building around his heart and lungs is probably why he is coughing. I know when humans have this they need to sit up at night in a chair to sleep to help them breath and not cough. That is probably when Charlie is up most of the night it is hard to him to lay and get comfortable. Have they tried to give him a diuretic to see if they could get some of the fluid off the heart and lungs? Just curious. Hope you can get some rest during the day.

  13. Not sure if you have talked to the vet about CBD oil for him. We actually bought some for our dog Eddie who has a flare up with his back and was in a lot of pain over a weekend before i could get him to the vet. We have used it in all three eod them during the recent winds and fires here in Ca these past weeks as they were all’s round is here in Simi. We got Charlottes Web cbd oil chicken flavor and you just spray it on his egg. It might help so you can sleep longer. I do think Ivy senses something is going on and wants you to know she is concerned.

  14. Good morning, Brenda! I always enjoy your posts and keeping up with your life there. I’m sorry to hear Charlie is having issues and not feeling well. I’m also concerned about your sleep-deprived exhaustion. I’ve been there so I remember how it feels! Question: is there anyway you could crate Charlie with a blanket and a pee pad at night so you could actually get some sleep??? I know the answer is probably “no” but trying to come up with a solution where you actually get some rest. Could Charlie have a sleeping pill for small dogs? There has to be a solution where you both get some rest but I’m not a vet (just a people nurse!) so not sure what it is! Hoping you find a solution! :-). Have a great day!

  15. The coughing is from Charlie’s heart condition, causing fluid build-up in the lungs. Humans have it, too. I think Ivy knows how sick Charlie is, or instinctively is aware of his delicate health, and is trying to reassure you that she’s here for you and will give you the love you’ll be missing when Charlie goes. But don’t look ahead too far, that day could be farther in the future than we would guess. I think it’s really hard on you to get up all during the night, you need uninterrupted sleep! I hope you can solve that problem, somehow.

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