Ivy rarely gives up. She is determined and she will maybe give up for a day. But eventually she comes back to the problem that has stymied her and she will keep trying.

Such was the problem opening the drawer of the organizer on my desk.

She has been fascinated with that desk organizer ever since I put it together. She saw rows of various places that she could delight in. So she set about trying to figure out how to open the bottom drawer where she could not reach inside.

If you’ll recall she immediately tore up some envelopes I put in this organizer, so I moved them to the desk drawer.

She has so far ignored the typing paper, but I know that will probably be next.

And so she digs with her big paws. She lays on her side and pushes at it.

Sometimes she gets frustrated and starts chewing the metal at the top.

At times she climbs on top for some reason as though her answer is up there.

“But Ivy, this is not your cat tower and you are not queen of the desk organizer,” I tell her.

She just looks at me as if to say: “Wanna bet?”

Ivy is certainly the most curious cat I’ve ever met. But instead of scolding her I like to let her creativity roam free unless she is getting into something she could break or that might hurt her.

She is an endless source of entertainment around here.

I was sitting at the nearby table eating lunch when she finally figured it out. Out popped the drawer.

Ivy backed up and sniffed at the contents.


I guess she didn’t see anything that really interested her so she turned and walked away from the now open drawer.

I certainly didn’t expect her to figure out how to close it back up. I stood up and closed it myself.

So was it worth it, Ivy? A week of trying to pull out that drawer and then there’s nothing in there that you fancy.

I was somewhat shocked that she didn’t drag something off somewhere, as she usually does. To one of her secret little hidey-holes.

Ivy headed over to her cat tower and crawled inside. Maybe she needed a nap after she finally figured out how to open the drawer.

And the irony of it all is that it turns out there was nothing inside that remotely interested her.

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  1. Ivy is such a treasure and she surely is queen of the house and I know you are okay with that Brenda.

    I like pets to roam free in the house, no where is out of bounds unless it would be a danger to them.

    I once had a business as a cat sitter, I thought I would love it as I adored cats but it was just the opposite, I saw neglect and ignorance on how to look after a cat. Instead of enjoying it I grew to hate it. I tried to educate the owners in a polite way but most were a little upset with me.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I’ve been enjoying your daily blog since I discovered it a few months ago.
    Like you, I rarely leave the house. Today I took my Bichon, Lily, who will be 17 on August 1st, for grooming and had an hour to spend at Armstrong Nursery. I remembered that you can’t find zinnia seeds, so I looked and they had them. I wasn’t sure which you wanted so I got one of each 3 varieties. If you would send me your mailing address I will be happy to mail to you and you should receive within 3 to 4 days.
    Margie in CA

  3. I absolutely adore you cat and this post totally made my day. I think you should write a children’s book about Ivy. Your entertaining prose and her adventures would captivate parents/ teachers and kids.

  4. I guess who ever said… “Its about the journey not the destination” they were referencing Ivy’s endless curiosity. The photos of Ivy are so precious.

  5. Re your umbrella problem – By chance I just found an idea from “Confessionsofaserialdiyer.com that your daughter should be able to make for you, which seems especially good for windy areas.

  6. Love seeing her trying to get into the drawer. She’s a big cat but there she is. Love how cats make themselves fit wherever. No box or spot is too small. She’s a beautiful girl with her black spots against the contrasting white. Love her spunky little determined character.

  7. When I got to “nothing in there that you fancy” part, I could not hold back the laughter! Oh she is one funny, sweet, delightful girl. I really enjoy your way with words and wonderful photography.
    Meant to ask, did you feel the earthquake in your area last week? I’m in SoCal desert where we shake & bake!

  8. I have a closet door in my entrance which I have converted to a pantry. Simon stands at the door and cries for me to open it so he can check out the inside. Once he gets in, he sniffs the potato basket and then comes back out. I think he thinks that door leads to paradise. He does the same thing to the storage closet on the patio. Nothing in there of interest to a cat either, but who knows, maybe something has changed since the last time he checked it out haha. And I live in a secured senior building on the third floor with inside hallways like a hotel. He used to cry to get out the door into the hallway. (I think he figured if I was leaving and coming from there it must have something interesting to explore). Finally I let him out one day into the hallway. He walked to the corner, looked around and came home lickety split. Nothing interesting there either, actually he seemed a bit frightened of it. Cats are very entertaining and I like how they learn to understand what you say. I am pretty much at his beck and call as now that the weather is nice he loves sitting on the balcony and watching all the birds in the trees behind my apartment. He has not learned how to get in and out of the portable screen I have over the door so he meows at me until I come and let him either in or out. As a friend says, “dogs have a master, but cats have staff.” LOL!

  9. I see there is a scissors in your office storage tower. As Ivy is so curious I would be worried she could possibly hurt herself on it if she decides to pull it out to “play” with. Ms. Ivy knows no boundaries!

  10. Curiosity and cats….a beautiful thing,lol.
    I have a tuxie who’s very vocal,I like to say she has an opinion on everything,I get strange looks.

  11. LOL! such is life Ivy. when you finally get your own way it’s often… meh!
    I just love your blog Brenda. and the way you look at life with simple wisdom and beauty.
    I’ve not commented in a long time. but I always read. and I love Ivy and Charlie Ross.
    your blog is a quietly cozy and lovely little island in the midst of all the world’s chaos.
    and very welcome indeed.
    stay well Brenda. … you’re appreciated! (and I’m SO happy that little Charlie is finding some relief with the Zyrtek. I know I misspelled that!)

  12. Oh the curiosity of a cat! Ivy is quite a character and full of personality! I have several dogs and cats
    (All rescues) and the entertainment they provide is priceless, and life would be so boring around this house without them!

    1. Stories about Ivy or Charlie, always bring a huge smile to my face. The way things are so scary in our Country now, smiles from your blog are always a welcome relief and a delight. Thanks for that, Brenda. Hugs from WI…

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