Ivy had a vet visit yesterday by the mobile vet. She’s had these little sores underneath her chin for a while and I wanted them looked at.

Since I’m on hyper-alert after losing Gracie and not knowing exactly what happened, I made an appointment for a visit with Ivy.

What Ivy Now Weighs:

She brought her scales in. Last time Ivy weighed 14 pounds. This time she weighed 17 pounds! That was a real surprise.

So the vet told me to order food for overweight cats, and that’s what I did as soon as she left.

We talked a little bit about Gracie. It could have been something toxic, the vet admitted. Or it could have been a congenital thing.

Either way, Gracie was in my life for what turned out to be a brief time, and now she’s gone.

I can’t even mention her or think about her without crying. She made an indelible paw print upon my heart and I miss her so much.

The vet and I talked about Ivy never seeming to want Gracie to be around. How Ivy hissed and pawed at her.

One Cat Households:

The vet said some cats just can’t get along with other cats brought into the household. And she said that Ivy may just need to be in a one-cat household.

This is kind of sad because I’d love to rescue a cat that needs a home. I have so much love to give them.

I remember all the times I felt so sorry for little Gracie because she would follow Ivy around like a little sister. And she was always hissed at and not welcomed.

That broke my heart too. I am a real softie when it comes to my pets. I so wanted Ivy to accept her and play with her.

Ivy in the living room staring at me. She looks a little unhappy in this photo.

Ivy’s Current Habits:

During the night last night, Ivy kept coming to me and wanting me to pet her. She’s never woken me up before wanting attention.

Ivy is just currently needing more from me.

Sometimes she will sleep at the foot of the bed.

This morning she came into the bedroom and kept meowing. She was hungry. I had not left as much food out overnight as I normally do because the vet instructed me on how much to give her.

It’s so hard to watch your pet be hungry when you know you shouldn’t feed them more.

What Cat Food I Ordered For Her:

Out of the selections the vet gave me, I ended up ordering Purina Pro Plan Adult Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food from Chewys.

I’m to slowly mix this food into the dry food Ivy prefers. We’ve tried several different kinds of food with Ivy. But she’s stubborn and refuses to eat it. She’ll pick it out.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, she’ll like this cat food.

I’ve stopped trying to feed her canned food and the vet said that was fine. She wasn’t eating it anyway.

I know I’m a bit paranoid now about Ivy getting sick because of just losing Gracie.

The vet said the little sores underneath Ivy’s chin are from allergies. There was a bit of an infection, so she gave her an injection.

After Ivy’s initial reaction to being poked, the injection seems not to have had any kind of adverse effect on her.

Oh, how we worry about our pets!

And miss so very much the ones we’ve lost.


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  1. Yes, we really do care about our pets! My dog is now 13 years old, and now I worry when I see that certain things are harder for her to do. I think you’re right that Ivy needs to be the only cat, and have you all to herself.

  2. On the list of Prime “free to me” shows i checked and I have to pay to watch several of them. Do you have something extra added to your subscription to watch for free?

  3. Maybe you and Ivy need to just take care of each other for a while. Grieving and healing together.
    I hope you had a wonderful day.

  4. That’s interesting what the vet said about one-cat houshold. My sweetie rescued a second cat 3 or 4 years ago and his original cat Lucy still will not accept her. She just hisses at her, poor sweet Luna. She’s the most gentle, loving kitty and Lucy is just so mean to her. Sad!

  5. Ah, sounds like Ivy has chin acne. Zippo had that at one time. It usually happens from their chins touching the food in their bowls.

    I’ve had cats for almost 38 years and have never had one that was overweight. Low quality food plus exclusively dry food will do that to cats. Cats don’t drink enough water so they need the water content that wet food offers. They are more prone to get UTIs and kidney stones if they eat exclusively dry food.

    Check the ingredients on that Purina food you just bought. You’ll probably be surprised what’s in it – most likely by-products and fillers.

    You might want to look for a canned food with meat (not by-products) and other wholesome ingredients (pumpkin and flax are two good ingredients in quality cat food) plus the vitamins cats need. You can Google about this or usually the staff at PetCo or PetSmart can help.

    1. PS – I was also feeding my cats their food out of plastic bowls. I changed to porcelain (found shallow, wide bowls at Goodwill) and no more chin acne.

    2. Ivy has decided she does not like canned food. I knew you would say that about the food, but the vet recommended it. I mentioned that about cats not drinking enough water and getting bladder infections, but the vet said dry food was good enough.

      1. My daughter, who rescues cats, feeds her cats (she has 7 of her own) a food that has something in it that makes them thirsty so that they will drink more water. She orders it from Chewy and it’s not cheap, but it’s better than UTI’s and kidney stones in the long run. As for cat rejection..4 of her 7 are from one clowder, made up of mama and 3 kittens (2 females and 1 male). Mama fawns over the male, and rejects one of the females by hissing, clawing at her, getting up and walking away when she lays by her…it hurts my heart to see it, b/c that kitten is the sweetest fur baby..and a bit like Gracie in personality….. btw, lol, the ‘kittens’ are 2 y/o now, but they will forever be ‘the kittens’ b/c we found them when they were 2 weeks old living under a porch with their mama who was starving and trying to find food in April when the weather is unpredictable…we were getting freezing temps at night, spring storms, and even snow..how those babies survived is a miracle..one more thing..years ago my daughter came home to find one of her cats dead….she’d caught it chewing on the lamp cords in the past…the lamp on the dresser in the room was knocked over…we are pretty sure he was electrocuted…telling you this b/c I’m wondering if Gracie might possibly have been electrocuted. ..one more thing, your Ivy is almost identical to mama cat, whom we named Bunny..we refer to the kittens as ‘the Hoppers’…we got them in April 2020 and they made an awful year a blessed year

        1. It is sad to watch them be rejected, isn’t it? Tears came to my eyes each time I witnessed Ivy hissing at her and pawing at her. I think I would have found a cord that’s chewed through. Most of my cords are behind furniture. But I’ll look around anyway.

      2. Just like any other doctor, your vet might not be 100% correct. I urge you to do your own research on the best foods for cats, the ingredients in these commercial foods such as Purina, and the health problems that an all-dry food diet can do to cats. Most conventional vets aren’t well-versed in nutrition for cats. Our vet is also a holistic one and so he’s more aware of the nutrition aspect. I’ve learned a lot from him.

  6. Do you think Ivy would approve of another small dog? Maybe you could find a little dog that needs a home. Just an idea; you have so much to give a needy pet and if Ivy would accept it, a little dog would love it at your home.

    1. I wouldn’t be able to properly handle a dog now that I don’t have a fence. With this ankle walking a dog isn’t a good idea because you have to do it quite a few times every day. Some days I’m lucky to walk to the kitchen or bathroom.

  7. 17 pounds? Ivy is a big girl. The vet is right, just reduce her food slowly.
    The little sores on the chin could just be acne, my Charleigh girl gets it too. I switched all food and water dishes from plastic to porcelain, and my husband built little platforms for all the kittie’s food dishes. They say for better digestion, the dishes should be up off the floor.
    We have 4 cats, Charleigh, Nosey Nella, Tilly McTillster and Zoe, all girls. Do they fight? Occasionally. They hiss and swipe at each other, just like kids.
    You will know when the time comes to get another furry friend. They bring so much joy.

    1. I have a raised wood platform with food bowls inside it. Ivy is tall and I came across this one about a year ago. It’s just the right size so she doesn’t have to lean down to eat. I had read it wasn’t good to have them eat at floor level somewhere.

  8. Ivy’s chin sores are do to allergies? Any idea to what? When did you start noticing them? Was it around the time you had the cleaning lady that sprayed the toxic chemicals around your house? Maybe Gracie had a heart condition, and just wasn’t strong enough to fight off the toxic chemicals, whereas Ivy is healthy, and she is reacting to them, but not causing any serious harm. Or maybe from changing her food to a different brand? Can you get her tested to see what exactly she is allergic to? I was wondering… I know Ivy can’t go outside, but can you put her in a kennel and take her outside on your back porch with you? That way she can’t get out and would be perfectly safe. She might enjoy all the different smells, sounds and the breezes. You could sit out there together and enjoy a few minutes together on a beautiful day. Or even on a rainy day, since you have a covered porch. I just thought it might be something she’d enjoy.

    1. Brenda, another thought…
      I know and understand that Ivy may need to be an only cat, but IF she was reacting to Gracie’s illness, then maybe she would be more accepting of a healthier animal. Also, she was perfectly fine with Charlie, and he had health issues. Maybe she prefers the company of another dog. Them being Male or female, I have no idea if that would matter. I just know how important it was to you to rescue another cat. Maybe it could be a dog instead. I don’t know. If you need it to be just you and her, that’s understandable. I’m just throwing around some ideas. You know what’s right for you and Ivy.

      1. Yes.
        I thought the same thing.
        Pets can detect illnesses. In people and surely other pets.
        Was going to mention this weeks ago.
        Didn’t want to cause you more grief and sadness though Brenda.
        We all miss seeing pictures of Gracie.
        Broken hearts. 💔

    2. I can open the patio door but close the screen and Ivy can look and smell outside. I think Ivy is rubbing her chin on something, thus the little sores. I haven’t changed her food brand yet. It hasn’t been delivered yet.

  9. My cat was 21lbs. She lived 19 years never had her at the vet other than to spay her. So true what reader said cats come in all sizes just like people.

  10. I don’t want to offend you, but could Ivey have been responsible for Gracie’s death? Animals can leave almost invisible puncture wounds on other animals.

    1. You’re not offending me. But Ivy was in the living room with me all evening. I always gave Ivy special attention in the living room while I watched TV and then I’d go in the bedroom at night to read where Gracie usually slept under the bed. She’d come out and I’d give her special attention.

  11. Have you thought of getting a male cat ? Maybe you could foster and then find a good home if Ivy has a fit .Male cats (fixed) are the most loving cats it seems . good luck

  12. As with humans, obesity can lead to a number of bad health outcomes in our pets, so it’s good that Ivy should lose some weight. I know it’s tough not to want to feed her more when you think she’s hungry and she is used to overeating, but it will be best for Ivy in the long run. As for Ivy not eating certain foods, you don’t want to leave canned food sitting out too long but if it is dry food and she won’t eat it, I would leave it until she gets hungry enough to do so. It sounds cruel but she won’t starve to death, she’ll eat when she’s hungry enough. If the vet gave you an “average” weight goal to aim for with Ivy, go for it.

    1. She didn’t give me an average weight goal. Just said to start trying to switch her to dry food that is for overweight cats. I’m no longer putting canned food out. She didn’t eat it anyway.

  13. The issue with Gracie. I have been doing a little reading and Gracie could have had a heart problem that was congenital or something of that nature. We don’t always know. Animals come into our lives for a reason. Gracie needed you for that time. She could not have had a better cat mother. Now, the sores on Ivy’s chin….I had a cat that had sores on his chine…they called it kitty acne….are Ivy’s bowls plastic? My cat was allergic to the plastic bowls. Try using something non plastic and see if that makes a difference. Don’t close down the idea of another cat just yet….you have so much love to give and have such a good home. Actually, it sounds like Ivy might be missing the additional member or your family.

  14. Happy to read the Ivy simply has allergies. It is so difficult when our pets are sick and obviously they cannot talk so we haven’t a clue if they are in pain, where and why.
    Maybe Ivy just needs a little more attention because even though she wasn’t nice to Gracie she does miss her.

    Take care, how is your foot/boot?

    1. Just got back from physical therapy. I can wear the brace for awhile, but then it rubs up against my leg and the tissue under the skin knots up and hurts. I went to PT so she could massage it and do ultrasound. I had the same problem with the boot. So it’s kind of like it was with the boot. Some days it hurts too much to wear the brace and so I don’t. But I try not to walk around much due to the pain. Yesterday it was more comfortable in the walking boot.

  15. Just a random idea…I wonder if a male kitten would have a chance with Ivy? In my home, introducing an incoming male feral cat worked much easier with the females already in residence….and vice versa. All six eventually became good, peaceful friends. Would a rescue work with you to try one out? My instinct is that Ivy is an “only child” but my drive to home every cat in a loving family makes me wonder if it would be worth a try?

    1. I agree with Linda’s comments about the bowls. I knew somebody, and I also have recently experienced the same thing, where the cat was getting little sores from the crock like bowls. So now I use the little porcelain bowls.
      My cat has been 17 pounds for years. He is now 17 years old. Just like people animals come in all sizes. People can say what you want about losing weight but I feed my cats when they are hungry, and like Ivy, they too, let me know.
      I am sure Ivy is grieving the loss of Gracie. She has to wonder where she is. Like Ivy, I don’t always get along with my sibling, but you know what I would miss her if she wasn’t here. No animal or person gets along with each other 100% of the time, and remember that there have been a lot of things happening for Ivy, not only with Gracie but with the move too. You have to grieve and so does she. Do it together. By the way, the pics of Ivy are adorable. Take care.

    2. I’m going to give Ivy some time as the only pet for now. I only waited 3 months after Charlie died before I got Gracie and maybe that was too soon. But my heart was broken over Charlie and I went ahead because I thought it would help us both. And I think Ivy missed Charlie.

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